15 A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

There was one soldier who was serving his conscription and it was almost finished. However, before he was discharged from the service he had to perform just one final task. There was a sort of tradition by Soviet commanders to give their soldiers a difficult final task before they wave "good bye" and leave. So in the case of this particular soldier the task
was to cut wood (yes in the Soviet army soldiers were often used in different civil jobs like cutting wood or building houses). So there was a plot in the forest, a future high voltage power line lane that needed to be cleared, like the one on the picture above. That was a task of at least one month of pretty heavy labor. However...

26 Trip to the Underground Moscow Nuclear Shelter

Trip to the Underground Moscow Nuclear Shelter

Mikhail and some of his friends went down into the one of the Moscow nuclear shelters prepared for emergency in case someone pushed the Red Button. That is a huge shelter which seats 2,700
people and can also hold cars. It's over 2,000 square meters in area. Do you want to see what is inside - we can show you thanks to the photos and stories he brought from there.

4 Life is Changing  People

Life is Changing People

Alisa is the name, the name of one Soviet rock band that was pretty much underground at first but still had tons of fans. Those fans tried to look rebellious, like the band leader, and not conform with society in any possible way: drinking, smoking, wearing torn clothes and atypical haircuts. Sergei was one such "ALISA" fan, they were called "ALISOMAN" the word derived from the
"Alisa" band name and "mania". Now Sergei is a photographer and twenty years older, so he decided to find his friends from the times when they were rebels and compare how they were and what they became. Like this guy Andrei, previously known as Andreich and notoriously wild, he is now a manager. Let's see more of Sergei's friends, boys and girls, then and now.

39 Life is Bad in Western Countries

Life is Bad in Western Countries

People in Western European countries live miserable lives.  We will prove this to you with this set of photographs taken out on the streets of the worst European and Western world countries. Every example is signed and certified. Like the one on top. It shows how miserable is to live in Norway - you can see the group of seamen fishing for black caviar, in
Bergen. See more examples of why is it is bad to be a citizen of the civilized part of the world. You will see the first road crossings with artificial intelligence in the world, the first railroad without rails or with varying gap between rails in the world, an outrageous quarrel in a regular Dutch family and much, much more!

2 Sukhoi Super Jet inside A Huge Ruslan Cargo Plane

Sukhoi Super Jet inside A Huge Ruslan Cargo Plane

Superjet is a new passenger jet being manufactured by the Sukhoi company, the mothership of SU jets. Now it has reached the stage in the design of a passenger machine where yet more tests need to be done, and for those tests they brought it to Moscow. For some reason they decided to bring it inside another plane, one of the biggest cargo planes, an AN-124 Ruslan, rather than to fly it over
by itself - which it can pretty much do already as over 45 of these planes have been shipped to customers around the world. But this particular model is a modified jet, so they decided to transport it by plane and that's why we have the photos now to look at. Marina has travelled to this event and took the photos, thanks Marina, and let's see what she has got!

5 AN-12 Soviet Airplane

AN-12 Soviet Airplane

The AN-12 Russian Soviet plane was one of the most widely used planes around the world, together with the American C-130. European socialist countries, countries of Africa and Latin America
and of course the Soviet Union have been using it on a large scale all over the world since it began being manufactured in the 1960s. Let's see what this plane is all about.

7 Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Russia is a pretty Northern country (remember Siberia and all those stereotypes about very cold climes). However, even the Northern country must have some place that is the Northernmost, and in Russia this place is the town of Dixon - the most Northern Russian place where people live on constant basis. Interestingly, this place is on the ocean coast - but this ocean is the Arctic Ocean so the water is always ice cold and for most of the year covered with ice. Still people enjoy an "Ocean View". The population of the town is 657 people and most of the town
is situated on the island for some reason. Denis has visited the place and now we have a chance to peek into the most Arctic place in Russia. So here is the story: To get to Dixon one has to wait. First you need to wait for a suitable day as there is only one plane going there from Norilsk city and it goes there just a few times each month. You can't book the tickets in advance. People can only buy tickets to this town by standing in line. So Denis went there and stood in line and finally he got his ticket.
5 Huge Belaz Trucks Smash Toyota

Huge Belaz Trucks Smash Toyota

        Belaz trucks are giant Belarussian (previously Soviet made) trucks that are used to transport large amounts of iron or other ore in one trip. They come in a few versions - the smallest and lightest trucks weigh 70 tons! The biggest Belaz is
huge and weighs 360 tonnes. Like the one on the picture above. Now let's come inside and see more of these metal monsters and also see what happens when some of them back up late at night and simply don't notice a Toyota car parked behind them.

2 Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

When traveling on an atomic ice-breaker, the crew often make stops and drop different equipment onto the ice, because the mission is not purely entertainment but rather scientific research. So people disembark onto the ice and spend time doing some scientific stuff, staying for days on the ice near the ship. However, there is a risk of the ice shattering,
sometimes it can happen very fast and these things are hard to predict. Now, this time when Sergey travelled with an icebreaker team, they had three containers of scientific equipment, life supplies and a few people out there on ice, when suddenly the ice broke and people were cut off from the ship. See how it went further on:

7 Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Twenty four (probably) bright photos from the Soviet years from 1921 to 1990. Selected to remind us of how it was and just to enjoy. Let's start without further ado. By teh
way, the first photo is not just semi-naked dudes but famous Russian athletes from different types of sports engaging in arm-wrestling in 1980. Let's move on: 

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