0 Lesson For the Son

Lesson For the Son

Probably they were going
to the shooting range...
1 Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Right now you are going to see how tactical manoeuvres of Russian police take place. They include
direct deployment, combat assault of the building where criminals are allegedly hinding.
2 And the Oscar Goes to

And the Oscar Goes to

Doesn't she know that she lives in Russia where almost every car has a dashcam today? She should also know that false testimony of a victim are punished by a 80000 rubles (2666 dollars) fine or compulsory works for a
term of 180 to 240 hours or correctional labor for up to two years or imprisonment for up to 3 months. She could be even imprisoned for five years for wrongful accusation of serious crime...  
1 Night Fun On the Bridge

Night Fun On the Bridge

Like at any Petersburg's night the Troitsky Bridge is about to draw. But suddenly people notice a human
silhouette on its very top. The man sits for about ten seconds and starts moving to the catenary pole...
0 Road Rage of the Addict

Road Rage of the Addict

It sooner resembles some Hollywood movie but in fact it's happened recently in the very centre of Moscow. One addict stole a police car and started his crazy road rage.
Everything he was doing was shot with a cam inside of the car... He crashed three cars more and tried to escape but was hit by another car and hospitalized.
6 Failed Attempt

Failed Attempt

Failed assassination attempt in St. Petersburg. Nobody gets hurt, however the act itself was extremely well caught on
security cam - so you can witness something that is rarely can be seen - real act, real people, very upclose filming.

16 Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

One can see them almost in any street of Moscow. Breaking all the rules, having no certificates and permitting documents, putting
themselves at risk and having no reflective clothing, they are selling wash fluid used at very low temperatures by drivers.
2 Video: Extreme Riding on the Main City Street

Video: Extreme Riding on the Main City Street

Russian city Novopolotsk is a city of those who likes unusual extreme riding. And they have fun right in the centre of the city! They ride on tires, on
a fridge door and other stuff with speed of 20-30 km/h. Police detains and fines them but the next day they come again with a new crazy idea.

40 Ostarbeiters: Guest Workers of the War Time

Ostarbeiters: Guest Workers of the War Time

In the years of WWII the Germans conducted mass deportation of the civil people from the USSR and East Europe to work in Germany. In general five million people (Poles, Russians, Ukrainians etc.) were deported this way. 2,5 million of them were from Ukraine, 1,5 million - from
Poland, 400 thousand - from Belarus. Not so many Russians because the Germans could not capture densely populated regions of Russia and big cities except for Rostov-on-Don (1942) and Voronezh (1942-43). Such people were called "Ostarbeiters" by the Germans.
3 Video: Judge Who Sleeps

Video: Judge Who Sleeps

Here is a judge who is listening to the pleading in court. A bit later he will make a
conviction and send the person to prison for five years. What does he see in his dreams? 

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