4 Winter in the USSR

Winter in the USSR

Selection of winter photographs
taken during the Soviet times.

0 Sports in USSR Photos by Semen Friedland

Sports in USSR Photos by Semen Friedland

A retrospective selection of photos demonstrating all things sports
in USSR, photos by renowned Soviet photographer Semen Friedland.

3 Minsk vs IBM

Minsk vs IBM

Exactly 35 years ago, the first IBM PC in history went on sale, but long before that day — in the 1960's, one of the centers of Soviet Cybernetics was in Belarus. Let us remember the story of a family of computing machinery "Minsk" which won All-Union glory, and then lost it. The gap between the USSR and the western countries in the field of computer technology in the 1950's, according to the most optimistic estimates, was at least 10 years. Therefore, in August 1956, the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers was the start of the expansion of the production of
electronic computers across the country. The resolution also provided for the establishment of centres for their production, design and development, one of which was supposed to stay in the BSSR. Soon in Minsk, the Ordzhonikidze Plant was opened, and by 1958, the Special Design Bureau (SDB) was set up to support and upgrade the computer. Subsequently, the SDB was transformed into an independent design and research company - NIIEVM - which is still working to this day. "Minsk-1" - the first original Belarusian computer

2 Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Zehnovo village is one of the most ancient settlements of kenozerskih and its history begins in the 16th century, when, according to one legend, the first inhabitant named Zeh settled here. Presumably, it was someone
from the first Christians arrived at Kenozero during the existence of the Kenoreckyi waterway that connected Lake Onega with river Onega using which Orthodox people from Novgorod came to these lands.

1 Ultimate vacation: the Soviet Instagram

Ultimate vacation: the Soviet Instagram

The "Instagram Generation" may not be aware that the format of square photos was not born with the advent of social networks. Cameras taking 6x6 and
6x7 pictures, such as "Lubitel", "Kiev 88", "Salut", "Moskva", were very popular in the Soviet times, and owners took them for holidays.

0 Postcards of Leningrad of the 80s

Postcards of Leningrad of the 80s

Views of Leningrad in the 1980s on the Soviet photo greeting cards. Luckily, all of them have
captions in English on their backward side. Also can be clicked to see it full size.

2 Neon of the Soviet country

Neon of the Soviet country

Soviet Russia also had neon signs, though not many as the West did. Let's see
a few photos of Soviet Russia with its ads glowing at night.  

1 Novgorod the Great: As seen from the Drone

Novgorod the Great: As seen from the Drone


1 Elite Foods of the USSR

Elite Foods of the USSR

Some delicious Soviet treats from this vintage catalogue that was only available
for Soviet elites and foreigners. Take a look, some sections are translated.

2 45 genre photos of pre-revolutionary Russia

45 genre photos of pre-revolutionary Russia

A collection of very atmospheric photos of Imperial Russia. Must see set! Most photos are with caption, like the one above is: A
starving year in Nizhny Novgorod Governorate 1891-1892 People canteen in village Pralevka of Lukoyanovsky County. 1891-1892.

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