5 Russian President’s Unique ZIL Limo Up For Sale

Russian President’s Unique ZIL Limo Up For Sale

This is a unique car as it was built specifically for a Russian president in 2012. It was almost never used. It has only around 143 km on it (less than 100 miles!) as Russian government prefers foreign
cars. It is bullet proof and very powerful - it has a 7,7 liter motor which gives over 400 hp  with a 5-gear automatic transmission. Let's see how it looks from inside and outside!

28 Night of Demolition in Moscow: Over One Hundred Shops Destroyed Overnight!

Night of Demolition in Moscow: Over One Hundred Shops Destroyed Overnight!

This night over one hundred shops were demolished in Moscow. Moscow people woke up in completely different looking cities - a lot of their favorite shops are destroyed. The reason is simple,  not having their property papers in order.  Never before have Moscow authorities demolished so many shops at once. Usually they did it one by one after the
court order. But now they can demolish them at will - no more court orders are needed due to the new law. Thanks to this they destroyed over one hundred stores this night - different size from small ones to really huge ones. Let's see in detail, thanks to cool Russian blogger Ilya who took an effort to photograph the operation:
0 Many Crazy Ways to Modify the Russian Niva

Many Crazy Ways to Modify the Russian Niva

"Niva" is a Russian offroad car that is respected not only in its native land but also abroad. However, car owners often want more than they have, and they start to
modify their vehicles to make them unique (or ugly?). Some results seem to be almost good, but others look ridiculous, here are 25 examples of Niva jobs...

8 Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Yesterday, the people of Murmansk celebrated "The Day of the Sun". This is the day when the Sun finally starts appearing in their skies for brief moments. In Murmansk, they have polar nights. Polar nights (also called winter days) are when you don't see the Sun in the skies during the day. Not even for a moment, the Sun doesn't rise above the horizon. The days look like twilight -
on the horizon there is a dim light showing a hint of the Sun somewhere there, but the Sun never rises and then a normal night comes again. But February the First is the first day that the Sun appears, so it's a big deal for the people living there. Let's see a few photos showing how they cope with this and how their city typically looks in winter.

16 Russian Army Drill in Winter 2016

Russian Army Drill in Winter 2016

Meanwhile, there is a big drill going on at the Russian Mulino range, the biggest tank range in Europe. Snow, cold weather, no matter what the weather is like, the drill goes on. Its name is "Suvorov's Onslaught". General Suvorov was a Russian
army man who who never lost a battle, being undefeated in over 60 large battles. Suvorov fought decisively against Turkey and Poland in the days of the Russian Empire. And won. And this is what going on today under his name.

24 Free and Happy Soviet People

Free and Happy Soviet People

According to the title, this selection of photos should show you free and happy Soviet people. They named it this way, because it was first published somewhere in the middle 1960s in Russia, and a lot of people really were happy after their country was rebuilt after a
devastating war, and they were also pretty free, at least financially, not having any house loans, or anything like this. However, it's up to you decide if these are propaganda photos or true record of the life of the Soviet people of that time.

1 Russian Sakhalin Island 100 Years Ago

Russian Sakhalin Island 100 Years Ago

This is how people lived on Sakhalin Island around 100 years ago in Russia. Actually, Sakhalin is the biggest populated
island in Russia, located in the Russian Pacific. The photos are very atmospheric and there are plenty of them. Enjoy!

1 Soviet Kids

Soviet Kids

Here we have just over thirty nostalgic black and white photos of Soviet kids just, you know, being kids. Also, for those of you who expecting more often updates, just a friendly reminder that we also have an official
English Russia twitter account.  Subscribe, it updates at least once a day with some funny or historical or just interesting photo from ex-USSR space. Pass it on!  And now, back to the Soviet kids:
0 Russian Cosmonauts Having New Year Dinner [video]

Russian Cosmonauts Having New Year Dinner [video]

The Russian space agency, Roskosmos, sometimes publishes pretty neat reality-style videos direct from orbit, talking about the casual moments of the Russian cosmonauts on the space station.
Here is one such video for your viewing pleasure, showing Russian space explorers munching on New Year dinner treats. They speak Russian but it's still worth checking it out!

12 Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

The Russian city of Petrozavodsk was hit by cyclone Daniella today, which resulted in very heavy snowfalls. In a matter of just a few hours, the city was drowning in snow. Sometimes the snow drifts were as high as 1.5 meters tall. Petrozavodsk is a city with a population of 300,000, and is the capital of the Karelia region bordering
Finland and Norway. It's not a small city, so in an instant, the traffic got stuck. Huge city trolleybuses - electric powered buses - are not meant to go through thick layers of snow on the city streets so they began stopping and blocking the way for others. Let's see how it was thanks to local photographer Igor P.:

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