11 Amazing Russian Design of the Late 19th Century

Amazing Russian Design of the Late 19th Century

The Russian architecture of the pre-revolutionary period can be highlighted as a separate type. Here we have collected a lot of pictures of Russian churches,
country houses, fishing houses, theatrical decorations and household items: they all belong to that very period of Russia before the communist revolution.
23 Revolutionary Fabrics

Revolutionary Fabrics

In the USSR even fabrics were used for propaganda. People ate on communist tablecloths, slept on communist sheets and hung communist curtains in their rooms.
It seems crazy today, but such method of brainwashing effectively contributed to the huge propagandistic system of revolutionary communists.
4 Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Howard Sochurek was a photographer for Life magazine. He joined Life in 1950 and worked in many
countries including the Soviet Union. His photos of Soviet airplanes taken in 1958 are shown below.
17 Tank Repair Shop of Today

Tank Repair Shop of Today

Fortunately, tanks are not widely used today for their intended purpose. Some of them serve as monuments, participate in military parades, others are just
left to decay. The lucky ones come to places like this where they get some care. See the photos from the tank repair shop in Chita, Zabaikalsk.

13 Best Snack For Beer Is Right Here

Best Snack For Beer Is Right Here

This post is for those who like beer and appropriate snacks. We are going to visit one market in Odessa, Ukraine, to be more
precise - it's fish department. This place has been rather popular since the times of the USSR. It has a special atmosphere.

9 The First Russian Submarine

The First Russian Submarine

The first submarine appeared in Russia in the times of Peter the Great, in 1721. It used to be called "a hidden vessel". The submarine was tested in presence of the emperor himself not far from St.
Petersburg. It was the place where appeared a new city - Sestroretsk which is a big resort today. Until recently nothing had reminded of the first Russian submarine tests. But everything has changed.
10 The City of Mines

The City of Mines

Degtyarsk is an industrial city of Russia. The main industry there is mining and processing of copper. They also have a garment factory and a
bakery there. Degtyarsk is often characterized by its red lakes and slagheaps. We gonna show some abandoned shops and mines of the city.
2 Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Not far from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) there is a village where one local man started his own business of paper production using an old technology. It could help him to earn and could be interesting for tourists. The old
technology needed some restoration. It was invented by the Chinese long long ago. The paper made this way is called Samarkand silk paper today. But everything turned out to be not so complicated.
10 Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Gas masks are often seen as attributes of some plants or shelters. They are purchased by a city or a company in accordance with regulations of civil defence and safety measures in emergency situations.  But where do they come from? From
plants where they are produced, of course. The USSR has such plants almost in every region, but today most of them do not function anymore. One of the abandoned places where gas masks were produced is on the photos below.

38 Swimming In The Frost

Swimming In The Frost

The swimming pool in Moscow was built at the place of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour that had been demolished in 1930. The construction started in 1958 and in 1960 the swimming pool welcomed
its first visitors. That was the largest swimming pool in the USSR and one of the biggest pools in the world that time. Today it is just a history as the construction was demolished.