38 The Eastern Front of WW II

The Eastern Front of WW II

Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kiev and other Soviet cities, where fierce battles with the German army continued, Russian people called simply "the eastern
front". Huge losses from both sides must remain permanently in the memory. Soviet soldiers attack the enemy at Stalingrad, fall 1942.
9 Assorted Russia, Part 29

Assorted Russia, Part 29

These are pictures from the fashion show of Yana and Anastasia Shevchenko, whose brand is called YanaStasia. Many popular Russian singers and showmen took part in this event. The majority of Russian stars try to cover
the absence of their talent with shocking behaviour or spectacular clothes and this show gave them opportunity to prove it once more. The designers colored stars like matryoshkas with very bright flowers.
22 Are You Afraid Of Heights?

Are You Afraid Of Heights?

Roofers are guys who do not care about height, they conquer all buildings and
make frightening images though some of them you might have already seen.
20 Severe Life of Chukotka

Severe Life of Chukotka

Chukotka is a Russian federal subject or an autonomous okrug located in the Far East.
Today we'll learn something very interesting about life of the Chukotka population.
7 Assorted Russia, Part 28

Assorted Russia, Part 28

Those cards are brought from the museum of a prison
hospital. What were prisoners ready to do to leave prisons?
38 Rare Pictures of The Romanov Family

Rare Pictures of The Romanov Family

Here is a set of unique photos of the tsar's
family from the archive of Anna Vyrubova.
14 Forest with A Surprise

Forest with A Surprise

Sometimes woods near Moscow may have much unexpected surprises. Here is, for example, an ordinary forest : bushes, grass,
trees. Everything is green, living, natural. And then suddenly an electric control panel occured from behind a tree.
23 Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Some Shots of Oligarchs Life

Here are just some photos of ordinary Russian very rich men. Roman
Abramovich goes out of "Garage", the center of modern culture, 2009
5 Micro Scale Flora

Micro Scale Flora

Russian physicists grow graceful nano- and micro structures of metals. Recently they presented a work in which the growth process of
nano pins in porous membranes was studied. As a result there are beautiful pictures of various micro-and nano structures.
53 20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine

Very interesting facts about Ukraine that
you haven't probably known before.

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