32 Not a Pack of Pencils

Not a Pack of Pencils

Those are not the pack of pencils, its something different. It's a "Hurricane" rocket complex stationed as a
monument near Russian factory producing them. Just a few photos to explore the similarity to pencils:
3 Russian Bear in the Window

Russian Bear in the Window

Like, in Russia, people say that abroad people say about Russia that they have bears on the streets. And like laugh about this - how stupid might be foreigners thinking that we, civilized people, have the bears on the street. Well,
what else have people to think after seeing a video of people feeding stray bears from the comfort of their house (or apartment) just putting some food on the window sill? See the video for the "shocking details":

9 People Still Live Here

People Still Live Here

Russian blogger Alexander, pretty much popular local blogger, was traveling to Russian region Karelia - an area bordering Finland in North-West part of Russia and then in one small town he said he was attracted by a wooden house that according to him was in rather shocking condition. That's what he
says:  "I was walking around and found this house. You won't believe people still live inside. People tend to get used to everything. I was afraid to get inside of others people house but my curiosity took over and I made a step in". Want to see more? We can, thanks to Alexander:

4 Russian Kamchatka Hit by Snow Storm

Russian Kamchatka Hit by Snow Storm

Meanwhile Russian region Kamchatka is hit by snowstorm, once again. The region is known to be a
leader in amount of snow around Russia and it yet proved to be true. Here are some photos:
7 Meanwhile in Ukraine

Meanwhile in Ukraine

  Meanwhile in Ukraine there is a ceasefire enacted as you might know and Ilya, the blogger, which we like a lot,
has travelled there. This is a short video clip he shot regarding what Ukrainian soldiers are up to at this time.

7 Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Do you remember an occasion of orange snow that was reported a few weeks ago? People were saying that it's not a big deal - just a sandstorm from South got caught into water clouds which
later resulted in tinting the snow orange. Okay, that's version is viable, however, what sort of storm can cause snow to become blue? Let's see it, we have  a short video too:

7 Riga Capital of Latvia Thirty Years Ago

Riga Capital of Latvia Thirty Years Ago

At the time, it was the Soviet city of Riga , now it is the capital of
Latvia. Thirty years ago. Pretty atmospheric photos of the late USSR.

4 Russian Roulette Reimagined

Russian Roulette Reimagined

Valery, guy from Russian city perm, has reimagined the old Russian game "Russian Roulette". Instead of risking to get a bullet people participating in this new game risk to get...
electrocuted. The guns, those little tasters have an "electric bullet" occupying one of the seven empty slots. A person shoots and risks to get a shock. Let's see inside the details:

5 Luxury in the Trash

Luxury in the Trash

People of this suburb of Omsk - Russian city in Siberia - were surprised to see that a big snow pile they had in their neighborhood - where some
people used to dump trash, plastic bags, empty boxes and alike - turned to be that this pile is a Jaguar luxury car. See inside:

23 One Weird Soviet Car

One Weird Soviet Car

Close to the Soviet collapse most of the Soviet cars were really outdated both in terms of design and technical part as well (interestingly, some of them are in production even now, twenty more years later - but this is a different story). So Soviet top
engineers of the leading few car makers were trying to improve and invent something better looking and more comfortably moving. This is one of such projects that hasn't went into mass production though. Let's see bit more inside:

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