11 People of the Russian Empire

People of the Russian Empire

You are going to see a big collection of photo postcards featuring people and mode of life in the Russian
Empire of the end of the nineteenth - beginning of the twentieth centuries. So what was the Russian type?
86 What Does It Mean to Live In Moldova?

What Does It Mean to Live In Moldova?

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. But every tourist who comes there decides by himsilf/herself if it is true or not. However it has been
called "the poorest" for some years by mass media. You are about to travel along the remote places of Moldova, its villages and cities.
4 One Abandoned Recreation Center

One Abandoned Recreation Center

This place is an abandoned recreation and retreat center called "Beryozki" ("Birch trees"). It inlcudes a
dwelling zone, a technical and entertaining zone (kitchen, canteen, library etc), a defense underground area.

5 One School Album 1967-1977

One School Album 1967-1977

School years are different for everyone, someone wants to forget them as a nightmare, others believe them to be the sweetest time in their lives. One thing
remains unchanged for all - we spend a big part of our lives at a school desk, get first significant experience which makes us what we are.

18 Battle For Stalingrad: 70 Years After

Battle For Stalingrad: 70 Years After

19th of November, 1942. 7:30 a.m. The air over Stalingrad started shaking. Volleys of thousands of artillery shells marked the beginning of the "Uranus" operation - a counter-offensive
one, which became a radical turn in the Second World War. Seventy years have passed and last Sunday there was held a reconstruction in Volgograd devoted to that battle.
7 Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

We have shown you once this dying museum of aviation right at the airport of Riga, Latvia. This time we have a portion of new photos from the place. The government
doesn't provide any financial support to the museum. It simply considers it to be too unprofitable. So only desolation is going to remain here soon.

5 Unusual Perspective On WWII

Unusual Perspective On WWII

This might seem an unusual side of the war. The person who collected these photos wanted to represent the war not as drama but as everyday life with moments of
calmness and humanity. The result is not so good, though. There was no much humanity, calmness was anxious. Photos of destruction and grief are not included.

10 The Most Ancient City In Russia

The Most Ancient City In Russia

The Dagestani city called Derbent is the most ancient in Russia: historians claim it is 5000 years old. True or not is a moot point, but the city is really very, very old. Wiki says
that the modern city was founded in 438 AD while it got the status of a Russian city not so long ago - in 1840. The historical part of the city is worth seeing indeed.

16 Russian Youth Subcultures In USSR

Russian Youth Subcultures In USSR

When the first subcultures appeared in the USSR the government simply considered those youngsters to be crazy. But when the movement went out of control
it was already too late. Metallists, rockers, punks, rappers, bikers, etc. came out to the streets of the already crumbling Soviet society.
6 The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

What you see on this picture is a whole industrial city made from oil platforms at the banks of Azerbaijan in the 1950s. The USSR was striving for world supremacy in industry, many decisions were made
hastily. Eventually they ran out of the oil and left the place. But the metal platform will stand there for many years more till it finally collapses under the impact of the wind and salty water.

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