16 Russian Youth Subcultures In USSR

Russian Youth Subcultures In USSR

When the first subcultures appeared in the USSR the government simply considered those youngsters to be crazy. But when the movement went out of control
it was already too late. Metallists, rockers, punks, rappers, bikers, etc. came out to the streets of the already crumbling Soviet society.
6 The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

What you see on this picture is a whole industrial city made from oil platforms at the banks of Azerbaijan in the 1950s. The USSR was striving for world supremacy in industry, many decisions were made
hastily. Eventually they ran out of the oil and left the place. But the metal platform will stand there for many years more till it finally collapses under the impact of the wind and salty water.

2 The Forgotten Coal Mine

The Forgotten Coal Mine

Minerals is what South Ural is rich in. In the 1930s they made a lot of open pits in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The most famous of them is the Korkinsky one. But others
deserve some attention too. For example, the Krasnogorsk mine is quite impressive. There is an artificial pond in its bottom which looks like a small mountain lake.

6 Moscow Before the Revolution

Moscow Before the Revolution

Streets of old pre-revolutionary Moscow were so much different from what its citizens and city guests can see
today. A nice collection of old black and white photographs of the Russian capital can be seen below.

5 The City of the Dead

The City of the Dead

There is a place in North Ossetia which is often called the city of the dead. It is full of burial grounds indeed. It's the very place where great Alans used to live, their elongated skulls make us
think about the extraterrestrial origin of mankind. The Alans  were a group of Sarmatian tribes, nomadic pastoralists of the 1st millennium AD who spoke an Eastern Iranian language.

6 Command Bunker of the Kiev Underground

Command Bunker of the Kiev Underground

There many mysteries hidden under the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Grand constructions built in the epoch of the "Cold War" intended to protect people in case of natural disasters
and nuclear wars etc. For the needs of protection of such a big bomb shelter as the subway they were building deep highly protected structures like this one.
18 Russian People And Progress, 1960s

Russian People And Progress, 1960s

"Russian People and Progress" is a collection of shots of "Life" magazine about life and work of Soviet
people in 1960s. The collection consists of 687 photographs, some of them are inside this post.
27 World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

This helicopter was flying over the burning reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and over hot spots around the world in the UN peacekeeping missions. It carry cargoes with weight of twenty tons at the distance of 2000 km (1242 miles). The diameter of its screw is equal
to the wingspan of Boeing-737. It has two engines, 11 000 hp each. Mi-26 is the largest serial transport helicopter in the world! "Utair" air company uses the biggest helicopters, the fleet of the company amounts to 352 helicopters, 25 of them are Mi-26.
7 In Autumn, 1943, Part III

In Autumn, 1943, Part III

Now goes the final and the most spectacular event of the reconstruction devoted to Kiev liberation from the Nazi invaders. 800 people and 30 units of equipment took
part in it. You are about to see the event with the eyes of one participant who was on the battlefield and in the trenches. See the previous reports: 1, 2.

7 Belorussian Aircraft Repair Plant

Belorussian Aircraft Repair Plant

There are an aircraft repair plant and an air base in the city called Baranovichi, Belarus. They have their own clients
for whom their repair aircrafts. If a client does not have much money they try to find various solutions.

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