10 Three Russian Craftsmen

Three Russian Craftsmen

Three talented Russian wood carving
masters present their best works.
5 Monastery In A Rock

Monastery In A Rock

Chelter-Koba is a unique monastery situated in one of the Crimean
rocks. Let's have a look how people live there in the 21st century.
11 Life Of A Broiler

Life Of A Broiler

Take a tour over Russian poultry factory and
trace every stage of the production process.
5 Working In Hell

Working In Hell

This tour will take you to two very hot workplaces -
tube-rolling plant and steel works in Kazakhstan.
8 Do You Know How DVDs Are Made?

Do You Know How DVDs Are Made?

After this tour over an optical medium factory in Kazakhstan you'll have
a perfectly clear idea how the DVDs we are so used to are produced.
9 Hanging Dummy On The Main St. Petersburg Street

Hanging Dummy On The Main St. Petersburg Street

On their way to work one morning citizens of St. Petersburg noticed a dummy hanging
on the main city street. Such a strange action was organized by some jokers.
5 Will We Need Such Bunkers Soon?

Will We Need Such Bunkers Soon?

Deserted nuclear retaliation control bunker presents a very striking image. Just imagine: 125-ton capsule 33 meters high, 12 tiers. It is hanging on stretchings for the
amortization in case of attack and is projected for 45 days of functioning. Let's see how it looks inside, who knows, maybe mankind will need such bunkers in the near future?
25 Vintage Pictures Of Moscow Fortunately Saved

Vintage Pictures Of Moscow Fortunately Saved

These vintage pictures of Moscow have been kindly sent to us by one of our readers in America.
They were taken in 1909 by his great-grandfather and their history is the following ...
20 Fur Disaster Near Moscow

Fur Disaster Near Moscow

The condition of the breeding farm "Pushkinsky" can be described with one word - tragedy. The enterprise once could boast of 100 units of machinery, about 600 employees and 180.000 animals.
Nowadays there is no money to run it, only 2 tractors, 140 employees and 10.000 animals. These are boring figures, the pictures will tell you more about the condition of the enterprise.
15 Past Romance Of Siberian Weddings

Past Romance Of Siberian Weddings

Many of the modern Russian weddings look the following way: artificial looking solarium brides, their faces not fresh, all covered with make-up, pretentious dresses and
idiotic limousines. The main thing - no happiness on the faces. You may compare what weddings once looked like in these pictures - pure Siberian romance.