32 The New Religion Created by the Living God

The New Religion Created by the Living God

20 years have passed since the moment when a former traffic policeman, Sergei Torop, decided to live in the taiga and create a new religion. Today, his Church of the Last Testament has several thousand followers who live in the villages of the
Kuragino Region, and everyone in the Krasnoyarsk Territory heard of Vissarion (this is how the latter-day prophet calls himself). Let's visit one of those villages and see how people live in anticipation of the Judgement Day.
5 Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

In three months, the first performances at the Bolshoi Theatre will begin. The
Theatre currently looks like a big anthill, but a look inside won't cause any harm.
26 Assorted Russia, Part 20

Assorted Russia, Part 20

Inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don spend hot summer days in one old abandoned storehouse, among its ruins on the
bank of the river Don. Once a spring spouted here and transformed the building into an unusual pool.
12 Welcome Back, Dead Man!

Welcome Back, Dead Man!

One man passed his notebook in front of a camera with a long exposure that was showing a video
with scans of a dead body. And what do you think? He managed to bring the body to reality!
20 Going Higher with Cultural Monuments

Going Higher with Cultural Monuments

The highest guy bridge in Ukraine was opened in 1990 and was considered as the most modern in the Soviet Union. It was the pride of Ukraine and Kiev.
The main purpose of the bridge is to connect the central part of the capital with left bank areas and the main Kiev airport, Borispol.
10 What A Duck?!

What A Duck?!

Crowds of people in Moscow were watching a very strange object. It
turned to be a "duck-car" that onlookers willingly photographed.
5 The Ancient Fortification Monument

The Ancient Fortification Monument

Mikhailovskaya battery fortification monument of the XIX century is located on the northern side of the Sevastopol bay.
Today we'll reach the second layer of the casemate battery where an exhibition devoted to the heroic city is held.
5 Competitions of the Helicopter Sport

Competitions of the Helicopter Sport

The Moscow club AeroSoyuz holds helicopter competitions that are called the
Carlson's Cup. Today we'll visit this place and take a fly over Moscow.
9 The Power Of Methane

The Power Of Methane

3 garages reduced to dust, 5 others deprived of their metal doors, 3 demolished cars, 2 other cars damaged badly - the list is long enough.
According to the conclusion made during three consecutive expertises this accident was caused by accumulation of methane in the basement...
9 Afghan Army And the Soviet Equipment Junkyard

Afghan Army And the Soviet Equipment Junkyard

Today we'll get a chance to visit an Afghan military base. The images below are parts of old 
Soviet equipment located nearby as it was not allowed to take pictures of the base itself.

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