29 Russian Navy Got Cracked Iranian Pirates

Russian Navy Got Cracked Iranian Pirates

Once we showed you how the Russian navy was fighting the ship of the Somali pirates. Today we want to show you the rare photos of detention
of pirates in the Indian Ocean by the Russian navy sailors. They were taken in 2009 on the large ASW ship "Admiral Panteleev".
26 Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

This is a rare video where a ship of the Russian navy is fighting with Somali pirates. Though the battle rather looks like beating. Shabby little
boat of the corsairs is being under fire with no chances to survive. Luckily for the pirates this time they avoided boarding and arrest.

13 We Will Discuss It Tomorrow, Have Fun Now

We Will Discuss It Tomorrow, Have Fun Now

Croatian policemen were surprised to see this picture: a wrecked yacht at the rocks. The driver of the yacht turned out to be a Russian guy who lost control and ran into the
rocks. Right after the accident the driver and his Russian passengers didn't panic but came ashore to continue the party where they all were found by the police.
7 Chasing a Courier Van

Chasing a Courier Van

Real police chase, with firing bullets swearing etc. The courier service
van probably did something wrong. Happens in St. Petersburg.
17 Moscow Special Forces At Work

Moscow Special Forces At Work

Moscow special forces at work:  how they aim, what weapons and cars they use, what they wear, how they disguise, what they do to remain unnoticed.
Tough guys in combat situations and at the rare moments caught on the photos. See how order is brought back when something goes wrong...

6 To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

It seemed to be impossible to get to this TV tower in St. Petersburg without a pull. But there are always guys who are ready to prove there's nothing impossible. It's rather dangerous to go higher than 656 feet where used to be an observation deck - the antennas radiation can cause irreversible effects for
health. So it remains to catch the moment when the antennas are off - when preventive measures are taken. It means a lot of technicians being there though... Thus it cannot be easy anyway. Now we are going to climb the height of 1000 feet, there is nothing higher in St. Petersburg...
33 The Holy Month Is Over

The Holy Month Is Over

Yesterday the Muslims from all over the world celebrated Eid-Al-Fitr, the day on
which the month of holy Ramadan is over. Let's see how the day went by in Moscow.
36 Oddly Looking Monuments

Oddly Looking Monuments

A group of young people have put such coloured rags on some Moscow
monuments making them look rather odd. Some guys were arrested.
6 Volga Under Press

Volga Under Press

All cars in Russia used to decay underground or in backyards. Then somebody started to disassemble them and sell their parts. But now car
producers are obliged to care about utilization and such shops started to be opened. This one is on the Pacific coast of Russia.
38 Young Gangstas

Young Gangstas

The photos from the center of juvenile offenders. Among those who serve their sentence there
are punished for murders, robberies, causing bodily harm, rape, group robberies etc.

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