3 Estonian Hotel Ad from 1985

Estonian Hotel Ad from 1985

Estonia. A part of the USSR in 1985. The Soviet state is still strong and there are six more years before its total collapse. No private business is still allowed, however the first "cooperatives" are already sprouting here and there. Those were the first days en
route to capitalism, and these are the ads one Estonian hotel published. You can already feel the advent of change. We even have to cut out one photo from the set as it featured not very well dressed ladies. Good thing the captions are in English.

6 Holland in Ural

Holland in Ural

Hey, do you think you can see some middle ages architecture from Holland or from other places in Europe in this pic? No, its not. It is a city in the Ural part of Russia called Yoshkar-Ola (the name is not very common, even for a Russian ear). The city mayor, as per the story, ordered that the downtown of his city be converted into an old Brugge-like
town. These are not just fake sets like they use in movies - they are real buildings where the administrative offices and some other organizations are located. At night, they turn on the lights and all of this fake European town reflects on the water. Want to see more? Nefer has travelled there and taken the photos we have inside: 
9 Tracked Gadget Made from Scrap and Lada

Tracked Gadget Made from Scrap and Lada

  When people on the West build drones and other cool mechanry this guy from Russian South West has made a tracked vehicle for himself, basically a large tracked armchair to travel around. The
parts were used is an old Lada car (it's engine wheels and some other stuff) the conveyer belt and a seat. How did he built it and how it moves we can see inside of this posting:
8 Reimagined Earth Globes for Sale Now

Reimagined Earth Globes for Sale Now

People report seeing such globes for sale. What is special about these ones is the coloration. You see the Russian territory is colored green and the United
States is violet, however Alaska is also colored green on them. This is not the only territory marked green on those new globes. See more inside.

3 Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What These Are? These are pretty much widely used across Buryatia. This little gadget
often is made of metal or sometimes of leather. So what's this? There is an answer inside.
8 No Litter Bike Girl

No Litter Bike Girl

Looks like this girl is serious about living in a clean city. Or its a publicity stunt for McDonalds. Or just a two-wheeled Russian girl-troll. Or
its all together. Or just some people have too much free time on their hands. You go figure, still it's pretty much creative. See inside.
2 Tank Up Side Down

Tank Up Side Down

Those shots are not from Ukraine. Just a random Russian road - soldiers managed to flip the
tank somehow so the passers by could take nice pictures. Couple more pics inside.

11 How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

A story from the Russian blogger who names himself "ntv": "I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed
to purchase a BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself".
5 Submarines Transported

Submarines Transported

  A couple more widescreen shots of two Russian submarines being transported through the Northern Sea Route from one part of Russia to another. The Northern Sea Route is where the ships go through the Northern Arctic ocean when it's free of ice. This way the journey is almost two and a half times shorter than if they go through the traditional sea route starting in St. Petersburg, then the Baltics - Mediterranean - Red Sea - Indian Ocean - South-East Asia - Japan - and then finally Vladivostok. This long route is more than 23,000
kilometers long and was traditionally used if the ships from the Western part of Russia wanted to reach the Far Eastern part of the country. In the summer they have an alternative and can go through the Northern Sea Route which is around 10,000 km long. Also, with the longer route, ships travel through half the world, while using the Northern Sea Route, the ships are all of the time moving just along the coast of Russia. So the submarines went the short way. You can click for large pictures.
1 Abandoned Houses on the Beach

Abandoned Houses on the Beach

      People who see this image at first think that it has been digitally manipulated, photoshopped or in some other way changed - it can't be for
real. However, this is a real shot from an abandoned fishermen village in Kamchatka, Russia. See inside for more photos and some descriptions.

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