1 Touching Pictures of the War

Touching Pictures of the War

It's more than just photos.   Each of them may evoke deep emotions, you start unintentionally imagining how terrible it was to be there, in the war past. Here we compiled the most touching photographs
of that time, they portray people who remained humane and caring in the hardest days of their lives. In the photo above are sleeping soldiers of the Red Army with a dog in between.

13 Liberation of Prague

Liberation of Prague

Seventy years ago exactly, from May 6 to 11, 1945 was held the Prague operation - the final strategic operation of the Red Army in WWII that resulted in liberation of Prague, Czechoslovakia. The photos compiled here are devoted to this very
event. They were published in the album "For eternal memory" ("Na vecne casy") in 1965 for the 20th anniversary of the Prague liberation. The pictures themselves were made by citizens of Czechoslovakia in those May days of 1945.

10 Aircraft Carrying Heavy Soviet Cruiser Kiev

Aircraft Carrying Heavy Soviet Cruiser Kiev

Just some interesting images of an aircraft-carrying heavy Soviet cruiser "Kiev" having its military campaign somewhere in the
Atlantic waters. It is cool to see what equipment it had aboard and other curious details. The pictures are dated 1987.

7 Moscow In 1944

Moscow In 1944

In 1944 the Soviet Union already lifted in spirits, the Red Army cleared almost all the Soviet territory of the enemy's presence except the west of Latvia. The capital started to live peacefully again: night restaurants were opened, different solemn events were held, eighty bronze sculptures preveously evacuated to Central
Asia, returned to the Moscow subway. Over a million of Soviet citizens were awarded with a medal "For Defence of Moscow". New schools and institutes were opening in the city, new subway stations were being built. One of the brightest events in 1944 was the march of German soldiers captured in Belorussia.

7 If I Were a King I Would Wash In a Bath Like This!

If I Were a King I Would Wash In a Bath Like This!

The King Tub is a unique creation of Russian masters located in Tsarskoye Selo of Saint-Petersburg. It is also called
"the Bathtub of the Russian Empire" or "The Granite Masterpiece" and even "The Eight Wonder of the World".

10 The Story of the Furry Soldier

The Story of the Furry Soldier

A hundred years ago they were forming the Russian task group for the special brigade going to help France in WWI, one of its officially included members was ... a
bear cub caught in Ural. The Russian troops saved France from occupation and the bear, that accompanied Russian soldiers, created a real sensation.

12 Russian Soldiers Rehearse For The Victory Parade

Russian Soldiers Rehearse For The Victory Parade

These are pictures of the Russian soldiers who participated in the rehearsal of the military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in WWII,
according to blogger i-korotchenko the show was very impressive. The military parade to be held on May 9, 2015 will have sixteen thousand participants.

0 Life Saving Medals

Life Saving Medals

These medals given to Soviet heroes of WWII, protectors of their motherhood, are wrecked by bullets and shell fragments, they were found during excavations
or reburials of soldiers. Some of them miraculously saved lives of their owners. Today they are kept as precious heirlooms or museum exhibits.

6 Final Residents of the Buried Village

Final Residents of the Buried Village

This couple managed to "survive" the war, the Chernobyl radiation and Stalin. They are the keepers of the final compound in the resettled village. Nikolay is making
bird houses and hanging them everywhere, he knows which birds will come soon and which ones never returned after the explosion at the Chernobyl NPP.

2 1943:  The Year of Relief For Moscow

1943: The Year of Relief For Moscow

1941 and 1942 were the hardest years for Moscow. The following year of 1943 gave relief to the capital and its life started to bloom again. The Stalingrad battle was won on February 2 and Moscow citizens believed they could defeat the enemy. People began to entertain themselves, celebrate holiday, watch movies and go to theaters and exhibitions. New subway
stations were opened in 1943, the Museum of Musical Culture named after M. Glinka and an Institute of crystollography were founded in Moscow. Relations of the Soviet government and the church were getting better, they chose a patriarch, new cathedrals were opened for believers... That was the year of hope, time to lift in spirits.