17 Russian Peasants and Their Craft Jobs

Russian Peasants and Their Craft Jobs

Sometimes now you might hear the word "artisan" which often said to make things look skillfully  made and good. However hundred something years ago all over the world things mainly were "artisan" - made by local craftsman. If we know some traditional craftsmen of the West and their craft survived till our days (this is what they sell as "artisan" now) the old Russian crafts on contrary is very much lost, mostly due
to the Soviet intent for collectivization and industrialization. However there are still some old photos depicting old Russian artisans - mainly peasants at their craft with captions what exactly they do. For example the man on the photo on top is a master barrel maker at work. Let's see a few more of the skilled men of past inside, some of these jobs you can't meet nowadays at all:

18 First Class Seats in Soviet Airliners

First Class Seats in Soviet Airliners

In Soviet Russia there was a belief that they were building a class-free society. Nobody was more important than anyone else - this was declared, just because he had more money etc. So basically Soviet transportation at time had no such categories as "First Class", "Second Class" or other. And on domestic flights of Aeroflot - the main Soviet airline there were no first class seats. However Aeroflot was transporting people not only inside USSR but worldwide
and there they had to adopt the Western standards and since early 1950s they started implementing first-class service for the rich tourist. Here we have some photos of those, including the one with a granny on the first shot resting with comfort in the first class cabin - sometimes the foreign airliners of Aeroflot were used inside Soviet Union so anybody could go to the first class seats, tovarish. Let's see more inside: 

4 Soviet Life, New Set of Photos

Soviet Life, New Set of Photos

A new set of photos depicting life in the Soviet state. Taken from the archives, some previously unpublished might
provide a nice insight in the days of past. Click for the larger versions, read the captions and enjoy!

7 Abandoned Soviet Tanks on Shikotan Island Next to Japan

Abandoned Soviet Tanks on Shikotan Island Next to Japan

Ivan, Russian blogger has visited a pretty unique place - a Shikotan island - belonging now to Russia but is constantly claimed by Japan as their land. It's not a big piece
of land - just 225 square km, and the population is 2,100. However see how beautifully abandoned old Soviet tanks match the nice scenery around! Let's go inside:

4 Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

After the USSR collapse there were a lot of military villages abandoned all over the country.  This post is about one of such. It finds itself on the vast unpopulated reals of Eastern Russian coast - the Pacific coast. It was created as a
fore post - the first point of meeting the enemy coming from the East, from the Ocean. In army plans they were ready to sacrifice this village but slow down the enemy's advance. Let's see what it's now all about over there:

23 Ukrainian Submarine in Bad Condition

Ukrainian Submarine in Bad Condition

Even though Ukraine has sea ports, it had only two submarines in its Navy, and both are in  a condition that's not really nice. For example, this is the Ukrainian submarine "SS-330" which was built in
1970. In Soviet times, it served in the Pacific, but later it was transferred to Ukraine. Want to see its horrible state in detail? Then come inside, there are photos and also a video:

9 This is Kindergarten

This is Kindergarten

Near Tver city, there is a small town with an old and pretty unique wooden house constructed
around the 19th century and now it's a kindergarten. There are some more photos inside.

8 Soviet Ad of Leningrad Hotel Astoria

Soviet Ad of Leningrad Hotel Astoria

1970s, Soviet Union, St. Petersburg, Hotel "Astoria". A piece of seductive Western world in the coldest big city in the world. And this was a special
"only for VIP and foreigners" advertisement to attract them into this forbidden world in Soviet country. Just a few photos to feel the times.

12 Futuristic Sci-Fi Vehicles on Soviet Science Magazine Covers

Futuristic Sci-Fi Vehicles on Soviet Science Magazine Covers

In Soviet Russia there was a magazine called "Technica Molodezh" which is translated as something like "Technology of the Youth". And sometimes this magazine's cover featured the vehicles that would possibly
be roaming our Earth in the near future. Some of them are pretty interesting, and basically all were wrong in predicting how the technology would look now, but still we can browse them here:

3 Soviet Sochi in 1980s

Soviet Sochi in 1980s

Sochi was a summer destination for millions of Soviets in the 1980s. They didn't have the right to travel abroad so the only way to stay in the comfort of hot sun and salty water were the Black
Sea cities, and Sochi was considered be a crown jewel amongst them. "If I was rich I would live in Sochi" was a famous Russian proverb. So here is how it looked at that time:

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