2 Abandoned Electric Vehicles Factory in Kiev

Abandoned Electric Vehicles Factory in Kiev

Most of our abandoned posts come from Russia and not many from other Soviet republics, even Ukraine, one of the largest ones, doesn't often send us pictures of abandoned stuff. This time a Moscow urban explorer, Sam Namos, while he was traveling to Ukraine has visited a local abandoned
factory and taken these photos. The place itself is an abandoned factory which produced electric vehicles. Not the modern ones like Teslas, etc, but rather electric trams and trolley buses. Some of them still stand in the warehouses of this place. Let's take a look!

1 Kiev Cable Car Tram that is Here Since 1905 [25 photos]

Kiev Cable Car Tram that is Here Since 1905 [25 photos]

For more than 100 years, the citizens and guests of Kiev have actively used the funicular railway that connects Podol with the Upper Town. this unusual and unique transport system allows you to go up or down
the Vladimir hill quickly. The Kiev funicular was opened in 1905. Soon this unusual transport system will be 109 years old. This is the most classic photo shot of the funicular railway:
12 Kiev: Revolution Aftermath

Kiev: Revolution Aftermath

The revolutionary protests have left Maidan, Grushevsky and Institutskaya streets of Kiev devastated. What one can see there today
looks really gloomy: remains of huge barricades made from various junk, burnt buildings, shops and dwelling houses...

1 Pre Revolutionary Kiev

Pre Revolutionary Kiev

Kiev and Maidan square the way it looked in August 2013 when the word "Euromaidan" still didn't exist. The
city that was living its life: busy and calm at the same time. Will it ever look like this in future?
1 Subway Car Repair Plant In Kiev

Subway Car Repair Plant In Kiev

Pictures from the Kiev plant that repairs subway cars. Annually approximately 200 cars are repaired here. Apart from the main purpose
the plant is also used to make a wide range of tools and instruments for its own needs and for different subway services.
6 Kiev Situation Update

Kiev Situation Update

New pictures from Kiev, the city where the
situation is still not calming down.

3 Apocalypse In Kiev

Apocalypse In Kiev

Kiev on the pictures of a Ukrainian artist and illustrator Ivan Khivrenko looks very
apocalyptic. Let us compare them to the real scenes we can see in the city today.
1 Kiev Revolution Demo Reel

Kiev Revolution Demo Reel

The awesome revolutionary video
about the current events in Kiev.

7 Kiev Just Yesterday

Kiev Just Yesterday

Another photo report depicting
the current situation in Kiev.

4 Hot Night In Kiev

Hot Night In Kiev

Sunday night, January 19, was especially hot in Kiev, Ukraine. Conflicts of oppositionists with police became very serious. Protestants were throwing stones, Molotov cocktails
at policemen who were using stun grenades, rubber bullets, water cannons in response. The confrontation lasted all night long but it didn't reveal winners yet.

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