5 Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

Russian Diorama of Exploding Truck

A Russian guy has built a diorama of a Russian truck exploding on a mine or hit by an artillery shell during the famous Siege of Leningrad, when the huge Russian city was blocked by Nazis for years and people were starving, especially in winter, with no
heating, nothing. And the only way to get supplies in was by trucks travelling on the ice road through the local great lake. They were constantly bombed by fascists and this is a sample of that moment, an explosion caught by an artist.

0 Russian City Voronezh in 1980s

Russian City Voronezh in 1980s

A few photos of the Russian city of Voronezh in the early 1980s. It's churches mainly. Looks like many objects were in a state of despair, though the whole feel which I get
from the photos is like the empire is still alive and people are not aware of what is going to come in the next ten or so years. Pretty much atmospheric photos!

9 Forgotten Town of Gudym

Forgotten Town of Gudym

Gudym is a lost town on Chukotka Russia. Chukotka is a peninsula close to Alaska, just 90 km across the Bering straight from the USA. There are not many points of interest on Chukotka, says Evgenij, the photographer, and many people come to Chukotka to see
the abandoned Soviet town of Gudym. There are already multiple urban legends about the town and its vast underground buildings.  Russian people often get the feeling of loss of greatness of Soviet Times. Let's see what Gudym is all about.
3 A Deeply Abandoned and Flooded Soviet Bomb Shelter

A Deeply Abandoned and Flooded Soviet Bomb Shelter

  Penumba, an urban exploration blogger, has paid a visit at night to an abandoned but still guarded Soviet bomb shelter. The floors of it have been flooded with water for years, but it didn't stop him from visiting! They thoroughly planned their visit so as to
avoid all of the guards - there were at least a few guard stations on the perimeter of the area where this shelter is stationed. Then they put the rubber boots that they carried in their backpacks on when entering the shelter. And here they are - inside!

1 Vintage Russian Memories Brought out of Photo Salons

Vintage Russian Memories Brought out of Photo Salons

Previously, when there was no Photoshop and travel was unrealistically expensive and slow, the only fun way to get a cool shot for a family album was to visit special photo salons which provided fake scenes of a richer life. They were either painted scenes with holes in
them where you could poke your head out and wait for a shot, or sometimes more sophisticated photo manipulation techniques were used. Someone recently published a book with some of these of photos and we offer them here for your viewing pleasure:

10 Inside of Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Inside of Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Russian blogger Alexander has visited a Moscow exhibition where they, probably for the first time, allowed people to go inside a Soviet legend - the Russian space shuttle "Buran". For this they took one of the surviving Buran shuttles - only a few were ever produced - and moved it to the Moscow exhibition. At first it was just staying there
as a display of the scientific advancement of the Soviet era, but later they converted it to a museum in itself where it is possible to go inside the shuttle. Inside you can see a real Buran cockpit, and a retractable panoramic roof with a 3D scene of space made with huge computer LCD panels and much more!

2 Russian Capital Moscow in 1950s

Russian Capital Moscow in 1950s

Some photos of an old, still green Moscow. Taken approximately in the 1950s you can see how things were going
then on this virtual tour of Moscow's past. Let's see! The first photo shows a Taxi company's parking lot.

1 Elite Soviet Workers Went for an Area Clean Up

Elite Soviet Workers Went for an Area Clean Up

A series of photos of people cleaning up their work area during 1970. They are the workers of Inturist. If you have never heard about this organization let me tell you a bit about it. In the Soviet Union there existed thousands of goods and food items that were not available to normal Soviet people. However, there existed special companies who had access to these things. Those companies were either serving the Soviet elite OR were catering to
foreigners visiting the USSR so that the latter could spend their precious currency on the items. These workers worked for one such organization - Inturist - the state operated company (like all other companies at time) which was dealing with all tourists who visited the USSR. So these people were some kind of elite at times and here they were forced to do the labor of normal men - cleaning up the area. Let's see how it went!

0 Soviet Missile R-12 in a Museum

Soviet Missile R-12 in a Museum

Ukrainian blogger Komariv went to the Soviet Cosmonautics museum and took a few photos of a Soviet R-12 rocket, which was the most mass produced Russian strategic missile. It was first
implemented in 1959 and its range is 2,000 kilometers. It carries a nuclear load of 1 megaton of TNT and in the museum it is being displayed on a launch pod. Let's see some details!

1 Russian Village with Awesome Abandoned 16th Century Churches

Russian Village with Awesome Abandoned 16th Century Churches

If you have visited this site for a while you probably won't be surprised to see that Russia is full of such exclusively awesome ancient churches in now small almost deserted villages. Real masterpieces of architecture remain there decaying and not in demand at all, but thanks to
the people who are really interested in remembering the legacy and who are fond of traveling to these places, we still can enjoy the photos. Like this photo set from a recent trip to Kurba village where there is a beautiful sixteenth century church complex.

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