3 It Was Another Kind of Game

It Was Another Kind of Game

Uvais Akhtaev was one of the most prominent basketball players of the 1950s, a member of the
Soviet national team.  He was the tallest player ever - his height was 7.74 feet!

18 Successful Merchants of Old Time

Successful Merchants of Old Time

The Eliseev brothers were rich Russian merchants who owned some shops, many warehouses and vodka and
confectionery factories in the beginning of the last century. Let us look at the magnificent old buildings.
6 Out of the Fire!

Out of the Fire!

Firemen perform exploits every day saving people from fire. Almaty, Kazakhstan has 13 fire departments in general and one fire department that protects very important objects. Around 1000
of men are employed here. The fire department we gonna see some pics from deals with the largest area of the city. Let's find out what firemen's work means to them.

4 Album of Some German Officer

Album of Some German Officer

These unique photos are from the album of one officer who used to serve in the army of general Heinz Guderian during WWII. Better than any high-budget movie about the war they
reveal the reality of that time... We look at it and prefer to take it as history, as some pages from a school book, but these shots bring us back to that hard reality...
10 Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

We are at one forgotten place where chemical weapons used to be made. Soon after the USSR
collapse the plant was burning in the fire and never recovered, today it stays abandoned...
6 Cities of Georgia

Cities of Georgia

Georgia means cool wine, mountains, ancient and modern architecture in harmony, a lot of
temples, mountains again ... and huge khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) on a skewer.

16 One Big Mosque

One Big Mosque

Hazret Sultan is one the largest and newest mosques in the Central Asia located in
Kazakhstan. It is called 'the pearl of the city'. Let us check now what interesting is about
47 Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

These are some photos taken by a Soviet photo reporter Georgy Ugrinovich in 1930 - 1949 in
the Ukrainian capital. Right now they are being sold at Ebay for $10-200 per one.

1 Underground World Is Calling, Part 2

Underground World Is Calling, Part 2

We have already showed you pictures of the Kungur Ice Cave. It is cloaked with legends which is actually easy to
understand judging from the mysterious atmosphere inside. Let's make a journey into the mysterious world once again.

10 Pure Kirghiz Land And Its Nomads

Pure Kirghiz Land And Its Nomads

The Grigorevsky gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Issyk Kul area.
Glacial water of crystal cleanliness flows along a bottom of the gorge.

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