3 Heritage of Prokudin-Gorsky: Close Up Plans

Heritage of Prokudin-Gorsky: Close Up Plans

You've seen already some sets of photos by a famous Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky: 1, 2, 3. These are some close up views reavealing new details
definitely deserve your attention. On the photo fragment above: "On the river Sim at the station Ashi-Balashovskaya", 1910. Looks like a painting!

12 The Main Color Was Grey

The Main Color Was Grey

1990-1995, Russia. 23 shots of a French journalist Jean-Paul Guilloteau taken in different regions of Russia in the years that seem to be the period of mythology now... The landscape left by the USSR. Atmosphere, streets, faces, colors, clothes and things of that time, when the Soviet Empire vanished so fast but all its material
attributes were still around. The alternative future gave only hints: brights signs, lines in the subway, bottled beer that was not a hard-to-get thing anymore... These photos are so different from what we see everyday in the varicoloured flow of news of the XXI century so it was impossible to miss. 

4 KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

Half a year ago the second Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite "KazSat-2" was launched from site #200 of Baikonur with help of a launch vehicle
"Proton-2". What has been happening to the satellite all this time? In what condition is it now? How and from where is it controlled?
126 Life In Occupation on German Photos

Life In Occupation on German Photos

You probably think that Nazis were bloody greedy bastards that occupied the whole of Europe and part of the USSR, and were treating people badly, without any respect, who behaved like degenerates and cried "Heil Hitler"
all the time. You are probably right, this is how they are depicted by Hollywood, but reality was somehow different. Let's see how it was thanks to the rare and unique archive photos we have here today!
12 Residence of Mr. Yanukovich

Residence of Mr. Yanukovich

Fine wood, gilding, marble and crystal: welcome
to the residence of the Ukrainian president!
0 At the Kuznetsk Coal Basin

At the Kuznetsk Coal Basin

We are in Kiselevsk - a little mining town near Novokuznetsk, at Mine №12 - one of the oldest enterprises of the Kuznetsk
Basin that has been working since 1917. Here, you'll see opencast mines and a coal cleaning plant of the enterprise.
8 How a Russian Tsar Lived

How a Russian Tsar Lived

We've already showed you once this palace, the property of a Russian Tsar Aleksey
Mikhailovich Romanov. But that time you didn't see its interiors. Here you gonna see some.
10 Moscow Last Century

Moscow Last Century

The author of these photos is Rob Ketcherside. As always
quality of the photos foreign tourists take is good.
4 The Beauty Hidden Underground

The Beauty Hidden Underground

Underground rivers are a part of urban utility services communication that make our life comfortable. But we can't live in a
city full of rivers or canals. Moscow has hundred of them and they are hidden underground in concrete manifolds.
5 Tazy, the Breed That Does Not Exist

Tazy, the Breed That Does Not Exist

There's such an old saying: "One tazy will feed the whole aul". Hunting greyhounds used to be the main wealth of Kazakhs. Since the second
half of the last century their number began decreasing. Today there are not more than 300 of real tazy, like "300 spartans"... 

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