5 Russian Army Electric Bikes

Russian Army Electric Bikes

So, it looks like the Russian army is going to get electric bikes. Also, the police are going to get them. It has batteries which enable it to run for a distance of 320 km. Also, three
sorts of batteries can be used: "uphill", "speedy" and "long distance" depending on what sort of task needs to be solved. Let's see a police version of the electro bike:

2 Moscow Police Special Forces Host Open House

Moscow Police Special Forces Host Open House

It seems that it has been a while since we had something about the army or police training and you have probably started missing this stuff already. So here, Evgeny, the "Russian Blogger" has visited an event which Moscow
Police Special Forces were staging to display their actual forces and enforcements in action. Pretty picturesque and also you might already noticed there is already snow. So let's see what they have there:

11 Someone Stole and Wrecked a TRAIN near Moscow

Someone Stole and Wrecked a TRAIN near Moscow

Ok, now for some weird news. It was reported last night that someone sneaked into a train station in Lobnya, a town near Moscow, and... stole a train. Then he (or a group of
people) rode this train on the railroad for some time and then... crashed it and wrecked it. Then they escaped. Just imagine. There are some more photos and info inside.
8 People in Obama Mask Robbed a Store in Russia

People in Obama Mask Robbed a Store in Russia

It was reported today that people dressed in Obama and Anonymous (Guy Fawkes) masks robbed a store in Krasnodar. The store is a 24/7 grocery store, whose name can be translated as "Speckled Hen". The robbers, reportedly armed with a gun, stole a safe box
from the store's back office. As the story goes, the police suspect the gang of being involved in more robbery cases using the same masks, one has already been confirmed, guys wearing the same masks robbed a jewelry store a few days ago.
7 People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

If people decided to burn down their neighbors car in Moscow, Russia, then they burn BMW X6 - it's more expensive and the fire site would be more cinematic. Why did they burn it?
Because he parked on their lawn, that's what they say. Can we see them in real time caught on camera lighting it up? Yes we can, there is a video embedded down below.
1 Good Citizen

Good Citizen

This world still has kind and good people, who
are not indifferent to problems of others.
1 Patriotic Russian Police

Patriotic Russian Police

It's the video of Russian police singing a national anthem, looks like it
was not meant to be leaked, but became pretty much viral in Russia lately.

5 Take Your Time At the Police Station

Take Your Time At the Police Station

Normally when people find themselves at such a place they try to leave immediately but we won't do this. We will take our
time while we are here. Yes, we gonna get as much freedom as possible at the place where people are deprived of it.
2 Lots of Money Seized

Lots of Money Seized

  The guy working at some road repair department of a local district government, not even in Moscow, somewhere far deep in Russia got his house searched and lot of money stacked in
bags in his garage were found. Around 140 million stacked in bags in a garage, in hard cash. p.s. People ask how much in real money is this? It's around five million dollars.
0 Lesson For the Son

Lesson For the Son

Probably they were going
to the shooting range...

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