secret russian document
52 Secret Russian Plans

Secret Russian Plans

According to this top secret Russian document, which was unclassified recently Soviet military engineers were planning complete removal of North American continent. Translation of the document: "KGB, Soviet Union. Top Secret. Moscow. February 26, 1973 This
is a scheme of a assumed changes in geographical structure of Earth continents which may happen as a result of correction of gravity field of the Earth by the A-241/BIS device [scheme] KGB General Chief Andropov [signature] "

23 Old Russian Digital Watches

Old Russian Digital Watches

We had old Russian calculators from collection of Sergei Frolov, now it's turn for old Russian digital watches from his collection too. All the calculators were from one same brand -
from "ELEKTRONIKA". Same story is with those watches. They all were produced by this Elektronika company, the only vendor in Soviet Russia for consumer electronics.
68 More Photos from WW2

More Photos from WW2

  Another shot showing how people can get used to anything. This old women
seems like she doesn't care at all about the battle going on around her.
soviet passport
38 Soviet Racial Tolerance

Soviet Racial Tolerance

In Soviet Russia everyone had to have a passport. And everybody had to state his race in the passport. If you were Russian (slavic) you had to write "Russian", but if you were Jewish or Polish you had to write "Jew" or "Polish". All people had Soviet Union citizenship but the additional, racial field "nationality" was obligatory to fill. And you couldn't say yourself who you are - you had to prove it showing your
birth certificate where the nationalities of your parents also had to be stated. You could only choose from those two. On the pic above you can see photo of this page in old Soviet passport, in the field nationality there is written... "negro". In the beginning of 90s this field was taken off from the new Russian passports. But what that's middle of 90s. Just 15 years ago.

25 Old Russian Money

Old Russian Money

Old Russian money. These ones
are from the Soviet era.

12 Old Russian Motorbikes

Old Russian Motorbikes

These are old
Russian bikes from for bike lovers.
murmansk 1942
26 Astonishing Shot Back from 1942

Astonishing Shot Back from 1942

This is a real, unprocessed shot, made in Murmansk, Russia 1942,
during World War II, real moose, real Nazi planes bombing Murmansk.

41 Moscow at 80s

Moscow at 80s

Moscow back from 80s. Just a few years and life would change
drastically, people would meet capitalism at its best.
19 Helicopter Crash in Chernobyl

Helicopter Crash in Chernobyl

This is the video of a helicopter with crew of military pilots spreading anti-radiation solution across the blown-up reactor of Chernobyl nuclear plant. This crew before was participating in Afghanistan war, so it was a team of military profesionals. Just before this final
flight they asked a guy with a camera, a journalist from the local newspaper to make them a group photo, this photo you can see in the beginning of the video. The story of this crash was censored and were not showed in Russian media till early 90s.

28 Afghani War Carpets

Afghani War Carpets

There is a war in Afghanistan for more than 20 years already. It has been started in late 70s when first Soviet troops entered Afghanistan to support the current regime. Then after the collapse of USSR the war with external enemy has stopped for a while, but inside there were still conflicting groups fighting with each other for the power. Little by little Taliban got the dominating position in the country and just a few years later NATO troops entered the country. So all the time there was a war, and most of the time all the parties used Soviet,
then Russian weapons. It's scary to see how the war thematics have moved to all spheres of life in Afghanistan even to carpet weaving skills. Previously this Middle-East country, lying on the border with Russia was famous for its hand-made carpets with beautiful Eastern ornaments. These days weavers make carpets with war. And main war items depicted on the carpets are from Russian origin. Here are the examples of Russian weapons that can be clearly distinguished on the contemporary Afghani carpets:

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