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7 Happy Fishing In Astrakhan

Happy Fishing In Astrakhan

It's cool to fly over the rivers in the Astrakhan region
and then land near one and have a good fishing time!
5 Stone Guards Of Taimyr

Stone Guards Of Taimyr

Taimyr peninsula seems to be heaven for adventurous raftsmen. The rafts carry
the travellers down the river past fantastic landscapes and nosy deers.
5 One Day In the Carpathian Mountains

One Day In the Carpathian Mountains

How pleasant it is to spend a winter sunny day
over the most scenic spots in the Carpathians.
19 Beauty Of The Mountains: From the Crimea To Siberia

Beauty Of The Mountains: From the Crimea To Siberia

Whether it is the Crimea or Siberia, the mountains are always fascinating to look at. Have a
chance to do it in these two scenic regions which are pretty far away from each other!
10 Swimming Pool As Open Space

Swimming Pool As Open Space

Take a tour over Russian Austronauts Training Center Museum and
discover how astronauts use a swimming pool for open space training.
7 Portable Eyesight Checker

Portable Eyesight Checker

This guy has decided to make a tattoo of the eyesight checking table across his back.
Maybe for moonlighting in a local opthalmological department from time to time?
62 Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Despite the radiation, around the exclusion zone and inside it life is in full swing. The inhabitants abandoned the territory after the nuclear
catastrophe in 1986, but it's still a good place for wolf, fox and racoon dog hunting, because in Byelorussia they are not protected by ecologists.
13 Fantastic Car From Russian Neighborhood

Fantastic Car From Russian Neighborhood

Do you think you look at an expensive secret prototype presented by some world-famous car company? It
may seem so, but in fact, it is a masterpiece created of old car trash by young Russian guys.
16 Underground World Is Calling

Underground World Is Calling

It still remains unknown who discovered the Kungur Ice Cave. It is cloaked with legends
which is actually easy to understand judging from the mysterious atmosphere inside.
13 Russian Winter Air-Baloon Flight

Russian Winter Air-Baloon Flight

Air-balloon flight can undoubtedly be an amazing experience for everyone who doesn't have bad head of heights and enjoys breathtaking
perspectives. But this flight is quite an unusual one - not every day you can observe Russian winter from 350-meter-height.

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