3 Russian Submarine Fleet In Early XX Century

Russian Submarine Fleet In Early XX Century

Let us see what the Russian submarine fleet looked
like in the early 20th century. Here we go...

1 Pripyat Bus Station: 28 Years of Solitude

Pripyat Bus Station: 28 Years of Solitude

Probably, all of you guys have used public transport, right? It's an important part of city infrastructure, it provides transportation for its citizens and communication. In the Soviet times, the most popular means of transport were buses, mostly due to the fact that not many families had cars in the 80s. People were using buses daily. Pripyat was not an exception. In fact, a bus could become another symbol of the city - hundreds of buses, brought from various parts of the
Kiev region, provided transport for the evacuation of people on the 27th of April, 1986. Before the catastrophe, Pripyat had a functioning bus station with the same name "Pripyat" that was used as an important junction point on the way from the Kiev region to the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. That station, that has not been visited by public transport for more than twenty eight years, is the very place we are about to go to....
13 Competition of Russian Sappers

Competition of Russian Sappers

Another army post for today. This one is about the all-army
competition of sappers that was recently held on the Oka river.

23 Russian Elite Forces Show What They Are Capable Of

Russian Elite Forces Show What They Are Capable Of

These are the pictures from the 7th Championship of the Russian Federal Security Service that was held in
Saint Petersburg the other day. Twenty two teams of special task units participated in the event.

3 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone From Above

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone From Above

This time we gonna have an unusual flight - the flight over the exclusion zone of Chernobyl
where time stopped thirty years ago. How does this place look like from the height?
3 T-50 Jet Caught Fire

T-50 Jet Caught Fire

T-50 is a new jet being built in the Sukhoi factory. It made its first flight in 2010 and in 2013 they put it into production. This is one of the production jets, and it reportedly caught on fire today, June 10th, during a flight. An official reported that, quote: "while during the flight, first smoke appeared, and then fire broke
out above the right wing. This accident caused no casualties and the plane can be repaired. The aforementioned events should not affect the program and its completion". So here is one more photo of the fire aftermath and the new plane, which is still pretty rare. Photos are clickable for larger versions.
0 Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

  Stray horses ravaging the trash bins became a real problem for the Kamchatka towns. At least this is what says Boris, manager of the local trash removal company. "If there are dogs or birds on
other trash sites, we have horses here. They wander uncontrollably around and climb into the trash bins, throw around the trash. They ruin our work!". We have more photos. See inside.
16 Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

"Chernobyl-2" is one of the most unique and secret places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In the Soviet times it was not even shown on maps, civilians were forbidden to come closer than several
kilometers to this object. Only after the collapse of the USSR and the Chernobyl catastrophe some information about the small military unit involved in "space espionage" finally surfaced.
4 In the Belorussian Field Camp

In the Belorussian Field Camp

The place we are about to visit is a Belorussian military field camp of the missile artillery regiment that has already been functioning for a month. Check
out how the Belorussian army live in the field conditions, what the Belorussian soldiers eat and how dangerous the missile launcher "Uragan" is.
3 These Look Familiar

These Look Familiar

Do you want a Snickers bar? No thanks, I have "Parkour", it has nuts and everything. Mars? No, thanks, we have "Maneur". It even has a soccer ball on its wrapper, checkmate
marsophiles. Milky Way? Not at all. I've got "Musicle". It has some notes for stars. Nuts? No way!! I have "Fort"! It has nuts! Nuts! There are some more inside.

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