7 Assorted Russia, Part 28

Assorted Russia, Part 28

Those cards are brought from the museum of a prison
hospital. What were prisoners ready to do to leave prisons?
38 Rare Pictures of The Romanov Family

Rare Pictures of The Romanov Family

Here is a set of unique photos of the tsar's
family from the archive of Anna Vyrubova.
15 Forest with A Surprise

Forest with A Surprise

Sometimes woods near Moscow may have much unexpected surprises. Here is, for example, an ordinary forest : bushes, grass,
trees. Everything is green, living, natural. And then suddenly an electric control panel occured from behind a tree.
23 Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Here are just some photos of ordinary Russian very rich men. Roman
Abramovich goes out of "Garage", the center of modern culture, 2009
5 Micro Scale Flora

Micro Scale Flora

Russian physicists grow graceful nano- and micro structures of metals. Recently they presented a work in which the growth process of
nano pins in porous membranes was studied. As a result there are beautiful pictures of various micro-and nano structures.
53 20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

Very interesting facts about Ukraine that
you haven't probably known before.

11 Back to the Wonders of Wooden Chip

Back to the Wonders of Wooden Chip

We've already met artist Sergey Bobkov, 54 and seen his amazing works. He and his son Artyom installed a sculpture of two life-sized martens made from cutting chips of Siberian cedar at an exhibition of his works in a local school in the settlement of Kozhany, 207 km (129 miles) southwest of Krasnoyarsk, September 5, 2011. Bobkov,
who received a patent on manufacturing art sculptures made of cutting chips, spent eight months creating the two martens, using about 150 thousand pieces of Siberian cedar. In total he has made 15 life-size wooden sculptures of Siberian birds and animals. More pictures of Sergey's masterpieces in the post.
27 A Baikonur Orbiter Under Reconstruction

A Baikonur Orbiter Under Reconstruction

Here are photos of a technological layout of the orbital aircraft
OK-MT in the assembly and refueling building in Baikonur.
7 Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk

Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk

Yesterday, a bromine leak took place in the city of Chelyabinsk. A container with the dangerous chemical was on fire for a long time. Acrid smoke
spread all over the city. Still, the authorities didn't even bother to inform people and the latter had to find out everything themselves...
6 Penetration To The Very Heart Of Russia

Penetration To The Very Heart Of Russia

Hotel 'Rossiya' located next to the Kremlin is surrounded by a big fence which makes it impossible to enter the place. What views will
be open to those who dare to lift a hatch nearby and examine the channel under it leading to the very bosom of Moscow city?

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