8 Wooden Masterpieces of Karelia

Wooden Masterpieces of Karelia

We invite you to the museum of woodcarver Kronid Gogolev
localed in Karelia. So let's admire his wooden masterpieces.
11 A Plane Crash In Karelia

A Plane Crash In Karelia

The Tu-134 crash near Petrozavodsk in north-west Russia was reported on June 21, 2011 by an eyewitness from a village nearby. The
plane flew from Moscow to the northern city of Petrozavodsk. 44 people out of those 52 aboard couldn't survive in the crash.
10 “Karelia” Submarine Having Rest

“Karelia” Submarine Having Rest

Let's take a chance and go aboard the Karelia nuclear-powered
ballistic missile submarine while it hasn't yet left the port.
8 Russian Churches In Winter

Russian Churches In Winter

The day before Epiphany... A team of travellers finds themselves in
Karelia and decides, on this occasion, to visit some beautiful churches.
38 Unforgettable Vacation In Karelia

Unforgettable Vacation In Karelia

This 20 days vacation you've probably never dreamed of.
Unforgettable experience in the Karelian forests.
26 The Karelian Treat: “Kalitki”

The Karelian Treat: “Kalitki”

Kalitki are tiny Karelian pasties made of unfermented dough with rye flour. They are usually served
with tea and baked with different filling: millet, potato, cottage cheese, oat flour, barley...
25 Russia of Gippenreiter

Russia of Gippenreiter

Hardly there could be found places where he has not been to: deserts of Central Asia, mountains of the Caucasus and Siberia, the North of Russia, the Urals and the Far East. He was floating
down the cataracted rivers of the Sayan Mountains, peddling his canoe in Karelia, climbing the hills and volcanoes of Kuril Islands and Kamchatka… His name is Vadim Gippenreiter.
23 Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

This one is the oldest heavy metal music lover in Russia. He played heavy metal when even Stalin was alive and you know, heavy metal and all rock'n'roll was
banned in Soviet Russia so there were really just a few of them - and he is the only one survived, in Kondopoga city of Karelia, North West Russia.
Korean plane in Russia 1
62 The Korean Boeing

The Korean Boeing

  Korean Boeing was shot down in Karelia, Russia in 1978, with a lot of civil passengers on-board. The pilots of the plane had mysteriously altered the route so that came deep inside Russian territory. Two and a half hours they were escorted by Russian jet fighters not responding to any radio contact or visual contact attempts. At last the Soviet military commanders ordered to shoot the plane down with as much accuracy as they could do. The jet plane of Russian army hit the Boeing with a missile cutting off the piece of its wing, so the Korean plane had to land after this. Two passengers were killed others got wounds as a result of an extremely fast landing to the frozen Russian lake in Karelia, Russia near Kem' town. The first Russian military police group arrived in two
hours to the landing site. They tell that when they entered the plane the strong smell of "blood, alcohol and human fecal masses" hit into their noses. Afterwards the passengers spent three days in the Kem' town, Karelia, Russia and were send to Helsinki, Finland on the plane on the fourth day. The crew was taken to Moscow and was questioned there, but later they returned to Korea. The plane itself was disassembled to smallest parts and sent to Russian airplane producing factories and research centers, meanwhile the soldiers guarding the site had the first chance in their life to taste Coca-Cola or canned beer and even to read some Playboy. It was something they never met before in the country beneath the iron curtain.
Paintings of Russian prehistoric North 1
49 Northern Dreams

Northern Dreams

  This guy, Vsevolod Ivanov, was born in Russian Karelia region, the place as some people think the prehistoric motherland of
all Northern nations. He is artist and is known for devotion of all his paintings to this ancient Russian North themes.

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