6 Back Into the Past

Back Into the Past

An American professor Frank Whitson Fetter was travelling along Russia in the early 1930s, these are the photos of one
of the oldest Russian cities, muslim capital of central Russia that recently celebrated 1000 years old.
6 Day And Night Photos Of An Air Base

Day And Night Photos Of An Air Base

Let's visit an air base and look at such
big planes as TU95MS and TU-160.
4 In the Abandoned Atmospheric Collider

In the Abandoned Atmospheric Collider

The accelerator was created in 1983. Its task was to produce the strongest magnetic field at that time. Its first section is represented by an
underground channel that is around 3 km long. Its exploitation started in 1994. The device united an old proton accelerator U-70 and the new collider.
5 How Pepsi Is Produced In Russia

How Pepsi Is Produced In Russia

The PepsiCo factory was opened in the Moscow region today. They will produce Aqua Minerale drinking water, Lipton Ice Tea, Adrenaline Rush power drinks, etc. As soon as the factory
starts producing 2,1 billion liters a year, it will be considered the largest PepsiCo enterprise in Europe and the second largest enterprise of the company in the world.
4 At the Photogenic Bay

At the Photogenic Bay

Interesting ships with rich history, military and
civil ones, at the Kola Bay of Murmansk.
53 Massacre In Lviv 1941

Massacre In Lviv 1941

On the photos - the first days of German occupation of Lviv, Ukraine. The Germans came to the city in June, 30th, 1941. On the same day the party of Bandera proclaimed creation of the independant Ukrainian state. Though the Germans did not support this idea, the people were happy and celebrated in the streets for 3 days. The Germans together with Bandera's "Ukrainian people's police" arranged a so-called action of "self-purification". In
fact it was a Jewish violence and revenge to Bolsheviks from the side of the people who had been humiliated by them and to whom the valiant German army brought freedom... People were beaten with stones, drubbed, women were made to undress in public, forced to clean sidewalks, march on knees with their hands up, some people were shot in the backyards. The total number of victims - 4-7 thousand people.
4 The Museum of the Military Soviet Aircraft

The Museum of the Military Soviet Aircraft

The military field we'll visit today contains military transport
aircraft and long-distance radar intelligence collection aircraft.
5 In the Family of Beekeepers

In the Family of Beekeepers

In Soviet times people ate much of honey and loved it much. After the fall of the USSR only the rich could
afford the product. And now it can be said that bee-keeping in Kazakhstan is experienced a new birth.
8 Destiny of Abandoned Mines

Destiny of Abandoned Mines

Human yearning to change the space around is really endless. We always try to prove that we are stonger and smarter than nature. We fly in the air and turn out tons of soil making giant open pits. The pits go hundreds of meters deep and stretch underground for kilometers showing what human mind and will
are capable of. We see them from space and get impressed by the scale of the human "dictatorship". But what we don't see is how the nature swallows the traces of human "interference". Let's see what happens with pits when they get abandoned and are not used by people anymore.
0 Moscow Views From the Height of the TV Tower

Moscow Views From the Height of the TV Tower

Ostankino TV Tower was built in 1967 in Moscow. It used to be the highest
structure in the world (540m). Let's see what views open from its height.

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