74 Unknown Facts About Russia

Unknown Facts About Russia

You may not be aware of how many
things have a Russian origin.
16 Old Pictures of Soviet Moscow

Old Pictures of Soviet Moscow

    A very big collection of the black and white photographs of Soviet Moscow made in the 1930s-40s.
Unfortunately, their author is unknown and no captions are provided. Yet the pictures are very interesting.
3 The Great Roman Empire Made Of Sand

The Great Roman Empire Made Of Sand

In the museum under the open sky in Kolomenskoye one can find authentic monuments of sand sculptures. The exhibition devoted to
achievements of the Great Roman Empire and masterpieces of Italian sculpture planned to run from 11 May till 3 October 2011.
4 Still Hungry?

Still Hungry?

When you read about what goes into the consumer's basket, you do not take the quantity you see the way you do when you see it on the photos. The creators of this project used electronic scales to show how it all looks like in minimum quantity. From this it comes out unusual. In the different regions of Russia, the average consumer basket
varies. For example in 2011, the Government of Sverdlovsk region of the I quarter of 2011 set a living wage at a level of US$213 per capita. These include: food - US$82, non-food items - US$32, services - US$84, mandatory payments and fees at US$15. The officiais find this to be sufficient.
10 The Way Mother Motherland Sees Kiev

The Way Mother Motherland Sees Kiev

The Mother Motherland Monument located in Kiev was opened 1981. Now it houses the Museum of WWII, and its overall height is 102 m. There are two viewing platforms - at a height of
36 and 92 m. We'll show you the photos made from the higher one. There is also the third platform within the sword but, unfortunately, it's closed to the public.
10 Building Destruction In Kurgan

Building Destruction In Kurgan

    The personnel working at a supermarket in Kurgan had complained about the bad condition of the building many times.
The wall fell following the heavy rains when the brick lining was softened enough. Fortunately, nobody was injured.
4 Ancient And Wonderful Suzdal

Ancient And Wonderful Suzdal

Suzdal is a town in the Vladimir Region, Russia, situated north-east of
Moscow, 26 kilometers from the city of Vladimir, on the Kamenka River.
17 Wedding Photos And Photoshop

Wedding Photos And Photoshop

It seems that some couples find their wedding moments not vivid enough. They believe that photo editing can make the memories of the wedding day even much more
impressive and close the boring gaps with the help of the powerful Photoshop. It's not recommended for people with highly sensitive nature to look at the pictures.
4 The Hobby Of Ship Construction

The Hobby Of Ship Construction

In the modern era of fast vehicles, speedy trains and transatlantic flights no one remembers that many
years ago travelling across the sea was the only way to reach the remote place of destination...
7 An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

An Ancient City Of Uzbekistan

Khiva is an ancient city of approximately 50,000 people located in Xorazm
Province, Uzbekistan. It's abundant with historical places of interest.

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