5 Black Ninjas of Mongolian Valleys

Black Ninjas of Mongolian Valleys

Numerous gold mining companies are changing the natural landscape of Mongolia. Hundreds of rivers and lakes are disappearing and Mongolia itself is slowly turning into a desert. Apart from official mining
companies from Russia, Japan, China (23 countries in general), the main problem is "black miners" who are also called "ninjas" due to their look: they carry metal basins behind their backs.
19 Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Once Moscow was a green pleasant city. Today it is sooner a stone sack for dirty cars storage. It's hard to imagine that squirrels used to jump and birds used to sing on lime and chestnut trees of Moscow.  People even didn't notice when they disappeared. Due to lack of care some of them simply died others were cut off. And a passer-by of today walks not in the shadows of wonderful trees by through cars parked in dusty streets... The officials say trees
can't survive in so bad environmental conditions. It's nonsense, of course. Trees still feel well in any part of Moscow. They were destructed just because they hampered car owners and businessmen. They covered bright shop windows, signs, banners, they prevented drivers from parking wherever they wanted. However trees created pleasant atmosphere in the streets, because people still prefer walking among trees, not cars.

1 On Top of the Business Centre Domnikov

On Top of the Business Centre Domnikov

It had been considered that getting on the Domnikov business centre in Moscow was impossible without a special
permission. But it turned out that was pretty simple and now we can show the photos taken from there.
7 How To Make Authorities Repair Roads?

How To Make Authorities Repair Roads?

The guys from Tver decided to draw attention of the authorities to the problem of roads bad condition. They did it in a quite unusual
way. Pits and bumps were outlined with color paints and crosswalks were adorned with bright zebras. But will it finally work?
16 Be Afraid of 228!

Be Afraid of 228!

228 section of the Russian criminal code is given for having possession of, or using
illegal drugs. And these guys probably like to break laws and make it trendy.
9 Work of Caspian Border Guards

Work of Caspian Border Guards

The Northern part of the Caspian Sea attracts poachers by sturgeon spawning. Day and night the border guards perform trawling of the
sea bottom, protecting water from nets, hook and line gears. Sometimes they detain poachers. Let's see how they work.
1 The 4th Class of Fire Danger

The 4th Class of Fire Danger

A serious fire-hazardous situation occured in the south of the Almaty region. Lack of precipitations and strong wind
caused in the 4th, last but one, danger class. Let's fly over the region and see how they try to solve the problem.
22 Unique Lend Lease Museum In Moscow

Unique Lend Lease Museum In Moscow

Lend-Lease was the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, Free France, and other Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and 1945.
Moscow has an interesting and not much known museum in school №1262 devoted to lend-lease military stuff. It was created by enthusiasts. Let's see what exhibits the museum can show.
21 Russian Police in LA!

Russian Police in LA!

When you see something spelled like "МИЛИЦИЯ" be sure it means POLICE in Russian. People used to see those a lot on Russian police cars etc. Of course, they used to see this in Russia, on Russian soil. Then, some enthusiasts tried to imagine what it would be like if the Russian POLICE went to chase the criminals on American soil. They tried to inject Russian speed police cars into action games such as GTA so that it could cruise the sunny palm beach landscapes
bearing cyrillic "МИЛИЦИЯ" logos. And it all seemed so unreal at that time. Unless recently. Here we go, full time operational Russian "МИЛИЦИЯ" Police car down there on the streets of LA. Equipped with a Russian-style full size blue light flasher (see on top of the car) and California road permits and car plates, this Russian police vehicle can successfully chase the suspects on the streets of SoCal.
36 The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

In this post we present a set of photos by Alexander Nemenov about the First
Chechen war. Warning: some photos may seem unpleasant or scary.

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