2 Morning Comes to Kiev

Morning Comes to Kiev

Diamond Hill is one of the highest residential complexes
in Kiev, Ukraine. We will climb its roof today.
7 Glamour Against Kiev Decorations

Glamour Against Kiev Decorations

It's interesting to see how a glamourous model looks like
in the decorations of the Ukrainian capital - Kiev.
8 Most Unattractive Area of Kiev

Most Unattractive Area of Kiev

There is a stereotype that Troeschina is the most boring, gloomy and comfortless housing area of Kiev. If so, probably the
worst and the gloomiest part of it is near its remotest Miloslavskaya street. Let's check if it's really that bad.
0 Infrared Kiev: Andrews Descent

Infrared Kiev: Andrews Descent

Recently we've showed beautiful infrared photos of Saint Petersburg, today
it's Kiev's turn! Let's walk along fairy-tale infrared Andrew's Descent.
6 Kiev Art Projects

Kiev Art Projects

Check out some photos from the 1st International Festival of Modern Sculpture - Kyiv Sculpture Project and the 1st Kyev International Biennale Arsenale 2012.
15 works of sculptors from six countries (Ukraine, Great Britain, Australia, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands) participated in the Project.
4 Asphalt Is Boiling In Kiev

Asphalt Is Boiling In Kiev

Photos from Kiev. Due to the pipe break the new asphalt has
deformed and the roads have turned into boiling rivers...
3 In the Kiev TV Tower

In the Kiev TV Tower

The TV tower is the world highest lattice structure - the tower height is 385 m. While the construction not a single bolt or a rivet were used. All the details were fastened by welding. The building process took 5
years - 1968-73 and it was quite unusual. The tower was not built from bottom upwards but on the contrary - from the top downwards. The ready construction was lifted and other parts were put under it.
6 Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Decaying Kiev Electric Transport Plant

Founded in 1956 the plant produced a lot of models of trolley-buses, repaired them, also trams and subway
cars. Today it has almost decayed, partially it's rented out, other rooms are simply abandoned.
9 A Forgotten Hotel In The Center Of Kiev

A Forgotten Hotel In The Center Of Kiev

The abandoned hotel was
found in Kiev, Ukraine.
2 The Open Day Of The Kiev Metro

The Open Day Of The Kiev Metro

March, 30th was the Kiev Metro's open day. We are going to show you its largest station that features
the largest number of floors. It's called Dorogozhychi and it's just turned 12 years old.

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