12 The First Photos of Moscow

The First Photos of Moscow

It is commonly believed that the first photo was made by a Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. As for the first daguerreotypic photos of Moscow - they are dated July 5th, 1839. It's when citezens found out about the amazing machine, dagguereotype, that created incredibly precise images without any drawing or painting. The first photos were shown to public on October 23rd in the shop of K. A.
Beckers, he both sold the new magic devices and made photos of the city to order. The first known to public photos of the Russian capital are dated 1842. Exposure took 30 minutes then, photos were colored, added figures of people to. So they sooner resembled painted pictures. The unique photographs you are about to see are the oldest dagguereotypic images of Moscow.

2 They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

Blogger samozvanka_0 with her friends have been to the Kaluga region of Russia to see narrowly known abandoned unified command posts located forty kilometers one from another. In fact a unified command post represents a metal twelve-level container with height 33m, diameter 3,3m, weight 125 tons. It is suspended by means of the shock
absorprion system in the standard missile pit. Each level accomodated its own specific equipment. The upper one served as a recreation zone for personnel. System "Perimeter" was the complex for automatic control of a massive nuclear retaliation. It was created in the Soviet time at the height of the Cold War.

7 Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

Secrets of Polar Weather Forecasting

This is a polar meteorological observatory in Valkarkay. Quite recently its interiors were filmed for a Russian movie. People, occupied here, do an important job, because the Far Eastern weather is not about
decisions whether one need to take an unmbrella or not. Sometimes the data of the observatory may save someone's life in the severe region.  Let's check out how they work and forecast weather at Valkarkay.
6 Crazier That You May Have Imagined: Offroad Smart Fortwo Car

Crazier That You May Have Imagined: Offroad Smart Fortwo Car

  Today, you are going to see something you have probably never seen before. The idea for such a project for sure could have come from someone from an ex-Soviet country - where the roads are still often cursed by drivers but the luxury and fuel economy trend is already an issue. So how about combining all of this and getting a Smart car, a Smart Fortwo to be
exact, a full time offroad Smart car that can take you deep inside the forests of Ukraine no matter if it's summer and the dirt roads are bad or winter and the dirt roads are snow. Smart Fortwo totally offroad is what we have here, thanks to George, a car enthusiast from Lviv, Ukraine. Let's see inside more photos and even a video!

10 A Visit to the Forensic science center of Saint Petersburg

A Visit to the Forensic science center of Saint Petersburg

This material is 100% exclusive! Something like this does not normally show up on the Internet. A group of bloggers paid a visit to the forensic science center of a police
department in Saint Petersburg. This institution never cooperates with civilians and mass media, that is why such an invitation is unique both for the center and bloggers.

3 City Made of Porcelain Ceramics

City Made of Porcelain Ceramics

Imagine a whole model city made of china - porcelain. Fences, houses, people, pets, etc, etc. This is what they have done here, it's all made of traditional Russian porcelain, over a a
few hundred pieces all made from china and hand painted, making a huge city on display now in one of Kolomna's museums. Vittasim went there and took these cool photos.
9 Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

  An interesting story is unfolding in Primorye safari park in Russia and thousands of Internet users are watching it. It started with a regular meal that was delivered to a Siberian tiger kept in a park. His name is Amur. So one day Amur got a meal - he often gets live meals - either small rabbits or some other smaller animals, but this time park workers wanted to
treat him with a live goat. However, instead of eating it Amur became best friends with an animal that was supposed to become his dinner. Let's see how it happened and how they get along now. We'll see plenty of photos inside and even a few videos of them living together and doing all sort of things you would never expect from such a pair!

1 Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

Snipers On the Kremlin Roofs

On May 9, during the Victory Day parade, many important persons were in the center of Moscow, leaders of other states and Russian president as well. So they had to provide perfect protection to
make those people feel comfortable. Attentive visitors of the parade could notice many snipers on the Kremlin roofs, who, in their turn, could notice everyone from above too.

11 An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

In the times of the Soviet Union it was a super secret naval base, but when the Crimea came under control of Ukraine it was destroyed and plundered. The base was located near Mirny settlement being one of the objects of the Black Sea Fleet. The garrison of the base had a regiment of amphibious aircrafts Be-12 and a
separate anti-submarine helicopter regiment represented by different modifications of Ka-25 and Ka-27 helicopters. Those vehicles used to participate in months lasting ocean trips and military missions aboard cruisers "Moscow" and "Leningrad". Take a look at the base the way it is today.

0 The Mushroom Tunnel

The Mushroom Tunnel

Blogger kerrangjke has shared some pictures of an interesting place - the tunnel once used for growing mushrooms. Sacks
full of seeds, some equipment and remains of artificial lights are still there. This and more are inside the post.

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