17 Try to Catch the Shot Putters

Try to Catch the Shot Putters

These 10 shrewd guys were robbing trains. Their catch was 2168 balls, mass of each - 7 kg 800 g, which could be sold for 20 thousand dollars.
They managed to unload them for half an hour. 120 policemen and 40 shooters were trying to catch the guys and they finally did it.
53 Massacre In Lviv 1941

Massacre In Lviv 1941

On the photos - the first days of German occupation of Lviv, Ukraine. The Germans came to the city in June, 30th, 1941. On the same day the party of Bandera proclaimed creation of the independant Ukrainian state. Though the Germans did not support this idea, the people were happy and celebrated in the streets for 3 days. The Germans together with Bandera's "Ukrainian people's police" arranged a so-called action of "self-purification". In
fact it was a Jewish violence and revenge to Bolsheviks from the side of the people who had been humiliated by them and to whom the valiant German army brought freedom... People were beaten with stones, drubbed, women were made to undress in public, forced to clean sidewalks, march on knees with their hands up, some people were shot in the backyards. The total number of victims - 4-7 thousand people.
6 At the Court And Out of It

At the Court And Out of It

Meet the second most important person in Ukrainian judiciary. She always looks graceful when she is
present at meetings in court and while taking decisions as far as important state affairs are concerned.
21 Quite Embarassing For the Church Leader

Quite Embarassing For the Church Leader

Church leader of Moscow and all Russia Kirill came to the Ukrainian land but hardly has he landed he was
attacked by a FEMEN girl screaming "Go away, Satan!" That's probably not the welcome Kirill had expected...
1 Reaching Out to the Authorities

Reaching Out to the Authorities

Street artists of Yekaterinburg painted caricatures of the local authorized persons responsible for the state of roads. Pits and bumps became the parts of
the images. The caricatures are accompanied by quotes of the authorities promising that the streets of the city are going to look well soon...
8 Got Green Face!

Got Green Face!

Doesn't look like blood,
so what's happened?
7 What Grows There?

What Grows There?

In the historical part of Kiev there is an office building of "Gazprom-EXPORT". This organization is quite close
to the govermental structures. But what do we see? Isn't it the plant forbidden in whole Ukraine?
3 Partially Abandoned Secret Military Unit

Partially Abandoned Secret Military Unit

An operating military unit on Kotlin
Island (where Kronstadt is situated).
25 Reform of the Georgian Police

Reform of the Georgian Police

Georgians didn't limit themselves by renaming militia into police only. They have really made considerable changes in the structure of the ministry and achieved evident results. For example, road police reform, this service was so much corrupt that they had to fully
liquidate it.  The country lived without traffic police for three months. It was like a crime family. Drivers of heavy trucks even started to put money in the matchbox and just threw it out of the window when were passing a traffic police checkpoint...
14 Sixteen Cars Damaged In One Night

Sixteen Cars Damaged In One Night

Some crazy teenagers were entertaining themselves by jumping on the cars at night and trying to escape from police. The
result: 16 cars are damaged, parents of the youngsters will have to pay 500 000 rubles (about 16500 dollars).

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