12 Three Abandoned Bombshelters

Three Abandoned Bombshelters

Nobody knows how many bombshelters are left
abandoned in Russia. Below are pictures of three of
22 What Are These Models Made Of?

What Are These Models Made Of?

Try to guess what these
unusual models are made of...
20 Assorted Russia, Part 22

Assorted Russia, Part 22

Hardly have we presented Assorted Russia, Part 21, when we collected enough short funny stories for another, next part. Let us look how a snake hunts a fish.
It let the fish come closer and attacked it squeezing its gills and depriving it from the ability to breathe. The fish tried to resist but failed.
16 A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

The Almaty Television Tower was built between 1975 to 1983. It is one of the most seismically stable and tallest buildings in the world. It is the second tallest building in Kazakhstan and 32nd in the world. The
tower is located on the slopes of the Kok-Tube at a height of 372m above sea level. To date the tower is closed to tourist. Here is an exclusive view of the tower both from the outside and from within.
33 Two-Headed Snake: A Wonder Of Nature In Yalta

Two-Headed Snake: A Wonder Of Nature In Yalta

Have you ever known there are such creatures as an albino two-headed snake? It has
two brains. Each head, principal and subordinate, thinks and feeds separately.
16 Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Russia has seen a lot of different constructions throughout its existence. Building a power plant on the Volga river and erecting a bay in Samara are just
a few examples. Today you will fling yourself into the creative upbuidling processes the results of which are left for the future generations.
33 The New Religion Created by the Living God

The New Religion Created by the Living God

20 years have passed since the moment when a former traffic policeman, Sergei Torop, decided to live in the taiga and create a new religion. Today, his Church of the Last Testament has several thousand followers who live in the villages of the
Kuragino Region, and everyone in the Krasnoyarsk Territory heard of Vissarion (this is how the latter-day prophet calls himself). Let's visit one of those villages and see how people live in anticipation of the Judgement Day.
5 Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

In three months, the first performances at the Bolshoi Theatre will begin. The
Theatre currently looks like a big anthill, but a look inside won't cause any harm.
26 Assorted Russia, Part 20

Assorted Russia, Part 20

Inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don spend hot summer days in one old abandoned storehouse, among its ruins on the
bank of the river Don. Once a spring spouted here and transformed the building into an unusual pool.
12 Welcome Back, Dead Man!

Welcome Back, Dead Man!

One man passed his notebook in front of a camera with a long exposure that was showing a video
with scans of a dead body. And what do you think? He managed to bring the body to reality!

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