7 Hidden Russian Road Cams

Hidden Russian Road Cams

Russian road police used to use their patrol cars to catch drivers speeding on the highways. However as their equipment advanced in sophistication and ability, their masquerading skills became more advanced, too. Now they place the autonomous cameras capable of taking a photo of a speeding car in totally random places across the highway's shoulders, then they park a few miles down the road and get the
signals and photos from the cameras onto their laptop so they just stop the approaching cars that have been speeding and fine them. Each time they place the camera in random spot so that it can't be tracked or its position predicted. Here are a few examples. The first one shows how the roadside merchant helps the police to hide their cam amongst their stack of fruit and veggies.
59 Meanwhile in Moscow..

Meanwhile in Moscow..

  Meanwhile in Moscow, people living in multi storey apartment complexes in the suburbs complain that this is what they
see from their windows. They are people praying. "15 years more and we get an Islamic state here", says Valera.

5 Russian Summer is a Snowy Summer

Russian Summer is a Snowy Summer

Some say "Summer is not bad in Russia, not too much snow". Well, this summer this joke became very real with a massive snowing in some Siberian cities yesterday. Just check these photos - it used to be the hottest time - the
month of July - but people of this city awoke to white snow covering their streets. Some were shocked, some started snapping photos and writing "5.7.2015" on the snow to commemorate this event in social networks.

6 Remains of Unidentified Monster Have Been Found in Russia Again

Remains of Unidentified Monster Have Been Found in Russia Again

This week the remains of a huge sea monster were found by Russian fishermen on the Pacific Coast, again. A similar monster was found a few years ago and it caused a huge debate both on the Internet and in Russian media about what the monster could be.
And now, a few years later, the new find was discovered by another group of fishermen near Shaktersk city on Sakhalin island - the largest populated Russian island. They say that the length of the animal is over four meters (12 feet).
14 Meanwhile in Bratsk Russia

Meanwhile in Bratsk Russia

Sometimes hate mongering goes too way off hand. These footage was shot this weekend in Bratsk Russia. Some local municipality activists were conducting a contest for the best kick. The role model for the contest was.. an active American president photo, full scale. The
video got very popular in Russian network fast, with mostly controversial reviews - most of the viewers condemned such activity, noting that even in the harshest Cold War times there has been no such acts. Well, stupidity sometimes has no limits.
4 Wolfen Dragon Car

Wolfen Dragon Car

  Inspired by Mad Max movie someone has come out with their own view on how the cool vehicle should look like. Please meet Wolfen Car
or Dragon Wolfen Car from Russia. If you ever wanted to call any car a beast then this one is a good candidate for the name.

11 Volunteers Save Abandoned Pets during the Flood

Volunteers Save Abandoned Pets during the Flood

"They bark, cry and ask for people's help - but nobody is coming". Alexei together with his team are on a mission to save the pets who were left behind by their owners during the recent floods happening across
Russian cities. Some people were in such hurry to escape that they left their pets on a leash, chained to the fence, leaving the animals absolutely zero chances to escape the approaching waters.

19 Rich Kids of Azerbaijan

Rich Kids of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan was a Soviet Republic, one of the fifteen, and now is independent state rich with oil and ruled by a dynasty of presidents - first there was a father ruler, now his son is a president and a ruler. So at least a
small percentage of population seems to enjoy luxury living standards which they publish around in their instagrams and facebook for public viewing. Here is a set of those, collected across internet.

21 Sochi the Olympic City Got Massively Flooded Today

Sochi the Olympic City Got Massively Flooded Today

The Russian city of Sochi, the host of Winter Olympics 2014, got a massive flooding today. According to reports all Sochi is flooded by the river Herota (literary means "River Bullshit" in Russian) which rose because of the non-stop rains. Because of this even the
city airport is flooded with planes landing on the airfields having a few inch of water. Also, the arriving and departing tourists wander across the airport with their feet submerged in the water. These and many other pictures inside of this posting.


A blogger from Russia has combined over six thousand of archive photos from International Space Station to make this pretty much awesome time lapse video. It can run in up to 4K resolution (or just HD) and is mesmerizing. As he puts on: "nobody made
it before, and I decided to make it, enjoy". Best viewed full screen and with sound on. He also includes the direct links to download uncompressed full size videos if someone is interested: 1920x1080 version, and here is 4K version.