6 Command Bunker of the Kiev Underground

Command Bunker of the Kiev Underground

There many mysteries hidden under the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Grand constructions built in the epoch of the "Cold War" intended to protect people in case of natural disasters
and nuclear wars etc. For the needs of protection of such a big bomb shelter as the subway they were building deep highly protected structures like this one.
15 Climbing the Radio Tower In Kiev

Climbing the Radio Tower In Kiev

Brovarsky radio transmitting antenna center is 259,5 meters (851 ft) high. It is the third highest construction in Kiev and in
its suburbs. Recently it was broadcasting BBC in the medium range. The power of the transmitter is said to be 150 kW.

22 Comfort Town In Kiev

Comfort Town In Kiev

A new apartment complex "Comfort Town" was built in Kiev, Ukraine. The housing is of an economy class, the total area of the
complex is almost twenty eight hectares. However it doesn't look Ukrainian at all. You tell us what country it resembles.
3 The Milky Fog Over Kiev

The Milky Fog Over Kiev

We are asleep such an enormous part of our life! It's a pity because we must be missing
something worth seeing. Like this morning fog that recently covered the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
39 Thrill Seeker From Kiev

Thrill Seeker From Kiev

Someone can't even stand on the balcony of a high-rise building, others jump from one roof onto another one. But when does courage
turn into folly? This guy from Kiev seems to have no fear at all. As for me, I feel giddy just looking at these photos...
4 Summer Night In Kiev

Summer Night In Kiev

For someone this summer has passed like a single day, others enjoyed it in full. Anyway it's a pity the summer has gone. The photos of Kiev,
Ukraine, shown below were taken on a hot night and at the sunset. They gonna remind of warm days that will repeat only in a year.
3 New Angles of the South Bridge In Kiev

New Angles of the South Bridge In Kiev

This is one of the most beautiful Kiev bridges - South Bridge (Yuzhny). Photographers seemed to catch all the best
angles to shoot it. This time we gonna show you night views of South Bridge from the angles you have hardly seen.
47 Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

These are some photos taken by a Soviet photo reporter Georgy Ugrinovich in 1930 - 1949 in
the Ukrainian capital. Right now they are being sold at Ebay for $10-200 per one.

1 Kiev At Night

Kiev At Night

Kiev is a beautiful city. Its night views with
yellow buildings in the center are never boring.
2 Morning Comes to Kiev

Morning Comes to Kiev

Diamond Hill is one of the highest residential complexes
in Kiev, Ukraine. We will climb its roof today.

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