23 One Weird Soviet Car

One Weird Soviet Car

Close to the Soviet collapse most of the Soviet cars were really outdated both in terms of design and technical part as well (interestingly, some of them are in production even now, twenty more years later - but this is a different story). So Soviet top
engineers of the leading few car makers were trying to improve and invent something better looking and more comfortably moving. This is one of such projects that hasn't went into mass production though. Let's see bit more inside:
2 A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

  This is a giant truck is not a truck but a store. Owners have disguised their store in this way like it looks some sort of sleeping auto-bot from
the movie. It was recognized by local Russian Guinness Record book and the owners want it to be included into the worldwide record book.

10 An Innovation Day: Exhibition of Novelty Armaments

An Innovation Day: Exhibition of Novelty Armaments

August 2014 there was an "Innovation Day". But basically this was an Innovation fair of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. So the Russian blogger Said who is fond of military equipment
(according to his posts) has visited this fair and is now sharing what he saw there: the most innovative military machinery and weapons according to 2014. Want to take a look:

22 Soviet Top Secret Nuclear Airplane M-60M

Soviet Top Secret Nuclear Airplane M-60M

In 1950s the idea of creating the nuclear airplane, the long range strategic bomber powered on the power of atom was considered as a necessity by Soviet generals. At that time there was already built first Russian atomic ice breaker with its independent nuclear reactor on board.
So the plane seemed to be pretty real. To give you a little spoiler on this post - yes, they finally was to able to build a working plane with a nuclear reactor on board which was powering it during the flight. Interested? Let's see how it all looked like:

6 Orange Snow in City of Saratov

Orange Snow in City of Saratov

People of Saratov city, Russia (population near 1 million people) started massively to report that it started snowing with orange hue snow. From different parts of the city the reports were coming together
with photos. The actual color of the snow was pretty much different on the photos - some snow piles were really orange tinted, others were more close to yellow or brown.  More photos inside:

1 Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Strangely enough there is a sports (or arts?) competition named "Ice Sculpting Cup of Russia" to which they invite tens of ice sculptors from all over the world to make the sculptures and participate. This year it was held in Perm city Russia (in Ural region) and there were
forty people from over than ten countries - including Argentina, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand etc. If you like such kind of things then welcome inside to see what those masters of ice art have created this winter on one of the main city squares of Perm:

4 New Ukrainian Tank

New Ukrainian Tank

Ukrainian tank factory in Kharkiv presented a new vehicle these days - their take on a tank mixed up with a ligher armored fighting vehicle. They gave it the name BMP-64 and for
now only two test specimen were produced, both of them are on those photos. Just a few photos but maybe you want to take a look what Ukrainian military is up to now:

1 Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Some photos of the first Russian president has surfaced recently from some private archives of him bit younger than we used him all to know. As young as a schoolboy and then making his way upwards - first a communist authority of the Yekaterinburg (or
Sverdlovsk at time) region and later on a federal level. For example the first photo here is Boris Yeltsin with some of his student mate both eating buckwheat porridge or Kasha. If you like to see more of those - welcome inside of this posting:
22 First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World

First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World

  On this day, but twenty five years earlier, on January 30th of 1990 the first McDonalds eatery opened in Moscow. It was also the first one in the whole country - in the Soviet Union. They say they were holding talks with Soviet officials about opening this venture for over 20 years - since 1976. Also, they offered 51% ownership of the venture to the Soviet state. Then, on the first
day, they were expecting 1,000 people to come to the new place. How many people actually came to taste American food? 30,000 people arrived on the first day, making it the largest restaurant launch worldwide, ever. Thanks to Russian blogger Sergey we've got over 30 photos from this event, where the line of people was a few miles long! Let's see inside:

0 Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

A few month ago a real penguin hatched in one of the parks in Krasnoyarsk city. He has his own open top cage and attracts lots of visitors from the city who come to see a real penguin in the city park. They
feed him with real fish and wait while the two black spots on his chest grow bigger - they say this indicates that he is ready to swim in the pool. Inside we have more photos and a video: