26 From Civilians Into Soldiers

From Civilians Into Soldiers

Russians are working on a new project - "Special mission". This time the participants are working not in the rich sets adroitly imitating some extreme environment but in absolutely real conditions of a Russian military unit. All the participants are people who are
really far from the army. In some weeks under the command of real veteran officers they have to turn into tempered, disciplined soldiers ready to attain special combat tasks. In fact it's not just a TV show, it's more likely a real army experiment.
4 The Crimean Cosmos

The Crimean Cosmos

In the Crimean region you will find many objects that were
constructed for the Soviet Space program. We discuss some of them
10 Poisonous Work of a Snake Catcher

Poisonous Work of a Snake Catcher

There is no such university in the whole world that can teach you the profession of a snake catcher. People learn it themselves, adopting the experience of others and gaining their own in practice. A
snake catcher must understand the psychology of snakes, know all their habits, natural features, habitats. Let's have a walk with one of such professionals from southern Kazakhstan.
20 News From Russian Roads, Part 41

News From Russian Roads, Part 41

Meanwhile in Minsk a young drunk guy on his mother's car
turned three parked cars into a heap of metal ruins.
5 Jason Statham Mania In the Streets of Moscow

Jason Statham Mania In the Streets of Moscow

That's what happens when someone accidentally sees a
Hollywood star on the streets of Moscow...
19 Baikal That Leaves Breathless

Baikal That Leaves Breathless

It seems that lake Baikal is created to be constantly photographed or painted as its views are
just amazing. All the following pictures were made by a photographer Stanislav Savin.
38 The Eastern Front of WW II

The Eastern Front of WW II

Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kiev and other Soviet cities, where fierce battles with the German army continued, Russian people called simply "the eastern
front". Huge losses from both sides must remain permanently in the memory. Soviet soldiers attack the enemy at Stalingrad, fall 1942.
9 Assorted Russia, Part 29

Assorted Russia, Part 29

These are pictures from the fashion show of Yana and Anastasia Shevchenko, whose brand is called YanaStasia. Many popular Russian singers and showmen took part in this event. The majority of Russian stars try to cover
the absence of their talent with shocking behaviour or spectacular clothes and this show gave them opportunity to prove it once more. The designers colored stars like matryoshkas with very bright flowers.
22 Are You Afraid Of Heights?

Are You Afraid Of Heights?

Roofers are guys who do not care about height, they conquer all buildings and
make frightening images though some of them you might have already seen.
20 Severe Life of Chukotka

Severe Life of Chukotka

Chukotka is a Russian federal subject or an autonomous okrug located in the Far East.
Today we'll learn something very interesting about life of the Chukotka population.

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