10 Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

"Russian Post" is the main postage service company. It often happens that many clients of the "Russian Post" are not satisfied with how they work. This time some worker of the company has
downloaded these two photos in the Internet. The video was added by someone else a bit later. The company refuted and tried to explain the situation but many people refused to believe.
9 Life of Police Dogs In Moscow

Life of Police Dogs In Moscow

We are going to the canine center of the Zelenograd Department of Internal Affairs to see army dogs there,
look what they eat, how they live and go to work and check out why spaniels get less meat then others.
6 The Basement Under the Moscow State University

The Basement Under the Moscow State University

Basement 2 located under the Moscow State University is a classic place for so-called "diggers". In fact it is the place that stood at
the origins of the movement of "diggers" itself. They still like to come here again and again and take new photos of the place.
36 How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

A new bridge appeared in the Kirov region of Russia. Thirty
million rubles (one million dollars) was spent to build it.
5 Life Goes On No Matter What

Life Goes On No Matter What

The Chernobyl tragedy happened quarter of a century ago but the zone keeps living its own life. Everyone knows that the Chernobyl reactor was located on the territory of
Ukraine, however it was Belarus that suffered most from the disaster. Today we are going to visit one of the districts of this country contaminated by radionuclides.

4 Specifics of SWAT Service

Specifics of SWAT Service

On the second of November there were held demostrations of special forces fighters at the Tomsk SWAT base "Bulat". The
fighters of the base have been sent to the North Caucasus region to maintain order and public safety since 1993.
20 King of the Sidewalk

King of the Sidewalk

Freaking guy can run over pedestrians and then just ride away. At first he quarrels then swears then runs multiple times on the guys
filming him on camera. He looks like he is feeling himself as a king of the world. The video is subtitled for easier understanding.

6 On the Land of Bears

On the Land of Bears

Kuril lake of Kamchatka is the place inhabited by the largest number of bears. Probably no other place in the world has more bears than this one. According to
the data of aerial surveys more than a thousand of bears live at the lake! Being here you can easily see more than a hundred of them in one day.

5 Bunker 42

Bunker 42

Looking at this photo you may exclaim "some bunker again!" Is there anything we haven't seen yet? But yes, there
is. This one is in Moscow.  It has a museum inside, but it's only the small part of the whole structure.
9 Flying Vehicles Being Demolished Right Now

Flying Vehicles Being Demolished Right Now

Right now they are demolishing the aircrafts on the field of Khodynka where they have been standing for many years as a part of the aviation museum exposition. Moscow citizens know this place
well, they could come here, see various helicopters and fighters, even climb on them. Today, with no preliminary declaration of war, there came machines to demolish everything there.

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