7 Round Ships of the Russian Admiral

Round Ships of the Russian Admiral

After Russia's loss in the Crimean war in 1856 Russia was forbidden to have any warships in the Black Sea by Treaty of Paris, leaving one of the most important parts of Russia - its only non-freezing sea ports and the area through which most of Russia's sea trade went, unprotected.  Hence in the late-1860s Russia started to think about abrogating the terms of the treaty in order to protect its coast against rapidly
deteriorating relations with Turkey. It was obvious that in the beginning the strategy for the Russian fleet would be purely defensive against relatively powerful Turkish fleet and so in the 1869 it was decided to build armored warships to protect the coast and the ports. This where the Rear-Admiral Popov comes in, in the 1860s he was the unofficial head of the shipbuilding in Russia.
1 Moscow of 1960

Moscow of 1960

Let's look how Moscow
looked like back in 1960.

2 Old Model of the Coal Pit

Old Model of the Coal Pit

In the depths of the Kiev National Exhibition centre there is an unremarkable pavilion №13. Some time ago they used to demonstrate achievements of the Ukrainian coal industry here.
Kiev school children were brought here almost daily. In the very depth of the building, in the closed hall, is an unusual massive shaft that leads to the only Kiev pit.
7 Life In the Severe Region

Life In the Severe Region

Let's see how people
live in Siberia.
3 World Biggest Mills Cross

World Biggest Mills Cross

This cross-type radio telescope is located in the oldest science institution of Russia that researches radio astronomy
in Puschino. Several telescopes operate today on the territory, the most effective of them is DKR-1000.
10 Photo Exhibition of Soviet Photos

Photo Exhibition of Soviet Photos

An awesome exhibition is taking place in the centre of Lumiere brothers of Moscow these
days. It presents the photos of the Soviet epoch. Check some of them out.
4 Happy Anniversary, Dear Faience Factory!

Happy Anniversary, Dear Faience Factory!

Welcome to the kingdom of broken plates, distorted iron and plaster dust... Once it was a
pride of the coutry. Recently it has turned 200 years old. Today it is decaying.
4 Well Hidden Airfield Near Moscow

Well Hidden Airfield Near Moscow

Not far from Moscow there is one of the least known and least visited airfields. It's hidden behind the structures of the aircraft repair plant which it belongs
to and endless fields of garages. However aircrafts and helicopters also take off and land there. And the plant itself is an interesting place.
6 Moscow of the 1930s

Moscow of the 1930s

Mixture of Moscow
old photos.
3 Work of the Siberian Railway

Work of the Siberian Railway

Nearly 1500 km of roads belongs to the Omsk part of the Western-Siberian railway. The total number of
its workers exceeds 25 thousand. The department serves more than 800 consignors and consignees.

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