27 Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

These photographs were taken in Odessa of the 1970-80s by foreign photographers Ian Berry and Peter Marlow. In fact only one photo belongs to the
second. Some of the shots seem to be gloomy, could it be because foreign photographers wanted to see the USSR as the "Evil Empire"?
15 Moscow Is Behind

Moscow Is Behind

Every second Sunday of October, not far from Moscow, they hold a military and historic event called "Moscow Is Behind Us
1941" in memory of the defenders of the Borodino field during World War II. You are about to see how it looks like.
1 Bathing In the Moscow River

Bathing In the Moscow River

There was time when people were not afraid of bathing in the Moscow river. The water was clear enough and people were less demanding than today. 50-70 years ago they didn't think much about ecology or treatment
plants, they polluted the river and it was considered to be normal. Boys swimming opposite the Kremlin were not uncommon. It was a good time. If they had a beach near the Kremlin today, would you plunge?
27 Soviet People And Collective Farms

Soviet People And Collective Farms

It was a whole epoch. The country was trying to come back to normal life after the war. Old and young people were spending their lives at the collective farms and it was as hard as hell. Women
gave birth to children not in hospitals but right on the fields and those children often died from various deseases as well as adults. Many people couldn't survive that period.

18 Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Moscow is rapidly changing, new high-rise buildings are growing and some people like it, others -
don't. Here's a selection of photos to compare Moscow of the 80s with Moscow of the present days.
8 At the Plant Making Beer And Soft Drinks

At the Plant Making Beer And Soft Drinks

It's not the first time we are coming to the Moscow brewing plant "Ochakovo". But the place is worth visiting again. We are
going to show you how they make beer at the plant, show you all these pipes and tanks with the golden liquid.

10 Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

One boy liked to walk in the forest. He walked alone because he lived in a small village and he was the only child there. Recollecting the stories about the war which had been told him by his grandfather he
was dreaming to find something that remained from that immemorial time. He even didn't suspect that he would touch the history  once and find himself in an underground shelter of the war times.
36 Soviet War In Afghanistan

Soviet War In Afghanistan

The Soviet war in Afghanistan was a nine-year war during the Cold War fought by the Soviet Army and the Marxist-Leninist government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan against the
Afghan Mujahideen guerrilla movement and foreign "Arab–Afghan" volunteers. The Afghan government fought with the intervention of the Soviet Union as its primary ally.

6 Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

The Kamov Ka-26 is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. The Ka-26 entered production in 1966. 850 have been built.They were used in various sectors of economy but some people associate them
with the Soviet traffic police. Yes, orange and blue Kamov helicopters used to patrol Soviet roads. Today it's a luck to see a Ka-26 in the air, Mi-2 helicopters are far more frequently seen.

0 Underground Magic

Underground Magic

Ruskealsky gap is a place in Karelia. It's a huge hole about ten meters (33 ft) deep with water on its bottom. As locals say it formed in the 1960s after strong explosions
in the neighbouring quarry. The roof of the old waterlogged tunnels broke and fell into the water. A huge hole 20 x 30 m (65x100 ft) appeared on the surface.