3 Another Old Woman

Another Old Woman

This is another old Russian woman She tells us how is hard to log in to ICQ when the password is wrong. Also she knows about the current origin
of ICQ, the AOL corporation and tells it to fix the software. Her gesture in the end of the video is also addressed to AOL.
oldest lady in the world lives in south of russia
11 Oldest Lady in the World

Oldest Lady in the World

This is a passport photo of an old lady from South of Russia. It seems now that she is older than an oldest living human on the world marked in Guinness book for 15 years, so she is going to claim the correction to be made in the book in order to recognize her fame.
According to her passport she was born 1875, so she is 131 years old now. Probably if the Guinness commission won’t let her be the number one she would follow the method of getting the truth from her fellow old lady living in other Russian city.
war in russian chechnya
23 Chechnya


Here are two field photos from
the war in Chechnya.
st. petersburg, fontanka river
25 St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

St. Petersburg, Fontanka river

Some say St. Petersburg is not so dark as it was depicted in "Zombietown" post. Yes it isn't. Here is another example of St.
Petersburg. The photos were taken in the same place in different seasons. The place is Fontanka river of St. Petersburg.
dragon bag by russian guy
14 Dragon Bag

Dragon Bag

It's a Dragon-Bag made by one
Russian guy. It looks really odd.
11 A Few Guys and One Russian

A Few Guys and One Russian

Here is a little video clip about how a few guys looking like Orthodox
Jewish people jeer at a Russian guy. I better won't comment such.
23 Strange Cat

Strange Cat

A Russian photographer Dmitriy Konstantinov has made a photo of a very strange cat. It's not a computer animation or photoshop, it's a real cat and a real
girl. He was preparing to make photos of this girl, model, but decided to make some photos of the cat first, and what he made astonished him.
st. petersburg, russia
32 Another View on St.Petersburg

Another View on St.Petersburg

St. Petersburg has very strange history. It was built in the middle of the swamp by Russian emperor Peter the First. He hired the best European architects to build him a city from Europe, but in the middle of the swamp. Many Russian writers wrote their most dark
novels about St. Petersburg. The dark atmosphere can often be felt in the city, especially in the winter. This dark atmosphere together with European architecture and swamps beneath create an enjoyable mixture on those photos.
Russian Postal trick
35 Postal Trick

Postal Trick

Many USA ecommerce shops don’t send their goods to Russia or to the countries of the Ex-USSR. Some shops send but delivery costs differ greatly from the homeland ones, they are usually much bigger. So what did some Russians invented? They got a way to fool the delivery. It’s no secret that many bigger shops use electronic systems processing orders. So in order to see if this address is in USA or Canada it uses ZIP code, state or province name  and words “USA” or “CANADA”. So what was possible to do is to put totally Russian address in the order delivery form,
like: Moscow, Lenin St. 20, Russia in the address fields, usually there is a plenty of space to enter long things like this, and in the field country they put Canada in the field ZIP code – Canadian zip code. What happens next? The parcel travels to Canada, to the area to which the specified ZIP code belongs and there postal workers just see it’s not a Canadian address but Russian. They consider it to be some sort of mistake and forward it further, to Russia. Here is a sample parcel that a guy in Russia got this way:
russian lada, now as a tank
4 Lada Tank

Lada Tank

This was Lada 2101, Russian car, and now it is Lada tank.  This is just
another answer from Russian people to the problem of the mud roads.

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