12 Su-27 Plane on Exhibition in Moscow

Su-27 Plane on Exhibition in Moscow

Last year they have put a SU-27 on display near VDNH Exhibition in Moscow city. Next time you be in Moscow you might want
to take a look in person, it's a very nice looking army-themed monument. Here are few pics thanks to blogger Said:

5 Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Here is an old Soviet civil defense book. Books like this were used to raise awareness of
sudden attack performed on Soviet Union in masses. Like, what to do if nuclear bomb drops.

18 Soviet Union in 1985

Soviet Union in 1985

Year 1985 was an important year. That year Soviet Communist party and Gorbachev started declaring their "new course". People were not afraid, they got used that top official words mean little for their everyday lives. But not at this time. Who could just imagine
that because of this worlds their life would change drastically, the things they got used would disappear and the Soviet State itself would cease to exist just in a few years? And this is how the life looked just on the verge of all this:

4 Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

Whats New in the Museum of the Northern Fleet Aviation?

This bay in Safonovo village under a northern Russian city of Murmansk is a place of the first aircraft seadrome that appeared in 1936. Today it's a location of the Museum of Northern Fleet
Aviation. It was reopened last year after reconstruction, now it has a new hangar for aircrafts which is a good historical exposition. On the image above is a Be-6 monument in the bay.

3 Beauty of St. Petersburg in Summer 2015

Beauty of St. Petersburg in Summer 2015

It's spring now, but let's remember how St.Petersburg will look like just a few years from now. They call it the most beautiful city in Russia and it's for a reason! Awesome channels, like in Amsterdam,
architecture, like in Rome and Venice, green parks like in Barcelona - St. Petersburg has a lot of common with other major European cities. Let's see what' so cool about it, thanks to Russian blogger Mikhail!

6 Friday Cuteness: Soviet Pre-School Kids on the Walk

Friday Cuteness: Soviet Pre-School Kids on the Walk

It's Friday today and here are a few cute pictures of Soviet pre-school kids going on the walk. In Soviet times they used such long ropes with
rings on both sides which kids had to hold on while walking in order not to get lost and the teachers were holding both sides of the rope.

18 The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier

The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier

Ok here is the story, raw translated, nothing added. You decide if you believe it or not. Basically the story is about that on the brink of collapse of USSR a group of high KGB authorities have been too much patriots of the Soviet state that they decided not to become the officers of the new Russian Federation. They thought it was a temporary state and USSR would return soon. So what they did they acquired billions
of dollars partly from old Soviet reserves and then thru the new economic reality invested it and blackmailed new Russian oligarchs. With all those funds they created something really weird - on the base of the biggest nuclear submarine in the world - Russian project Typhoon submarine they turned it into an.. underwater aircraft carrier which they called "Soviet Union". Let's read on:

6 Girls of Soviet Union

Girls of Soviet Union

It's 8th of March today, universally acclaimed "women's day" in all ex Soviet countries and date of much importance for all Soviet people during USSR time. There was a matching pair of dates equally important for all Soviet boys, girls, men and women - the 8th of March - the women's day and February 23d was universally considered to
be  a men's day. Every girl had to get a present for 8th of March, no exception no matter if she was 2 years old or 98 years old - women were getting presents on these day, hands down, and still do get. So because it was that important let's see some Soviet gals, girls, ladies, women back from that era.

0 Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

In different times the revolution of 1917 was positioned as "The triumph of the world proletariat", and later as "the bloody activity of those who support the "Red Terror". This way or another there are almost no witnesses of the
revolution today (those who remain were 10-12 years then), and we can treat those events in different ways. What's really objective are photographs made when those events were taking place. So let's go back to Moscow 1917...

4 Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

In 1967 an American photographer Bill Eppridge has arrived to Moscow by special appointment of LIFE magazine. He was one of the famous American photographers at time, having shot the last photo of JFK. However he was yet to become the celebrity
photographer, and what helped him were those photos of Russian youngsters which he called "Soviet Youth" and which got extremely popular in USA at that time. Many of the photos were made at the beach, some other at cities etc. Let's check it out!