russia village ustje, far away north
16 A Russian Village Deep in The North

A Russian Village Deep in The North

This are photos by Alexandre Korolkov from Russian village “Ustje”. This village is remarkable. It is located on the far north of Russia, it’s much closer to American Alaska than to any major Russian cities. Temperatures there don’t get higher than 30-40 Fahrenheit even in the summer! Four hundred years ago a
group of Russian people flew far away to North in order to avoid death from the Tsar Ivan. They settled there and those people on the photos – direct descendants. They lived 400 years among Russian Eskimos people but didn’t assimilate and saved their traditions and Russian language.
russian revolution in 1993
23 Another Glimpse of Revolution

Another Glimpse of Revolution

Today it is 13 years after people in Russia went on streets trying to get themselves
more freedom in 1993. But they failed. This shots depict how it was:
russian roads during ww2
7 Russian Roads 6

Russian Roads 6

There is an opinion that Russian roads was the thing that stopped the German attack in WW2. This might be true. Look how hard was to
advance for German Nazi troops across the Russia. This is just 100 miles from St. Petersburg. What a nice travel to Russia.  
a hotel in moscow
39 Moscow Hotel “Russia”, Nowadays

Moscow Hotel “Russia”, Nowadays

There is a hotel right in the centre of Moscow, just a few steps from Kremlin and other administrative buildings. It’s name was “RUSSIA” once. And today the building is being destructed, brick by brick. Why don’t they use a controlled demolition? Some say just because to avoid the dust spreading all over the Moscow downtown, as it was after the demolition of WTC towers (I don’t mean here their demolition was controlled though, as some sources state). Some
people say it is a great pity, they consider this building to be a piece of Moscow history, others think it’s a right decision because the hotel architecture was awful and doesn’t fit to the centre of Moscow. Anyway they removed all the huge signs “RUSSIA” from the hotel, so nobody could capture the photos of how Russia was demolished. What a symbolism. This is how this hotel looked like before, during the Soviet era.
55 Where is Buran Now?

Where is Buran Now?

Some people asked, what happened to the Buran afterwards? Here is a photo session  from Ukrainian site about what is now with
Buran. It is standing in the lonely place at Baikonur, not covered with any sort of hangar or anything.
moscow now and then
23 Moscow Now and Then

Moscow Now and Then

Some people say that Moscow doesn't change as time passes. Some say that it has been changed tremendously. Who is right one can judge himself watching this photos of
Moscow today, year 2006 and many years ago. Many places can be recognized easily even for those who have never been in Moscow, but some changed a lot.
7 Brezhnev, Swimming

Brezhnev, Swimming

Brezhnev, a former Soviet leader, was very popular in Russia. Not for his achievements but for his love for two things: to kiss and to get medals. During his last years as a head of the Soviet government, which also were last years of his life, he had bad health problems also, causing him to speak like a
very ill person, be fond of kissing other diplomats he was meeting and rewarding himself numerous medals Such activities though didn’t affect much on his meeting with former US president Carter and even signing some strategic treaties with him, they even appeared at TIME’s cover:
anti usa soviet russia posters
143 Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

In Soviet Russia there were a lot of propaganda posters against USA. Here is a little collection of such Soviet art. I splitted it to three parts, so today is the part 1. This
is a Black Sea and Uncle Sam is looking thru spyglass on USSR with a sign "Provocation" on it, standing on US ships. Uncle Sam was widely used to represent USA.
Soviet era cars

91 Soviet Cars Dump

Soviet Cars Dump

These photos are made by activists in the place where are a lot of Soviet cars ending their days. Most of this cars are very rare nowadays on Russian streets and were a subject to a great desire to a few generations of Soviet people, almost
deprived of the right to have a car. Now they stay there as a silent monument in far away countryside to the Soviet era and it’s style of life. Maybe on some of these cars Stalin or Brezhnev drove across the streets of Moscow.
photos from soviet russia
23 Photos From Soviet Russia

Photos From Soviet Russia

These are photos from a photo contest where people mailed in their Soviet photos from the family albums.    Year 1924, here is collectivization depicted, an event in the begining of the Soviet state when all peasants and farmers were
deprived of their private property and were forced to participate in the organized by state collective ventures, where all the property belonged to the state people worked there and didn't get a share, just a salary. 

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