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30 Russian “Ecranoplanes”

Russian “Ecranoplanes”

An "ekranoplan" literally "screen plane" is a vehicle resembling an aircraft, but operating solely on the principle of ground effect. Ground effect vehicles (GEV) fly above any flat surface, with the height above ground dependent upon the size of the vehicle. During the Cold War, ekranoplans were sighted for years on the Caspian Sea as huge, fast-moving objects. The name Caspian Sea Monster was given by U.S. intelligence operatives who had discovered the huge vehicle, which looked like an airplane with the outer halves of the wings removed. After the end of the Cold War, the "monster" was revealed to be one of several Russian military designs meant to fly only a few meters above water, saving energy and staying below enemy radar. The KM, as the Caspian Sea Monster was known in the top secret Soviet military development program, was over 100 m long (330 ft), weighed 540 tonnes fully loaded, and could travel over 400 km/h (250 mi/h), mere meters above the surface of the water. The important design principle is that wing lift is reduced as operating altitude of the ekranoplan is increased (see ground effect). Thus it is
dynamically stable in the vertical dimension. Once moving at speed, the ekranoplan was no longer in contact with the water, and could move over ice, snow, or level land with equal ease. These craft were originally developed by the Soviet Union as very high-speed (several hundred km/hour) military transports, and were mostly based on the shores of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea. The largest could transport over 100 tonnes of cargo. The development of ekranoplans was supported by Dmitri Ustinov, Minister of Defence of USSR. About 120 ekranoplans (A-90 Orlyonok class) were initially planned to enter military service in the Soviet Navy. The figure was later reduced to less than thirty vehicles, planned to be deployed mainly for the Black and the Baltic Soviet navies. Marshal Ustinov died in 1985, and the new Minister of Defence Marshal Sokolov effectively ceased the funding for the program. The only three operational A-90 Orlyonok ekranoplans built (with renewed hull design) and one Lun-class ekranoplan remained at a naval base near Kaspiysk.
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22 Russian Scary Books for Naughty Kids

Russian Scary Books for Naughty Kids

In early 90s you could buy special children books for misbehaving kids in Russia. This is an example of such a book. Kid, who is reading this book, is being promised many scary things to encounter if he doesn't obey to
mother or father. Here are some translations: "You'll fall deep inside a hole if you don't obey to your mom" "If you plan not to listen to father wild black cats would scratch your brother"
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22 Planes and Houses

Planes and Houses

These are photos of old Russian planes that stand in the city and surrounded
now with construction sites and already built multi-stored houses.
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23 Soviet Foreigh Police Cars

Soviet Foreigh Police Cars

Before I thought there were no foreign cars during Soviet Era in Russia, especially in police - all were
Ladas and Moskvich (Russian car makes) but it seems that there were some. Even American ones.
old time russian soldiers
7 Old Time Fun

Old Time Fun

It seems that even 100 years ago
Russian soldiers had some fun.
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18 A Wall Inside a Tree

A Wall Inside a Tree

This old tree has a wall inside. The tree is really old, around 200 years old. It started to grow in German city Koenigsberg, inside a
brick fence. German owners of the house let it go and it was growing like that leaving the fence inside of its roots and .. .
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25 Russian Tanks

Russian Tanks

This is a collection of somehow strange Russian tanks. All of them were in production for some time in
Russia, USSR or Russian Empire. The one above is 1940 "Self-moving machine gun emplacement point".
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24 Russian Pilot in Afghanistan

Russian Pilot in Afghanistan

In late 70s Russian army entered Afghanistan, thousands soldiers, hundreds tanks and helicopters,
etc. These are photos from Afghanistan of one of the Russian helicopter pilots.
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33 Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

Abandoned Strange Russian Trucks

These are abandoned
Russian strange cars.

42 Soviet Military Postal Stamp

Soviet Military Postal Stamp

This is a postal stamp from a private collection issued for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army at 1968. It's hard to say what
the authors of this stamp, which was widely used all across Russia tried to tell common people about the Soviet Army.

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