Ferrari cars in Russia 1

18 Not a Ferrari Day

Not a Ferrari Day

It all has began when the bus
crashed Ferrari car from behind.
11 The Lada Ad

The Lada Ad

New Lada ad is being aired. "The Legendary
Lada 2107, Quality. Traditions. Safety.
Apocalypse in Russia 1

35 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

This guys tried to visualize how could Russian
cities look like if the end of the times is today.
Russian calendar with different countries 1

83 Russian Calendar for 2008

Russian Calendar for 2008

This is how one Russian company decided to design it's calendar. They put on each page the one and same episode but drawn
according to their point of view of one of twelve countries. The first one is Russia, would you guess the rest?
nazi robots 1

44 Nazi Robots

Nazi Robots

These days many Russian online communities hit by the discussion of these photos. They were published in one popular Russian blog and the guy who published claimed that he has found the unique rare photographs of his grandfather from
WW2 when he encountered the Nazi Robots. Of course many didn't believe this and found the same things are in Lucas "Star Wars" movie, but many were fooled and this caused a big buzz, spread across many blogs.
abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  1

76 Secret Brain Lab

Secret Brain Lab

These guys penetrated the abandoned and sealed science lab of Russian Army which conducted sophisticated experiments studying human and animal brains. They got a lot photos of many test samples in an abandoned
state but still excellent condition. You can see even the last Soviet leader Gorbachev that was left in rush - it was the time of his rule when the lab was closed and sealed from civilians.
Russian yoda drawings 1

48 Those Potatoes, Give Yoda

Those Potatoes, Give Yoda

Maybe some of you have seen that "Those Fries, Give
Yoda" fast food ad. This is the Russian view on it:
Russian guys love cd\'s 1

22 CD Fans

CD Fans

This Russian guys are into CD-ROM cult, a private religious group worshiping CD's (but denying DVD's in any form as a heresy). One of the main principles of their ideology is to use compact
discs in each every aspect of their life - they wear them like jewelery, use it in clothing and even use it in the way as you can see on the second picture on their parties:
Real Elves in Russian Woods 1

47 Real Elves in Russian Woods

Real Elves in Russian Woods

Two Voronezh foresters spotted strange resembling a human being creature with the long ears and blue skin. The blue elf (he was named in such a way) behaved very aggressively,
brandishing with his battle cutlass! At the end he started to use bad language and even tried to take off the camera. Nobody can say anything definite about the color of his skin.
russian police dances
20 Russian Police Dances

Russian Police Dances

As you can see from the following six short video clips Russian police is very friendly and
policemen prefer to spend every free minute they have dancing and dancing and dancing...

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