16 German Reichstag Building Before and After

German Reichstag Building Before and After

German Reichstag building was one of the central targets for the Red Army to capture due to its perceived symbolic significance. Today, visitors to the building can still see Soviet graffiti on smoky walls inside as well as on part of the roof, which was preserved
during the reconstructions after reunification. Yevgeny Khaldei took the famous picture, Raising a flag over the Reichstag, on 2 May 1945. The picture symbolizes the victory of USSR over Germany. Now let's see how it looked before and after May 1945.

2 Russian Saint George Order Heroes in Soviet Army

Russian Saint George Order Heroes in Soviet Army

Saint George's Order Cross was a top reward in Tsarist Russia, or Russian Empire. It was awarded "to the bravest and those who expressed outstanding courage". When Tsar was dethrowned the award was abolished. In Soviet Army new set of awards was established including the Red Star Order and many more. However there were plenty of Old Tsar
Heroes who didn't leave Russia after the Revolution and joined the new Soviet Red Army. They were not shy displaying their previous government awards as they earned them with their bravery and courage. And here is a set of Russian soldiers awarded with St. George Cross fighting for the Red Army, mostly during WW2.

21 Soviet Student Party 1967

Soviet Student Party 1967

If you have ever wondered how Soviet students partied, what they looked like, if they really had fun, and other things like that fifty years ago, then here is a rare
chance. Thanks to these once private photos of Soviet students of a prestigious Moscow university, we can now see what these Soviet students were up to back then!

16 Russian Photographer Goes inside Chernobyl Reactor in 1990

Russian Photographer Goes inside Chernobyl Reactor in 1990

These days some in the media are commemorating the Chernobyl incident, or as they call it in Russia, "The Chernobyl Catastrophe". The reason is because it happened exactly thirty years ago, in April 1986. So we decided to post something too. We posted the best spooky
shots we could get our hands on. The story is as follows. Just four years after the incident, in the year 1990, a Russian photographer went right inside the destroyed reactor building, the most dangerous place in Chernobyl, and took those photos. Scary.

3 Soviet Experimental All Terrain Vehicles

Soviet Experimental All Terrain Vehicles

These are mainly projects of Likhachev's plant, strangest of them that were never serially produced. Construction of army all-terrain vehicles in the USSR went
much further than construction of ordinary cars. Engineers were brave enough in their ideas but they were doomed to remain in the world of fantasies.

3 Motors of War Exhibition: Motorcycles

Motors of War Exhibition: Motorcycles

Another exhibition "Motors of War" was held in Moscow recently. We are going to show you some pictures of the
event focusing on motorcycles. They were in the minority and it makes them even more interesting to see.

14 Vogue Photographer Took Photos of Ukraine When He Was Nazi Soldier

Vogue Photographer Took Photos of Ukraine When He Was Nazi Soldier

A successful German photographer Herber List was known to work with top notch editions all over the world, including such names as Vogue, Harper's Bazar and many more. But not many know that before his successful career in fashion photography he
was enlisted into Nazi army and went to conquer USSR under German command. There he also was making photos on his personal camera. And here is the result of his "trip" to Ukraine. Art photography meets land under Nazi occupation.

8 Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

John Shultz has visited Kiev in 1958 and brought back tons of photos. Kiev the capital of Ukraine now, was a Soviet city at one time and also a capital of Ukrainian Socialistic Soviet
Republic,one of the Fifteen Soviet States. Those were not just photos but awesome color slides of the city at that time. Very atmospheric in telling the story. Take a look!

8 Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Chernobyl exclusion zone is the place where because of radiation population was evacuated. Abandoned villages stretch from Pripyat itself to as long as Belarus. All those territories are dangerous to live for any human and will be so for at least 200 years more.
Some say, only after 2,000 years people can return here. However for every rule, there is an exclusion (pun intended). Meet this old man who lives inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl together with only two other solitary people living around.

11 That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

55 years ago a man flew to space and what's more important he managed to come back! But seven years after, taking his penultimate exam to further fly alone, he crashed with his mentor in MiG-15 aircraft... Why did he decide to fly?? Probably he was missing the sky... This publication is about his deathplace. It has been recently visited by blogger fotografersha, who made an interesting story to describe the shots. Firth of all, it gets heavy on your heart once you're there. Many years are gone, but seeing this
circle where the craft crashed, is still heartbreaking. For most Russian people Yura Gagarin is an ideal person, almost unreal. He undoubtedly deserved to be the first man in space. And the country is proud. The official version of the crash: due to the rapidly changing situation in the air, the crew was forced to make an aggressive maneuver and spinned in. The pilots desperately tried to get the craft into a hoorizontal position but it collided on the ground and both died.

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