16 Gigantic Lanscape Design Of The USSR

Gigantic Lanscape Design Of The USSR

This is what the USSR looked  in the bird's eye view when Google
Maps didn't exist. One could only see this from a plane...
8 The Power Of Water

The Power Of Water

Russia's biggest and most powerful
hydropower stations as they are.
13 Bambi’s Adventures In Yaroslavl

Bambi’s Adventures In Yaroslavl

Nobody can understand how this animal could possibly get to the streets of
Yaroslavl as there have never ever been a single deer in this city.
6 Greetings From Outer Space

Greetings From Outer Space

These photos of the Earth have been taken by a Russian
astronaut who writes his blog directly from the outer space.
21 Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Abandoned police station is a very strange place. It is full of investigation materials, personal
records, photo albums with criminal faces and numerous passports scattered all over the floor.
13 Extreme Expedition To Yakutia

Extreme Expedition To Yakutia

Yakutia is the land of untouched nature and wild animals some of which haven't ever
seen a man. No wonder it attracts courageous tourists and travellers so much.
61 Soviet Reality That Seems Never Existed

Soviet Reality That Seems Never Existed

The elders often tell their children about their Soviet youth. They listen with delight about the "supermarkets" of the USSR, kinds of
goods one could and could not buy, about their schoolyears so different from those of today. Let us remember more details...
20 Hand-Made Gun – Full Instruction

Hand-Made Gun – Full Instruction

Most of you have ever heard of the video game called "Fallout 3". Even if you're not a fan of this game you will probably
want to know how to make a cool toy gun (actually a replica of one of the guns from the game) right at home.
22 Frightening Donbass

Frightening Donbass

A curious series of photographs from Donbass. Let's see what really
happened to one of the most prosperous industrial regions of Ukraine.
RedSquare 1
14 Explosion On Red Square?

Explosion On Red Square?

On the 8th of January the sappers exploded a suspicious box resembling a bomb mechanism right near the gates of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.
Strange enough but this extraordinary event wasn't even mentioned anywhere. Here you have a chance to see in details how it all was happening.

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