4 The Hobby Of Ship Construction

The Hobby Of Ship Construction

In the modern era of fast vehicles, speedy trains and transatlantic flights no one remembers that many
years ago travelling across the sea was the only way to reach the remote place of destination...
7 An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

Khiva is an ancient city of approximately 50,000 people located in Xorazm
Province, Uzbekistan. It's abundant with historical places of interest.
15 Russia In Miniature

Russia In Miniature

Would you like to see the whole of Russia just in a couple of hours? Then you are
welcome to visit a new exhibition called the Grand Model available in Saint-Petersburg.
13 Justice Fighter

Justice Fighter

Learning to drive and can't wait for getting a driving license?
Be ready to get tested by experienced drivers on the road.
10 Three Days In Armenia

Three Days In Armenia

Armenia's capital Yerevan. Its the capital to a country with a long history including the times when Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union. Major reconstruction of Yerevean started in 1924 during its Soviet occupation. During this period the city's appearance changed since church-like architecture was
introduced and new streets created. Most of the old buildings were destroyed. It was a new era for Yerevan.  Armenia's beauty is not actually found at its modern cities. The real beauty is found at the mountains, where nature itself lies undisturbed with breathtaking picturesque landscapes.
20 Unusual Hobby

Unusual Hobby

Hobbies can be far from being usual. Working at reconstruction, studying historic documents and excavating
can be one of them. Some people spend a lot of time on looking for and collecting stuff like this.
22 Wonders of Armenian Architecture

Wonders of Armenian Architecture

It is known that seismic activity in Armenia occasionally exceeds the normal limits. In spite of the fact, many houses here are built without
observing essential construction standards. In the event of an earthquake, many of them will be easily demolished falling onto each other.
24 Houses For Moscow Elite

Houses For Moscow Elite

Rublevka is an unofficial name of the most expensive land in the Moscow region where the houses of former Soviet elite, high
state officials and celebrities are located. The following are pictures of some houses which are still open for sale.
13 Master Of Miniature Guns

Master Of Miniature Guns

Can you take a stainless cane with 3 mm in diameter and drill a hole of 2 mm alongside the cane at the depth of 3 cm? It's fine if you can. Now let's take a cane with 2 mm in diameter and drill an
ideal 1 mm hole at the depth of 2 cm. Mind that you don't have any power drill at your disposal but only a primitive hand brace used in 1970. Will you be successful this time? Hardly.
63 Banner-Bearers Against Gays

Banner-Bearers Against Gays

The Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers is the organization operating on the territory of Russia since 1992. It aims to strengthen and spread the Orthodox faith, restore the absolute monarchy and revive Russian national consciousness and imperial
patriotism throughout the country. The members of this organization often hold rallies. This time, they gathered in one of their favorite forest spots to perform the ceremony of symbolic execution of... gays. Details after the jump.

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