pelican in kiev
7 Kiev Pelican

Kiev Pelican

So climate changes dramatically in Russia. We all got used that usualy it's cold in Russia and bears wander across the streets, asking for some food. Nowadays there is now snow at 6th of December all across Western part of Russia and ex-USSR
counties like Ukraine. And more than that there are no bears. No bears at all, but instead bears you can meet pelicans walking around the streets of ex-USSR cities. Just take a look of this recent shot of Red Winter:
Kiev Tram Jam
9 Kiev Tram Jam

Kiev Tram Jam

We have seen a 24 hour traffic jam in Moscow a few days ago. This is something different - tens of trams a stuck in Kiev in the middle of the day, so all
the tram traffic was paralyzed. Many people advocate public transportation as a no-traffic-jam alternative. This time it's of no alternative.

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