4 Life is Changing  People

Life is Changing People

Alisa is the name, the name of one Soviet rock band that was pretty much underground at first but still had tons of fans. Those fans tried to look rebellious, like the band leader, and not conform with society in any possible way: drinking, smoking, wearing torn clothes and atypical haircuts. Sergei was one such "ALISA" fan, they were called "ALISOMAN" the word derived from the
"Alisa" band name and "mania". Now Sergei is a photographer and twenty years older, so he decided to find his friends from the times when they were rebels and compare how they were and what they became. Like this guy Andrei, previously known as Andreich and notoriously wild, he is now a manager. Let's see more of Sergei's friends, boys and girls, then and now.

4 Dagestani People of 1933

Dagestani People of 1933

Dagestan is in Southern Russia and yet very different from what you see in the rest of Russia. Different now, and was different back then in 1933 as well. It was even much more different then, just look at this guy, and it was considered a pretty normal national dress. Even now, they use
those coats somewhere there but not that often, of course. What else was cool about Degastan in 1933 and Dagestan now? It's in the mountains. Awesome views, nature, small houses. Very large pictures you can view fullscreen with a click. Common, lets take a look:

4 Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

A group of photographers continue to travel through the Kurill Islands - the group of islands that border Japan and were previously Japanese territory. This one is
a tiny Rasshua island, however even on this tiny piece of land there are remains of Japanese roads, fortifications and awesome nature. Let's see it!

70 Donetsk Airport from Above

Donetsk Airport from Above

This is (or this was?) a Donetsk airport. Photographed from above and became famous lately for the battles still going on there even there not much of those on other parts of
Ukraine. By the way, to remind you, Donetsk is the largest metropolitan area in Eastern Ukraine. Also inside you can find a video of the bridge somewhere near by.

7 Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Twenty four (probably) bright photos from the Soviet years from 1921 to 1990. Selected to remind us of how it was and just to enjoy. Let's start without further ado. By teh
way, the first photo is not just semi-naked dudes but famous Russian athletes from different types of sports engaging in arm-wrestling in 1980. Let's move on: 

9 Russian People Drinking Vodkas

Russian People Drinking Vodkas

There is a legend that when Christian missionaries arrived in Russia in the 10th or 9th century AD, the King of Russia had to choose which faith his people would be baptized into. He carefully studied all the aspects of each branch of Christianity (and also some other religions) and then, it is said, he said
something like "The joy of living in Russia is in drinking (alcohol)." and then he chose Orthodox Christianity as they drink in their rituals. I am not sure if this a true story or a legend, but it's a pretty well known story. So here is a set of photos of Russian people and vodka.

14 Soviet Family Camping

Soviet Family Camping

Just some random Soviet family going camping. Nothing special, nothing more than this. If
you are not into this, just ignore this atmospheric post of times that are long gone.

6 Russian Airforce of 1915

Russian Airforce of 1915

We've seen here a lot of the contemporary Russian air force, but what about 90 years ago, what did it look like? This is how. Horses, horses, some planes, horses again, no pavement on the runways, wooden sleds and more. Let's see it in some more detail
inside. At that time, Poland was a part of the Russian empire and the Russian air force had a base there. Here people are cleaning the air field and... tramp down the ground with their legs in order to get more hard surface for the planes.

2 Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Basically, these are postcards of the Soviet far east, pretty much never seen online before and scanned by some enthusiast, from the "Golden Period" of the Soviet epoch - dated 1973-1976, you can probably feel the
atmosphere over there at the time. Some of the postcards were black and white, some were colored, good thing every one of these had captions so we can know exactly what was photographed. So let's see, one by one.

8 Russia as Seen by Foreigners in Early 19th Century

Russia as Seen by Foreigners in Early 19th Century

What I've read about this series of images is that a group of European tourists travelled to Russia in the early to mid 19th century, and to better memorize the things they saw, they decided to make these pictures. Inside you'll find exactly what they've seen, but even looking at the first
picture, which seems like a group of shepherds who are grazing a herd of bears inside the Russian city (and bears seem like they are pretty obedient for those guys) this pictures may be a little exaggerated. Or maybe it was really that cool in those times:  

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