8 Russian Army 1880 And 1892

Russian Army 1880 And 1892

Here you may see the uniforms of the
Russian Army worn back in 1880 and 1892.
14 The Tank That Changed the Course of the War

The Tank That Changed the Course of the War

T-34 was made on a basis of a battle tank A-32 and accepted for service in 1939. The construction of this vehicle was a quantum jump in the Russian
and world tank-building. For the first time it successfully combined antiprojectile armor, powerful weapons and reliable undercarriage.
17 Ethnic Diversity of the Russian Empire

Ethnic Diversity of the Russian Empire

People of the Russian Empire on the unique
photographs of S. M. Prokudin-Gorsky.
1 Echo of the 90s In Armenia

Echo of the 90s In Armenia

Armenia is not a big country (7 times smaller than Belarus territory), that suffered much from the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and its economy still has not restored. But it has enormously rich Orthodox heritage. Its
cognac is popular world wide but its wonderful pomegranate wine is not. Like in Azerbaijan and Georgia Armenian people are very kind and hospitable. Some mobile phone photos of the trip to Armenia.
45 Soviet Medicine And Police

Soviet Medicine And Police

Old photos featuring two honorable professions: doctors and policemen. Some of them
you might have seen on ER but surely not all of them in one collection.
18 Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Once Moscow was a green pleasant city. Today it is sooner a stone sack for dirty cars storage. It's hard to imagine that squirrels used to jump and birds used to sing on lime and chestnut trees of Moscow.  People even didn't notice when they disappeared. Due to lack of care some of them simply died others were cut off. And a passer-by of today walks not in the shadows of wonderful trees by through cars parked in dusty streets... The officials say trees
can't survive in so bad environmental conditions. It's nonsense, of course. Trees still feel well in any part of Moscow. They were destructed just because they hampered car owners and businessmen. They covered bright shop windows, signs, banners, they prevented drivers from parking wherever they wanted. However trees created pleasant atmosphere in the streets, because people still prefer walking among trees, not cars.
5 Great Ice-Breaker Of a Sad Destiny

Great Ice-Breaker Of a Sad Destiny

The legendary ice-breaker "Baikal" was considered to be the second largest and most powerful ice-breaker while its construction. By the end of the XIX century they could not end the construction of the Siberian railway, Baikal was the breakpoint. So in 1883 Julius Witte, the secretary of finance, offered to arrange ship crossing over Baikal. In
1885 they decided to build an ice-breaking ferry. 12 plants participated in the construction: Soviet and foreign ones. The ice-breaker travelled much from place to place being tested, assembled and dissassembled... In fact it was mainly built by constructors from St. Petersburg. They used the best Martic steel to build it.
1 Magicians Die But Their Houses Remain

Magicians Die But Their Houses Remain

Another historic system of Moscow basements of the 19th century. Magicians die but
their houses remain. They live under the ground so we do not see them.
10 Military Treasury of Moscow

Military Treasury of Moscow

We are at the Central Armed Forces Museum of Moscow. Where else one can see so much military equipment in one place? The museum has been existing since 1919, in the new
building - since 1965. It's one of the largest historic and military country museums. More or less modern equipment was brought here 15-20 years for the last time.
47 Soviet Union 1989 In Photos

Soviet Union 1989 In Photos

A set of photos taken by an American
amateur photographer in 1989.

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