1 Bomb In the Land Cruiser

Bomb In the Land Cruiser

This incident happened in the very centre of Vladivostok, Russia. A bomb exploded inside the offroad car Land Cruiser. The explosion was so strong that practically all windows in the nearest building were broken. Right after the detonation the shocked driver
jumped out of the car. He was immediately hospitalized with serious injuries. According to thepreliminary information it was a radio-controlled device to detonate in the Land Cruiser. The exact reasons of the incident are to be clarified.

17 Severe Destruction of Counterfeit iPhones

Severe Destruction of Counterfeit iPhones

127 fake Chinese iPhones 4 and 4S have been recently destroyed by the excavator in the Amur region of Russia. Yes,
it's what they usually do with pirated discs, but is it reasonable to destroy expensive gadgets in such a way?
9 Life of the Russian SWAT

Life of the Russian SWAT

You are about to see the life of the sixteenth separate brigade of special forces. The photographs were taken on the eve of New Year's
holidays. You are going to see how they exercise, what they wear, what weapons they use, where they eat and much more.

36 The City Where One Can Get an Apartment For Free

The City Where One Can Get an Apartment For Free

Ukrainsk, the city of Ukraine, was once popular for giving out abandoned apartments for free. After the serious accident the mine "Ukraine" failed to fully restore. People left and abandoned their apartments. Those who stayed live on a pension, some search
for a job in Donetsk which is 40 kilometres away from Ukrainsk. Yes, some people came and got flats for free, but there are no many of them. Only some part of the city has gas and central heating, coal stoves are used in the flats.
2 Video: The Cop Who Is Truly Devoted to His Job

Video: The Cop Who Is Truly Devoted to His Job

He is like a cyborg, not a human! Even after being hit by the truck he stood
up and kept working anyway. Some policemen do deserve much respect!

4 Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Here you can see how they make improvised explosive devices in Ingushetia. Such weapons are used to kill people and destroy
various objects. On the picture above the people are just going to make some "hellish machines", as they call them.
3 You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

One pedestrian lay down right in front of the car as if he was run over right on the crosswalk. He probably wanted the driver to give him some money for not
calling the traffic police. But the driver of Mitsubishi Outlander was apparently attracted by something else and didn't notice the man lying on the road..
4 New Cooperative Society

New Cooperative Society

On the 26th of May, 1988 there was adopted the law that permitted cooperatives to deal with any legal activities, including trade. It was expected that
cooperatives would eliminate trade deficit and lead to improved quality of service but what they got was speculation and financial transactions to cash money.

19 One Soviet Gulag: Now And Then

One Soviet Gulag: Now And Then

These are the pictures of what has remained from the Soviet Gulag. General Directorate of the camps and detention facilities (Gulag) was a division of the NKVD, Soviet Police and the USSR
Ministry of Justice. It used to be the place for mass forced imprisonment and detention in 1934-1960. Now you can see how it looks today and how it looked when it was working.
One Building 3 3

24 One Ukrainian House

One Ukrainian House

This is the house in Sevastopol. Its dwellers have to put up with appalling conditions, used syringes under their feet, homeless people and drug addicts living at
their doors, indifference of the authorities. Nobody can or want to solve their problem. Welcome to Sevastopol, Marshal Krylov Street, building 8a.

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