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24 History of Lenin’s Mausoleum

History of Lenin’s Mausoleum

Probably all of us have heard of the Lenin's Mausoleum, a structure placed in the middle of the Red Square right to the Kremlin. There is a Lenin's body
inside, conserved and set for display. But it was not the same through all the Soviet Era. First it was designed as on the picture above.
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33 Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

These are photos of unknown author from Hill of Crosses. It has more than 50,000 crosses on it, and no it is not a cemetery. The reasons for the crosses to be there is that there is a story that each one who would put his own cross on
this mountain would become a lucky guy, so thousands come here and install their custom crosses. They say this tradition appeared before the Christianity came to Lithuania and Russia and is of pagan origin.
valentina tereshkova
117 Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova, she was the first Russian female astronaut, and the
first woman ever to fly in space in 1963. That's one of her rare photos.
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35 Moskvich Cabrio

Moskvich Cabrio

In Soviet Russia there were very little private cars. A person considered to be very lucky and wealthy if he had a car. Like in Northern Korea nowadays probably. And this was a project of First and Only
Russian Cabrio, Moskvitch Cabrio. It hasn't happen in mass production though, only a few cars were made and then the project was closed. Soviet people didn't need luxury cars at that time.
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16 If It Was Built

If It Was Built

This building, the skyscraper with a giant Lenin statue on top was never built. It was projected on the 3-d construction plans as you can see on the image above but was never started, and
some say it's a big pity it wasn't. So one guy decided to insert this Soviet skyscraper in the views of modern Moscow to see how it could look like if it was built.
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28 Russian Students 100 Years Ago

Russian Students 100 Years Ago

These are illustrations from the book from 1900, 107 years ago, about how did Russian university students
looked like. With short word describing each. For example the guy above is: "Physics student".
181 Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy

Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy

Meet Russian parliament vice-speaker calling George Bush "asshole" and Rice "slut". We had this video before, now it is translated and submitted by Nick. Also
at the end of this video he mentions this "gravity altering device" that can change the continent alignment as was shown on secret KGB document here.
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186 Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

This photos are from cemetery in Yekaterinburg city. This Russian city was known in 90s as "crime capital of Russia", many Russian mafia leaders lived there, and many of them participated
in gang wars, as a result many of them now rest in peace on this cemetery. They always liked tombs like those, the production of such tomb also costs thousands of dollars.
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74 Soviet Era Photo Chronicles

Soviet Era Photo Chronicles

Our visitor Alex has submitted 119 photos of Soviet Era Russia from his collection. He wanted to post it at the "Submissions" section of our newly opened
English Russia forum, where people already post some entertainment stuff from Russia, but decided to send all at once. That's a long series!
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27 First Russian Space Dogs

First Russian Space Dogs

We had first Russian space pig a few day ago. Ok now it's turn for Russian space dogs. There were a lot of them. Before the first human has traveled to space and back there were twenty nine launches with dogs. Ten dogs died,
saving the life to the first human offering Russian space scientists invaluable data on how all the systems of the ship behave during the space flight, launch and its landing. Some dogs even had a few flights.

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