5 Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

So Novoafonskaia cave in Abkhazia is that large that it really has  got a metro train line serving it. It is a pretty recently discovered cave - it first came to public attention in 1961. Then in 1980s it became popular Soviet tourism destination. In order to reach the most interesting parts of this natural cave they have made a manmade tunnel
with a real subway train - but smaller in size - to bring the tourists directly in the interesting part without walking for long under ground. Want to see this? Thanks to the photographer Igor Litviski who went there and took the photos we can virtually take a trip inside this natural wonder too. On a train. Let's go:
7 Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

  We had once a few photos from those huge Russian submarines traveling thru Arctics loaded on top of the boat. But it was just their departure and there were just a few photos posted. The photos were made from a distance and no much detail seen. Now the company that was making their repairs has
published much detailed photos of the boats, both from a distance and very up close like the photo above. If you are eager to see those giants mounted on a even bigger ship thats usually is being used for transporting the oil rigs and their pieces, then welcome inside:

1 On the Set of a Soviet Movie 1966

On the Set of a Soviet Movie 1966

In 1966 Life magazine for some reason was invited on a set of Soviet hit movie Aibolit-66 about cult animal doctor that was a hero of Russian books cartoons and TV series. If you want to take a look then see it inside of this post. It was filmed on a
warm Russian coast of probably the Black and Caspian seas - which should have been mimicked Africa, as the Doctor, the antagonist went to Africa to save animals and fight evil guy Barmalei which was played by the director himself.

8 Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Some call this Russian wooden palace "An Eighth Wonder of the World". At least they say the foreigners in 16-17th centuries arriving to the place were calling it like this. We won't go that far regarding its modern incarnation, however the place is really different from
everything you are used to see and is said to being an exact copy rebuilt of the wooden palace of Russian Queen Ekaterina the Great.  They say that the original building was made without any single nail used. Let's see it in more detail and unclose:

0 Another Frozen Flood Accident: Freezing Town of Dudinka

Another Frozen Flood Accident: Freezing Town of Dudinka

You see this car? It's almost a meter deep frozen into the ice. Why is that? Yet another horrible accident midst winter cold when the pipes got
ruptured and nobody seemed to care for time enough for tens of cars were flooded and frozen. See more photos of this aftermath inside:

9 Meet Russian Android Robot Avatar

Meet Russian Android Robot Avatar

Today Russian self moving, self shooting android human like robot called "Avatar" was presented for
the President and top military. See more photos and video of the innovation in action inside:

27 Boris Yeltsin in American Supermarket

Boris Yeltsin in American Supermarket

In 1989 Boris Yeltsin, at times just a Soviet parliament and High Council member, has visited United States of America with an unofficial visit. The program of the visit consisted of visiting different landmarks like a Lindon Johnes Space center in Texas etc, but Yeltsin also wanted to see how regular Americans live so he headed directly to the grocery store he saw
on the street.  The journalists that were with him on a trip were telling Yeltsin was pretty much shocked by the diversity in the store and was waving his hands all the time - like here on a photo. Inside you can see more photos of him in a store and also a short video which can help you understand why Yeltsin was surprised that much:

8 Spending a Day on an Atomic Icebreaker

Spending a Day on an Atomic Icebreaker

People of course spend their days differently, one from another, and for example this man, Russian blogger Gennadiy was invited to spend a day on a Russian atomic icebreaker while it was docked in Murmansk port. He accepted the invitation and took
his camera with him so now we all also can share this event with him and see the life inside of the icebreaker. We can see what the crew is eating, meet the captain, so how the work space of the captain looks like etc. Let's see!

5 Kamaz 63969 Armored Vehicle

Kamaz 63969 Armored Vehicle

Sometimes we post new armored vehicles they keep producing with constantly high pace - looks like each year a few of those appear, being tested, get their plates to become fully legal etc
etc. And this is a new one - the KAMAZ (the biggest Russian truck building brand) 63969 model code. Want to see it inside totally ruined with automatic guns? Then you got it:

8 At Night in Moscow

At Night in Moscow

If you wonder whats going on in the biggest Russian city during nights then this is what. A pretty nice photo illustration by the photographer Evgeni who went to see one night what is up on
Moscow streets. I am not sure if this "show" is daily or not but at least here are the photos proving that at least one bear is taking part in this too - in the muzzle on his mouth:

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