8 Closer To Stars

Closer To Stars

Let's visit the museum of
cosmonautics in Kaluga.
19 The Barracks Of Stalin

The Barracks Of Stalin

We want to show you how 80% of the Soviet population lived in the so-called Stalin's barracks. Such
houses had existed in Moscow till the 1970s, but in some cities people still live in such houses.
29 Battle For the Soviet Power

Battle For the Soviet Power

In May 1918, the Czhechoslovak corps were coming back home, their echelons were stretching along all the Trans Siberian line. The corps rose in the armed rebellion and for the shortest time more than 50 thousand soldiers assisted by the local population
overthrew the Soviet power behind the Urals. In May, 26, the White Czechs captured Chelyabinsk, in June, 29, a small detachment of the Ural Red Army joined the unequal battle. Here is how they tried to reconstruct the century-old events...
19 The City Under The German Attack

The City Under The German Attack

It was 70 years ago when Sevastopol was defeated. Upon the battle for the city an illustrated album Wir Kampften auf
der Krim.1941/1942 was published in Germany in a limited edition. Here you may see the photos from the album.
2 The Master of Sounds

The Master of Sounds

Vladimir Popov (1889-1968) from Moscow was an actor and "a master of sounds". Her created
machines producing sounds for theatre performances. Decide yourself if he succeeded or not.
79 German Captivity Propaganda

German Captivity Propaganda

Let's see what propaganda was used by Germans in
order Russians yield themselves prisoners.
17 Spirit of the Soviet Time

Spirit of the Soviet Time

Many of these photos could be seen in various posts of ER. Here they are collected in one huge post to show
the life of the Soviets as it was, the spirit of that time, people's confidence in the future.
3 So Different Underground Basements of Moscow

So Different Underground Basements of Moscow

The Neglinka is the river in the centre of Moscow, the left tributary of the Moskva river.
Its length is 7,5 km and nearly along the whole distance it flows inside the pipe.
1 The Imperial Sailing Palace

The Imperial Sailing Palace

The only one yacht that participated in the military operations and shipwrecked was
the Black Sea wheeled imperial "Livadia". Its construction began in 1869.
0 Instead of Any Overseas

Instead of Any Overseas

It was not so long ago when for the country with the population of 280 million people Sochi represented Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Thailand, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Canary
Islands, Cote d'-Azur, Sardinia, Miami and whatever else!  It is hard to imagine how all these people could found enough room on its beaches. On the photos is the city of the 1970-80s.

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