vaz 2101, russian car
40 Some Russian cars Were Replicas

Some Russian cars Were Replicas

In Soviet times there were only a few models of cars produced and all of them were produced on the factories belonging to Soviet goverment, actually there were any other form of property - all the property, both
commercial and resedential belonged to the state. So at that time nobody much cared about copyright stuff so even some Soviet cars are replicas of some foreign Western cars. Here are the examples:
19 Future of Russia’s Automobile Industry

Future of Russia’s Automobile Industry

This post is devoted to possible future of Russia’s automobile industry. Some years ago a new car “OKA” was introduced to Russian buyers. That’s a 2-doors car compiled from the parts of other cars, for example its cockpit
and speedometer is from Soviet car LADA 2101, model 1969. Its engine has two cylinders, like a motorcycle. So now there are plenty of possibilities how this car can be used. Let’s see some of them.
8 Russian Robot Bodybuilder

Russian Robot Bodybuilder

"Hi! I am electic bodybuilder from Russia!" I have seen a lot of bodybuilding shows before, but this is something special.
"Hi! I am electic bodybuilder from Russia!" Russian bodybuilder pretends that he is a robot. Take a look.
23 Music Video From Georgia

Music Video From Georgia

This music video is from Georgia, ex-USSR country. It has been said that in Georgia average salary is $80 per month, $960 per year, and that's not a minimal, that's an average salary across the country, so a big fraction of Georgian people work in Russia. There are also rumours that during Soviet era more than half of
criminal leaders were from Georgia. Also there many areas of Georgia are not connected to central electricity system and every appartment in the house lives thanks to their personal diesel electricity generator. This piece of music video is from that far away country from the shores of Black Sea.
truck from moscow
13 New Sort of Truck

New Sort of Truck

If you have ordered some shipment to Russia be warned that it can be
transported on the trucks like this. Right thru the streets of Moscow city.
5 Car Service Accident

Car Service Accident

This video is from one of Moscow city car services. The guy simply
forgets about the clutch so the car hits the garage door.
faces of Russian sport
7 Faces of Sport

Faces of Sport

Just a few shots from different
Russian sports contests by hveraronda
bread basket from a printer
12 How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

Sometimes people use things in some other way than their direct purpose. This Russian guy proposes to use your old printer as a bread-basket or a box to store some medicines. He removed all the inside parts of the printer, disassembled it,
washed it with soap and then assembled but without inner parts. What he have got became a bread basket in form of printer, he probably puts it with some bread inside on the table when he serves meals at his parties.
Kiev Tram Jam
9 Kiev Tram Jam

Kiev Tram Jam

We have seen a 24 hour traffic jam in Moscow a few days ago. This is something different - tens of trams a stuck in Kiev in the middle of the day, so all
the tram traffic was paralyzed. Many people advocate public transportation as a no-traffic-jam alternative. This time it's of no alternative.
Russian House in Form of UFO
11 Russian UFO House

Russian UFO House

Now here is another piece of Russian self made rural piece of architecture. This is a building in a form of a flying saucer, painted in Russian old style police car – white and blue. Inside one can see traditional Russian wooden
decoration and opposing it in style round windows and a… firewood furnace. It is not some highly-sophisticated zero gravity UFO engine but at least passengers won't be freezing during long Russian winters.

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