4 Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

This video is another reason to park your car in a proper way. Who knows what can happen to the car
which was parked in a wrong place. In Russia, for example, such tow truck may come for it...

10 Truck Hijacking In Moscow

Truck Hijacking In Moscow

This incident happened not so long ago. The criminals are still being searched. Now trucks hijacking happens more and more often. This
time the bandits even forgot about the DVR inside. They stole the truck, looted it and abandoned. See the vide from 2:40.

12 When The Parliament Is Not a Place For Discussions

When The Parliament Is Not a Place For Discussions

Who told you that it's boring to shoot the sessions of the State Duma? In the Russian Parliament they really only sleep, pick noses, play in their iPads, solve
crosswords, apply makeup. They all know they decide nothing. But the situation in Ukrainian Rada is much more amusing. Sometimes real battles take place there.
7 Failure To Escape

Failure To Escape

What do policemen need their guns for? In such a situation they could not protect themselves!
How didn't they hear the guy creeping from behind? Next time they will be more attentive...
9 Rat Hole Destruction

Rat Hole Destruction

We have shown you recently how terrorists lived in the forest. Just yesterday there was found a terrorists' bunker in Malgobek, Ingushetia.
The bandits themselves were captured though one of them exploded himself. But others had to show how they had been living there.
22 Time Of Free Trade

Time Of Free Trade

 On the 29th of January, 1992 Boris Yeltsin accepted and signed the decree on free trade. Soon hundreds of thousands of traders appeared in the streets of the Russian cities. People habitually called them "speculators". Of course, some of them still bought goods in ordinary shops and sold them at a more expensive price.
The deficit allowed to do that and have profit. But the trade in general started to change and gain new features - valuable and ugly. Probably they had to go through it anyway but that way was too long and too hard. The habit to sell any stuff at any place turned out to be difficult to eradicate.

32 Life of Terrorists In the Forest

Life of Terrorists In the Forest

What if a person has to live far from civilization, somewhere in the forest? The main problem becomes hygiene. Sooner or later you become less squeamish and then start eating food when your hands are not
clean, eat from fatty dishes and do not strive for perfect cleanlines. The problem of hunger and cold become far more acute. In this post you can see how terrorists live and survive in the forest.

10 Who Lives Well In Africa?

Who Lives Well In Africa?

In Liberia he is a local celebrity. Sergey Chernyshev is the only white Ukrainian who drives a red "Hummer" there. He moved to this western African country three years ago and
opened a casino there. He says he had no choice. He possesed much equipment he could not use in Ukraine anymore. Ten years he had spent in Ukraine led to nothing.
25 On the Main Russian Road These Hours

On the Main Russian Road These Hours

Something strange has been happening for the third day on the main Russian road connecting Moscow with St. Petersburg. Hundreds of cars are standing in the
traffic jam which stretches for more than 200 kilometers (125 miles). People run out of food and fuel. Drivers' state is close to mental collapse!
8 Afghanistan: the Album of the Dischargee

Afghanistan: the Album of the Dischargee

These are the photographs from the album of one man who left Afghanistan in 1987 being a lieutenant colonel. He was left so much
behind: all those checkpoints, raids, reconnaissance covers and injuries which turned out be such an evil after the war...

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