0 English Russia Daily Report #2 [photos, videos, girls and crocs]

English Russia Daily Report #2 [photos, videos, girls and crocs]

  We are continuing our new thing - an "English Russia Daily Report", now part two. I will remind this stuff is being posted in our twitter during a daytime and then here
is a final day summary posted as a report here on the site. And you might wonder who is the girl on the first pic and why is she with an old granny? Read on..
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4 English Russia Daily Report #1 [deadly mall fire news, photos, videos, fun stuff etc]

English Russia Daily Report #1 [deadly mall fire news, photos, videos, fun stuff etc]

Today we are starting new thing - sort of a daily recap of daily interesting things we have encountered. As some of you might know we have an EnglishRussia twitter where we post daily a lot of stuff. It didn't land on the site mostly till
today, but now we are going to make a daily compilation of the stuff we post to twitter - there are plenty of nice things. Interesting pictures, videos etc - just what we all like. So let's start with a Review #1 today.

9 Photos and Videos of Russian special forces fighting in Syria 2017

Photos and Videos of Russian special forces fighting in Syria 2017

Yesterday Russian media outlet belonging to Ministry of Defense published these photos and a video telling people that Russian special forces already actively being fighting in
Syria because "it's a geo political conflict, it's better to stop terrorists in Syria than later fight them in Russian cities". See more photos and a video inside
1 Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Moscow subway was formerly named in honor of Lazar Kaganovich, and then received the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in addition to the military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that need to be discussed separately,
since the design it is associated with a number of mystical secrets ... One of the biggest mysteries of the Moscow subway is a so-called "Subway 2" or as it is indicated in the official government documents object "D-6".

3 How Russian Golden youth relaxes

How Russian Golden youth relaxes

With the end of the summer, many of us will forget about rest before next summer, but not our "Golden youth", which publishes in full swing photos from hot countries on their pages in Facebook. Further we offer you take a look at how Russian children of millionaires and billionaires have a rest. Yusuf Alekperov 26-year-old son of the President of "Lukoil" is in first place in the ranking of the wealthiest heirs of Russian
billionaires, according to Forbes. His father, Vagit Alekperov, will give him the largest stake of the oil giant. Yusuf's instagram is full of cars of all kinds of steepness. He leads his account under the nickname le_chiffre1 (Le Chiffre is a mathematical genius, a great Poker Player and a dangerous offender, the main villain in J.Bond series "Casino Royale"). June: "Goodbye, Moscow!"

10 Moscow International Automobile Salon

Moscow International Automobile Salon

A homepage of the Moscow International Automobile Salon stipulates that it's The most long-awaited and spectacular event for manufacturers, professionals and fans of the cars. Well, let's check! Within the first day of the motor show, there were held a several presentations of new cars, in particular, LADA, Hyundai, Geely, DFM, Changan, the Larte Design and Ravon. In comparison with the previous auto shows, this year, under the impact of the crisis
on Russian market, the amount of panelists declined markedly, almost a third of the area was occupied by the Museum of retro technology and advertising. If two years ago for the motor show there was allocated about eight halls in two huge pavilions, now all people wishing to take part in the exhibition fit only in three rooms located next door. Despite the fact that one of them was fully occupied by Mercedes.

3 Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

This awesome place is located inside Russian agency which was developing the infamous Russian jets with "LA" index - La-5, La-7, La-250 etc and some winged missiles ZUR-205, ZUR-217 etc. It is a former top secret Soviet facility now you can, with some effort, enter and see over twenty five real Soviet space
vehicles, including the Lunokhod - the Soviet moon rover and also other vehicles that traveled to moon and back: Luna-16, Luna-20, Luna-24 etc.  Also the Venera ship  which went to Venus! You can also see Gagarin's landing module! So thanks to a Russian blogger Denis we can see them all now!
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6 Most Awesome Looking Chocolate from Russia

Most Awesome Looking Chocolate from Russia

  The artisan chocolate theme is pretty popular now, no problem with this. Here and there little "hipster" companies appear making "all raw, 100% organic, fairtrade small batch true chocolate". However, Russian hipsters are different. One guy, let's call him Alex, has created something that look like a very very
awesome chocolate for any guy. Guns, bullets, Soviet memorabilia, wrenches, bolts, shoe horns and many many other "rusty" things are in reality are chocolate bars in full size and the rusty brownish tint is a chocolate powder. You won't believe your eyes how realistic it all looks! Let's see:
4 Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

War in Syria allowed Russia not only to help its old ally, but also to test its relatively new weapons and ammunition in real-life conditions.
Those weapons and ammunition could be seen in hands of Syrian soldiers on these amateur photos. On the image above - gun AK-104.
12 The First Photos of Moscow

The First Photos of Moscow

It is commonly believed that the first photo was made by a Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. As for the first daguerreotypic photos of Moscow - they are dated July 5th, 1839. It's when citezens found out about the amazing machine, dagguereotype, that created incredibly precise images without any drawing or painting. The first photos were shown to public on October 23rd in the shop of K. A.
Beckers, he both sold the new magic devices and made photos of the city to order. The first known to public photos of the Russian capital are dated 1842. Exposure took 30 minutes then, photos were colored, added figures of people to. So they sooner resembled painted pictures. The unique photographs you are about to see are the oldest dagguereotypic images of Moscow.

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