6 Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

The Kamov Ka-26 is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. The Ka-26 entered production in 1966. 850 have been built.They were used in various sectors of economy but some people associate them
with the Soviet traffic police. Yes, orange and blue Kamov helicopters used to patrol Soviet roads. Today it's a luck to see a Ka-26 in the air, Mi-2 helicopters are far more frequently seen.

0 Underground Magic

Underground Magic

Ruskealsky gap is a place in Karelia. It's a huge hole about ten meters (33 ft) deep with water on its bottom. As locals say it formed in the 1960s after strong explosions
in the neighbouring quarry. The roof of the old waterlogged tunnels broke and fell into the water. A huge hole 20 x 30 m (65x100 ft) appeared on the surface.

5 Bunker 42

Bunker 42

Looking at this photo you may exclaim "some bunker again!" Is there anything we haven't seen yet? But yes, there
is. This one is in Moscow.  It has a museum inside, but it's only the small part of the whole structure.
0 In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

There is a nice place in Moscow - a house of the Volkov-Yusupovs. It's one of the oldest buildings in Moscow, it was built in the XVII century and was painted and decorated in the end of the XIX century in the
"Russian style". The house of Volkov-Yusupovs appeared in the times of Ivan the Terrible, it used to be surrounded by the forest then and the tsar liked to hunt there and stay in the house.

12 What Can Be Found At the Kazakh Fair?

What Can Be Found At the Kazakh Fair?

You are about to visit a fair in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are not sure if you get hungry after seeing this, but for people fairs held
from time to time is a nice opportunity to buy food cheaper than usual. That day a lot of meat was offered for sale.
13 Saving the Tractor of the War Time From the Swamp

Saving the Tractor of the War Time From the Swamp

"Stalinets" tractors were produced in 1937-1941 in Chelyabinsk for industrial and construction works. But they were also often used by the Red Army as a prime mover. This "Stalinets" tractor sank in winter 1942 in Usoditsa lake of the Zapadnodvinsky district of the Tver region, Russia. It was repeatedly searched and when was finally found there were
some attempts to pull it out. But it was not easy. The tractor was under the marsh bog. However the last attempt made by the volunteers together with the Russian Ministry of Defence and the Moscow search and restoration center "Rearguard", divers from Pskov and other specialists finally managed to pull the tractor out.
3 Water Intake System of the Hydro Power Plant

Water Intake System of the Hydro Power Plant

We have already written about the Chiryurtskaya hydropower plant (1, 2). Now you are about to see how its water intake is arranged and how Gelbakhskaya hydro power plant is concerned. But let's refer to some history first. In the central mountains of Dagestan, at the confluence of the Avar and Andi Koisu forms a
rapid river Sulak. This is one of the largest river systems of Dagestan with its total length of 144 km (89,5 miles). The complex of the Chiryurtskiye hydro power plants includes three power plants: Chiryurtskaya HPP -1, Chiryurtskaya HPP -2 and Gelbakhskaya HPP (Chiryurtskaya HPP -3).
16 Sunni Mosque That May Die

Sunni Mosque That May Die

The Sunni Mosque or the Mukhtarov Mosque is a historic mosque on the left bank of the Terek River in Vladikavkaz. The
mosque owes its name to the Azerbaijani millionaire Murtuza Mukhtarov who financed its construction in 1900-1908.

6 When Two Epochs Are Connected

When Two Epochs Are Connected

So much time has passed since WWII but some people still remember how hard it was to survive on those days. Two
periods have been connected on these pictures of Odessa, Ukraine: the city in the war time and in 2012.
29 Austere Military Camp For Teens

Austere Military Camp For Teens

It is some strange and austere children's camp located in the Crimea. Teenagers are taught Cossack combat
tactics and other skills which were used by warriors several centuries ago but haven't died till today.