10 Foreign Stars In the USSR

Foreign Stars In the USSR

Today foreign stars coming to Russia is absolutely normal. But it used to be a whole event in the Soviet
times. Some of them came for performing or as tourists, others were invited to take part in festivals.
5 Life Goes On No Matter What

Life Goes On No Matter What

The Chernobyl tragedy happened quarter of a century ago but the zone keeps living its own life. Everyone knows that the Chernobyl reactor was located on the territory of
Ukraine, however it was Belarus that suffered most from the disaster. Today we are going to visit one of the districts of this country contaminated by radionuclides.
12 The Old Plant Producing Nitrogen

The Old Plant Producing Nitrogen

"Novomoscovsky Azot" ("New Moscow Nitrogen") was the plant where during the war one type of Molotov cocktail was developed. It is
romoured to be abandoned but it is not. Th huge plant is still functioning and is ready to welcome us on its territory.

5 Underground Mine of the Eighteenth Century

Underground Mine of the Eighteenth Century

The deposit was opened in far 1775 and started to be used for copper ore extraction. They worked only with two adits first, then they already had five.They didn't extract enough
copper so the mine was soon closed. In 1888 the mine was not already listed as a functioning one. Now we are going to go down and see what has remained from that time.

13 Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

We've been to Monino museum several times. And it's always good to be back there. This time we are going to concentrate on the
helicopters which can be seen in the place. V-12 - a heavy military transport helicopter KB Milya is meeting us first.
16 In Autumn 1943

In Autumn 1943

These are the photos from the big military and historical reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers. 800 people from more than ten countries took part in the event. They all travelled back to early November, 1943. In the field conditions, under the rain, appeared a camp
of the Red Army, some miles away, in trenches and dugouts, the Wehrmacht occupied its defensive positions. On the last day of the festival they made a reconstuction of the battle that took place on the third of November, 1943 right here. More than thirty units of military equipment were used.
34 At the Abandoned Chemical Fiber Plant

At the Abandoned Chemical Fiber Plant

Now we are going to visit an abandoned plant that used to make chemical fiber. It is not much
different from all those abandoned productions but something special can be found there as well.
24 An American In the USSR 1989

An American In the USSR 1989

American tourists coming to the USSR were often more interested not in places of interest but in Soviet people. That's why Soviet
everyday life was often imprinted on their films. These photos were taken by one American tourist who travelled to the USSR in 1989.

10 One of the Best Moscow Hotels

One of the Best Moscow Hotels

Hotel "Leningradskaya" was located in one of the Stalin's Seven Sisters (seven similar high-rise buildings built in the 1950s). Today there is a five star hotel there. It has less rooms, the design has changed as well. Bathroom equipment, furniture and household
appliances are all new. However the hotel has preserved the best from "Leningradskaya": the decor, splendour, grandiosity. Many guests of the city stay there just to see its bronze grids, chandeliers, ceilings and furniture made from precious wood.
2 Mudbaths of the Past And Salt Desert of Today

Mudbaths of the Past And Salt Desert of Today

Kuyalnik used to be a very famous mudbath. 200 years ago doctors concluded that local mud had magical properties and convinced the city authorities to build a mudbath here. People from
all the Empire used to come here for improving their health. Soviet people liked mud treatment as well. They even had to build three more buildings to accept all comers.

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