8 First Proven SUV in the World

First Proven SUV in the World

We thought that the first SUV was invented in the USSR. But now we are sure it really was! In far 1955! This unusual project of an all-terrain vehicle was made in the Soviet Union, as we mentioned - in 1955. This
car was designed for needs of a countryside, it could considerably help mechanics in their work. GAZ-M73 (1955) - a prototype of a small four-wheel drive machine developed for soviet farm chiefs.

6 Mighty Vehicles Of The Past

Mighty Vehicles Of The Past

The museum of long-range aviation in Dyagilevo is a small but very interesting place because it contains exhibits
that can never been found anywhere else. Let us visit the museum and see what is so interesting about it.
3 Moscow Shot With Glass Photogenic Plates

Moscow Shot With Glass Photogenic Plates

Soviet photographer Naum Granovsky was a real toiler. He always carried a heavy camera and photographed with glass photogenic plates. On his pictures is mostly Moscow - the center of the Russian capital,
construction sites and villages of the Moscow region which have turned into huge urban blocks... These photos were taken by Naum Granovsky in the period since the 1920s to the 1980s.
10 Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

In 1966 when the Beatles said good-bye to their fans giving the last concert in San-Francisco, far away in Soviet
Dagestan they started construction of a hydropower plant which is the largest vaulted dam in Russia today.
31 Soviet Conflict With The Chinese

Soviet Conflict With The Chinese

Russian people have been neighbors of the Chinese for centuries and got used to peaceful life and friendly relations.
However, in 1969 there had been an armed conflict when China occupied a disputed territory deciding to capture it.
2 The City Of The Dead

The City Of The Dead

Visiting ghost-towns must be an exciting experience. But once you decided to go to such a place, you'd
better hurry up and see as much as possible before the sunset. Who knows what may happen after?
8 Weapons of The Recent Past

Weapons of The Recent Past

Numerous interesting exhibits can be found in the internal yard of the Armed Forces Museum. Often visitors come
directly to the museum itself and miss this exposition nearby. Let us see what exhibits are shown there.

21 Place Left By Pilots

Place Left By Pilots

The abandoned aircrew training center is located next to a former military airfield. The place that used to be
in demand is semi-destructed now. It seems that nobody is going to use it and its equipment in future.
51 Last Summer Of The USSR

Last Summer Of The USSR

That summer it became clear that the USSR won't exist for long. They gave numerous reasons for that starting from the state authority
and ending with inability of the state to cope with the needs of its population. Photos below remind us of what it was like.

4 An American In Siberia

An American In Siberia

1959. Bratsk, Siberia. These people are going to see a foreigner for the first time in their lives. Children from a summer camp, builders, teachers... They are standing on the dock, so excited and happy, as if
they are meeting a long-awaited close relative... The guest is William Averell Harriman, an American Democratic party politician, businessman, and diplomat. That's what we call a warm welcome.