USSR in the 70-s 1

145 More pictures of USSR

More pictures of USSR

More historical pictures of USSR in the
70-s. For the most part in color.
Experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95 landrover 1

18 Volga Landrover

Volga Landrover

In USSR Gaz-24 (Volga) was a dream of every soviet citizen. This luxurious automobile was being produced in Gorkovsky car factory for the middle and upper classes in 70-s and 80-s. Also it was widely used as a taxi cab. But almost nobody knows, that in 1973-74 was developed the experimental modification of Volga -
Gaz-24-95, which had all-wheel drive and other elements, turned it into the real and unique landrover with good cross-country capacity. It is known, that there were produced only 5 copies and one of them was the property of Leonid Illich Brezhnev (old soviet leader). Some photos after the jump.

35 Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Another Abandoned Military Aircraft

Once these vehicles were the part of the iron curtain, and now
they are nothing but rusty remains of the cold war.

5 Moscow in the 60-s and 70-s

Moscow in the 60-s and 70-s

More pictures of old Moscow. One can see on some photos the construction of
Ostankino TV-tower which was for some time the tallest structure in the world.

7 Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2

The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was developed in 1959 in Helicopter Design Office of N. I. Kamov. It was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory). Firm skis and powerful aircraft engine AI-14 (260 horse-powers) made possible to move on snow or ice at a speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour. Sever-2 was
able to function at extreme temperatures, about 40-50 degrees centigrade. These snowmobiles delivered passengers and mail through the various areas of the Soviet Union, such as Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan. They also serviced settlements along the rivers Amur, Lena, Ob' and Pechora.
10 Soviet Public Conveyances

Soviet Public Conveyances

These vehicles were carrying passengers during the Soviet Era. Today most of these models already
lie in scrap-heaps, but some of them are still in use, especially in provincial regions.
Red Mosocw 1
16 Strange Soviet Poster, 1933

Strange Soviet Poster, 1933

During USSR times there were a lot of propagandistic posters. But some of them were quite strange and even mysterious. For example this one is about the
development of Moscow city. It says: "Such appearance doesn't fit for Red (communistic) Moscow!" And Red Moscow should look like this...
Russian architecture in cartoons 1

16 Soviet Architecture in Cartoons

Soviet Architecture in Cartoons

Most of old Russian cartoons back from the Soviet Era are notable for the landscapes of the fantasy Soviet reality. Totally
childish cartoon plots were taking place on magnificent background of "Stalin's" architectural forms. Just take a look.
russian car remake 1

8 Another Russian Car for Winter

Another Russian Car for Winter

Russian people from countryside continue to upgrade their cars for more comfortable coping with the winter, bringing to
the world new strange masterpieces like this one, made from the most budget car of Soviet Era "Zaporozhets".
russian jet on-ground torpedoes 1

9 On-ground Torpedo

On-ground Torpedo

Usually torpedoes are underwater missiles fired by ships. But during World War 2 in Russia there were on-ground torpedoes fired manually by people. They were made right on place with crafty Russian soldiers - the stabilizers were
carved of wood and mounted to the normal cannon shell. Then molten TNT was poured inside of the shell in order to fire it. Today by the way is 66th anniversary of the beginning of the war by Germany against Russia.

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