6 Soviet food advertising

Soviet food advertising

  I suggest you to move to the times when advertising was not as tricky and annoying as it is today – the times when there was no such thing as a "target audience" and the key message
was worded simply and clearly: "Demand it everywhere!" Find below the exhibits of the Jurassic period marketing from the Rybinsk Museum of Soviet food advertising...

3 Soviet Vintage Home Bike

Soviet Vintage Home Bike

That's an example of Soviet home engineering. When the large plants specializing on some other products decide to do something good for the normal Soviet citizens. This
bike has the odometer of a real Soviet motorbike. The price was 170 rub which exceeded average salary and if use Soviet exchange rate was over $200 at time.

0 Vintage Photos of “Rooks Nest”

Vintage Photos of “Rooks Nest”

  Attack aircraft SU-25 of the 452th Assault Aviation Regiment;
Chortkov airfield; ~ 1987-1992. Last days of Soviet Super Power.

0 Attack on the US Embassy in Moscow in 1958

Attack on the US Embassy in Moscow in 1958

People protest by the walls of the US Embassy in Moscow in July 1958 They were talking about American invasion of Lebanon. Lebanon was living through a civil war. It was an echo of the Suez crisis and Egypt, hostile to Lebanon. There was a rather complicated political structure in
Lebanon, when the country's president was a Christian focused at the West, and the prime minister was a Muslim focused at solidarity to Arab countries. It resulted in the beginning of a civil war in Lebanon, and Lebanese President asked the US for help.

0 Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

  After we finally arrived in the village Stariy Amanak of Pokhvistnevsky district of Samara region and visited an impressive war memorial with two anti-tank cannons and fighter aircraft
MiG-15, we got off to search for a long non-operational airfield Stariy Amanak located nearby. It was no trouble to find it: two hangars stand on the hill and can be seen from afar.

3 The Soviet Union as viewed by foreigners: Herb Gouldon in Moscow of 1961

The Soviet Union as viewed by foreigners: Herb Gouldon in Moscow of 1961

Another foreigner who visited the Soviet Union and
was not too lazy to capture what he saw on film.

12 Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years

Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years


2 Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

  A set of cards released by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR in 1983 is dedicated to the region that used to have a generalized "resort" name at the time – the Caucasus Black Sea coast. Towns, villages and resorts from Anapa to Batumi administratively related to different areas, regions and republics, but for holidaymakers it was just the Black Sea coast. Visitors were both those who went "to the seaside" after getting a "whatever they had" ticket and those who traveled exclusively to the Caucasian coast. There were, of course, the adherents of the Crimea as well. These two regions replaced Turkey and
Egypt for Soviet citizens (unfortunately, there was no alternative to Thailand in the USSR, and our fellow citizens discovered the delights of winter beach holiday only in the 90th). Apart from vacations in the Crimea and the Caucasus, there was "the land of evergreen tomatoes" – Baltics with Jurmala. There will be more publications about the Crimea and the Baltic states, but now, to celebrate the beginning of summer, please welcome the postcards of the Caucasian Black Sea coast. Notes are original. Photos by V. Panov 1. View of the Cape Pitsunda (photo by R. Ozersky)

1 Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

The arrival of foreign stars in the Soviet Union was a significant event. It was significant both for Soviet citizens, and for the star. Foreign celebrities came to
our country on tour or filming, to participate in festivals, and some of them came even as tourists. Often foreign celebrities came to festivals

4 Abandoned Secret Facility Entrace

Abandoned Secret Facility Entrace

This place was top secret in USSR times. It is underground, among the Moscow subway stations and long underground escalators which lead down from
the entrance. Even now Armahema, the author of the photos, refuses to tell us the details of this place. He only lets us see the photos.

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