Bears attack tourists camp in Russia 1

24 Bears Come to Camp

Bears Come to Camp

So when you go camping in Russia beware bears
please. They come usually at 3-30 AM.
UAZ car with tracks instead of wheels in Russia 1

19 UAZ Tracked Edition

UAZ Tracked Edition

One Russian farmer got tired to get to his farm always in the way like on the photo above so he decided to replace the wheels with tracks on his Russian UAZ car: Now it's
for sale and he says that he can satisfy the market with his own version of UAZ, UAZ-Tracked Edition. Probably each farmer dreams of his own small tank.
0 Voodoo Drivers

Voodoo Drivers

Strange things happen in the Russian city streets: cars with occult attributes and African shamans alike drivers. It is still a question,
does it really helps to escape from multitudinous traffic jams, but now it is obvious that they also break the road rules.
he cheap way of converting Lada into Oka 1

16 Making Oka from Lada

Making Oka from Lada

This is Lada 21099 - quite widely distributed Russian car. And this Russian midget car is
called Oka. Now see the cheap way of converting Lada into Oka by one's own hands.
Photoshop Makeup 1

7 Photoshop Makeup

Photoshop Makeup

One Russian blogger, Rustam "Nerussky" Ilyasov thinks that the makeup with Adobe Photoshop icons would be very easy to use in real life for those women
who work with computers. Or for plastic surgeons - their scalpels can be also marked with thoroughly familiar Photoshop shortcuts.
Russian girl on the street of Moscow 1

47 Street Dating

Street Dating

And after a visit to such a Barber's Shop many Moscow visitors start to think that getting a Russian wife is a piece of cake, really. Right after they step out the
hairdresser they find some lonely sitting Russian girl and start offering her his mobile phone. "Come with me! I will give you my MOBILE PHONE! Yes!"
cool russian tractor
25 Strange Russian Tractor

Strange Russian Tractor

A strange Russian tractor was submitted by
Yegorka through our contact form.
russian army chronicles 1

31 One Day in Russian Army

One Day in Russian Army

Just a few photos from one day in Russian army.
Here are the soldiers sit and study?
Moscow in a cyberpunk style of Fallout and Stalker 1

18 Moscow Cyberpunk by Goshmar

Moscow Cyberpunk by Goshmar

On the pictures of this photographer Moscow city looks like the futuristic world of Fallout or
Stalker and inhabited only by deadly zombies. See also Another View on St.Petersburg
Russian Road Police GAI GIBDD
18 Russian Road Police Vodka

Russian Road Police Vodka

One Vodka factory owner traveled a lot across Russia. Wherever he was going he met a lot of Russian Road Police “GAI”, or “GIBDD”. He paid thousands
roubles of penalties, all right on the site, as a direct to the policemen who stopped him. And once he was scared so much after seeing these guys:

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