0 One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

Not only in Moscow people celebrated 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces. These are some shots from Khabarovsk,
Russian Far East, with its air fleet. On such a day people could come, take photos and touch the military aircrafts...
8 Oncological Centre In Khabarovsk

Oncological Centre In Khabarovsk

The regional clinic centre of oncology was built in 2003 to be a unique specialized prevention and treatment institution in the east of the country. It combines high medical technologies, modern equipment, science achievements, intellectual potential of practitioners. The total number of the
personnel is 564 employees including 294 medical workers 116 of which are doctors. The complex consists of 18 buildings, its total area is 15 hectares. 5 thousand of people are treated in steady state conditions. More than 53,5 patients are treated in the clinic.  
Kadety 11
16 Military School In Khabarovsk

Military School In Khabarovsk

This military school is situated in Khabarovsk.
Let's go inside and see what's going on there!
22 Recruited to NATO for 15 Dollars a Day And IPad

Recruited to NATO for 15 Dollars a Day And IPad

In a forest of the Khabarovsk Territory, eleven young men are waiting to become soldiers of NATO. All of them came across an advertisement on the Internet, which  told that NATO announced a levy, and
signed the contracts. Under the contract, they receive 500 rubles (about 15USD) a day and, moreover, the best of them is going to be presented with an iPad. Can you believe it's true?
Khabarovsk City - Russian Far East Capital of the 80s 1
20 Khabarovsk City – Russian Far East Capital in the 80s

Khabarovsk City – Russian Far East Capital in the 80s

Vintage photos of Khabarovsk city of the 80s. This nice city is still rather attractive and hospitable. In 2008 Khabarovsk became a winner of the
All-Russian competition "The most well-planned city of Russia" in the nomination "The city with population over 500 thousand citizens".
9 Wooden Cops Sculptures: Real and Fairy

Wooden Cops Sculptures: Real and Fairy

Such wooden sculptures of Russian traffic cops can be seen in a nice city Khabarovsk. Don't you agree that it is an unusual idea to
make such cute figures and, what is more, to mix the urban reality personages with fairy-tale ones in such a funny way?
crocodile in the fountain in Russia 1
10 Croc in the Fountain

Croc in the Fountain

  Andrei has submitted us the photos of the little crocodile that has been found in one of the fountains of Khabarovsk city in Russia. It's still unclear how it got
in there, but it caused great excitement among the passers by, people wanted to get a shot with an uncommon creature that was found in the uncommon place.

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