3 Airforce Drill Near Finland

Airforce Drill Near Finland

Today, an air force drill started in Karelia, 250 km east of Finland. Reportedly, air force jets and teams have arrived from four regions of Russia. The drill is planned to be conducted during
both the day and the night. The official defense department statement says that the main region of the drill would be Ladoga lake, which is on the border with Europe and Finland.
2 The Island of Old Russian Churches

The Island of Old Russian Churches

Kizhi island in Karelia, Russia, is an interesting place from the point of view of old Russian architecture. Some of its churchyards date from
the early 1700s. They are still well preserved and regularly restored. Locals may even boast of unique churches with twenty domes!

9 Finnish Fortification Against the USSR

Finnish Fortification Against the USSR

Pictures of the Mannerheim Line, the fortification on the Karelian Isthmus built by Finland against the USSR in the days
of the Winter War. The line was constructed in two phases: 1920 - 1924 and 1932 - 1939, it stretches for 130 km.

3 Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Some pictures from the bathing festival in Karelia which has
been held for several years already. Enjoy your steam!

2 The Most Weird Place Tourists Come to Skate At

The Most Weird Place Tourists Come to Skate At

Ruskeala gap is one of the most famous sights in Karelia, Russia. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the marble quarry that became silent forever and
leave being inspired by the wonderful landscapes of the canyon. Once you decide to visit the gap, take a good camera, necessary equipment and skates.
11 The Loo With a Surprise

The Loo With a Surprise

One man living in Karelia has a summer house and such a loo. He got the house with a hole in the ground, and it only remained to build a wooden booth around the hole to make the loo. Recently someone forgot
to close the door of the booth and it was simply blown off with the wind. Maybe this fact attracted attention and it turned out that visitors noticed something very surprising in that hole...
0 Fairy Tale Marble Canyon

Fairy Tale Marble Canyon

You are going to see the Ruskeala Marble Canyon on these photos. It is located in Karelia, Russia. The thin ice lies
under the the layer of sleet and water.  This place is a nice way to find yourself in a winter fairy-tale.

0 Underground Magic

Underground Magic

Ruskealsky gap is a place in Karelia. It's a huge hole about ten meters (33 ft) deep with water on its bottom. As locals say it formed in the 1960s after strong explosions
in the neighbouring quarry. The roof of the old waterlogged tunnels broke and fell into the water. A huge hole 20 x 30 m (65x100 ft) appeared on the surface.
3 Kiev Soviet Geometry

Kiev Soviet Geometry

It's out of the question that Kiev is a pearl of architecture, its buildings are gorgeous. In all post-Soviet territory Kiev's multistory buildings are
probably the most beautiful.  LJ user under nickname ked-pled takes unreal photos of architecture. Some of them are presented in the post.
18 Russian Village By Kseniya Diodorova

Russian Village By Kseniya Diodorova

Check out photographs by photographer Kseniya Diodorova who reflects
life as it is in the Russian village of the Republic of Karelia.

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