9 The Two In the Ghost Place

The Two In the Ghost Place

We've got used to the fact that all photos from Chernobyl, the ghost city of Ukraine, look abandoned. A photojournalist Diana Markosian visited the place where in 1986 happened the terrible catastrophe. Many years after, the village called
Redkovka, that is also a part of the exclusion zone, is still inhabited by people. The village used to be big, today it is almost empty, only few families live there. This story is about pensioners Lidia and Mikhail.
18 Flying Over the Kremlin

Flying Over the Kremlin

The Kremlin in the city of Kazan is a unique historical, architectural and cultural complex which combines both Christian and Moslim, Russian and Tatar motives. The
Kremlin is situated on the high left bank of the Volga river and left bank of the Kazanka river. We are going to have a helicopter tour over the Kremlin now.

42 One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

Chita, Zabaikalsk region. This field is located on the territory of one plant. Old military equipment is left there to end its days under the
open sky. They say that the Russian Ministry of Defence does not order new equipment like this, they only repair some old vehicles.
8 Asian City Of The Russian Empire

Asian City Of The Russian Empire

The Russian Empire existed from 22 October 1721 until 1917 when a Soviet Republic was announced. It was the third largest Empire in history after the Britain and
Mongol ones with its Emperor having an absolute power. The city of Tashkent photos of which is presented below was one of its possessions in the East.

14 The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

Armenia has a number of monasteies dated the IX-XI centuries. Many of them have been important spiritual centers of the country. In the epoch of feodalism development they even had high schools where students were taught historiography, literature, philosophy, theology, music, miniature painting and other sciences. That's why they had to
build special houses for books storage. Such houses were characterized by folk architecture made with stone. Tatev monastery was exactly one of them.It's the monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church situated in the south-east of Armenia, near Tatev village and not so far from Yerevan - the capital of Armenia.
2 Aint Gonna Fly Anymore

Aint Gonna Fly Anymore

Now we are going to a warehouse that is actually abandoned. Many people come nearby everyday without even knowing that the facade of a
4-storey house with conditioners hides airplanes covered with dust. But can the old parts of the planes be used in future projects?
15 Old Pencil Making Factory

Old Pencil Making Factory

Everybody knows how to use a pencil. People treat it as something very usual and useful. But only few have ever thought of how complex
the manufacturing process of pencils can be. A Moscow factory has been dealing with the process of pencil production since 1926.
12 History Frozen In the Metal

History Frozen In the Metal

The place you see in the picture used to be a metallurgical plant in the past. It is located in the city of Nizhny Tagil and currently represents
history frozen in the metal. The plant is located on a huge area and contains several workshops, blast furnaces, and a huge surrounding territory.
19 In the Very Heart of the Russian Buddhism

In the Very Heart of the Russian Buddhism

This buddhist monastery is located not far from Ulan-Ude, a Siberian city. It can be considered the centre of the Russian Buddhism. The monastery is
represented by several temples and plain wooden cottages. Only some architectural details and monks in red cloaks remind you that it is a buddhist place.
25 One Regiment During WWI

One Regiment During WWI

Below are the pictures of the 39th Tomsk infantry regiment that participated in battles of WWI. By the way the regiment had been very old. Its soldiers even fought in the battles
against France in 1812 near Borodino. These rare photos show how the soldiers used to fight, what weapons they used, what uniform they had on during World War the First.