0 On the Edge of a Dark Pit

On the Edge of a Dark Pit

Olenegorsk, Russia is like this. A Northern town, with a population of around 20,000, it is much further north than the polar circle. This means that there are times in the year - called Polar winters - when the sun doesn't rise and doesn't lighten up peoples lives in the city. This is not the only thing, but now add to this a large, deep mine pit,
which looks pretty depressing even at daytime during this air flight around it, but then in winter when it's all dark and the whole small town is situated on the edge of the primordial dark pit which in size looks like not much smaller than the town itself. Might be a pretty romantic location for some of the Olenegorskians...
22 Nazis as Seen by Russians

Nazis as Seen by Russians

How did Russians see German Nazi invaders
during the World War 2? This is how.
5 Church: to the Space and Beyond

Church: to the Space and Beyond

As it has been reported by API news agency, there is a cosmonaut (astronaut) space suit that has been developed especially for the use by Orthodox church priests while their (possible) space trips. As the agency says: "priests can fly to space with accordance to all their religious protocols and implement their
function in space. It's not yet clear when the first launch is planned though". Also, recently there were reports of Russian Orthodox Church adopting special Olympic uniform to support the Sochi Winter Games. Here we can see some photos of the Church's head in the mentioned outfit:
6 Home Lost Forever

Home Lost Forever

Streets of the dead city or another illegal
infiltration to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

5 Soviet Judgement Day Machine

Soviet Judgement Day Machine

Right now we are going to visit a very interesting place - abandoned bunker of nuclear response automatic control. Just imagine a 125-tonne capsule, 33 meters high, having twelve tiers,
hanging on tension wires that provide shock-absorbtion in case of an unexpected attack. It is intended for 45 days of autonomous operation and launch of nuclear warheads.

3 Underground Lviv

Underground Lviv

Those tourists who come to Lviv, Ukraine, are often offered to have an exersion to the city underground, but in fact they are always fake - for twenty hryvnias you come down to a basement of some house and listen to stories about some terrible tortures and
executions. This time you can have a look at the real underground of Lviv - the biggest underground river in Ukraine - the Poltva. One more place we are going to visit - an abandoned bunker, former secret object "Loschina" ("Hollow").
1 Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

How can you be sure if the probe you are about to send to the Mars won't burn out? Where can you check this? Or how can you make a "sun knife" that is able to cut any materials and even evaporate metals? Or how can you
generate the temperature of 4 000 C from sunlight? All this - just by means of a sunbeam! Answers to these questions can be obtained at the place few know about. You are invited to visit this place right now.
1 Really Huge Abandoned Bunker

Really Huge Abandoned Bunker

This huge bunker stretching for about one kilometre long is situated under one of the mountains of South Ural. We cannot
say for sure what for it was made. Probably for equipment storage and sheltering of a defence factory personnel.

6 Underground Headquarters of Communication

Underground Headquarters of Communication

This underground headquarters of communication represents a structure of 1952 with a shelter layout - hermetic doors, air filters, reserve water tanks. It
has a lot of escape maps, a room of radio operators, civil defence posters and much more. It had been functioning till 1993 till it was abandoned.

4 Inhabitatnts of the Northwest Caucasus At the Turn of the XX Century

Inhabitatnts of the Northwest Caucasus At the Turn of the XX Century

Some rare pictures of people of Northwest
Caucasus and their life in the old times.

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